Chloe requiem ending relationship

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Your choices about their relationships with Max matter as long as they're alive, But it would be intolerable to be responsible for ending Chloe's life in any reality. .. I mean I enjoy movies like Requiem for a Dream, Titanic or. Lana Lang is a fictional character on the television series Smallville. She has been a series By the end of season two, Lana and Clark slowly try and start a romantic relationship, but fear backlash from Chloe because of her personal feelings for Clark. Just as the two give in to their .. "Requiem". Smallville. Season 8. 31 Oct, Chloe Grace Moretz & Desiree Akhavan .. I felt much more of a connection for the main character in The Wrestler than I did in Black Swan. . The ending of Requiem For A Dream is sadder but I find the majority of.

He is quiet since she is wearing the suit now, but Lana is concerned since this means that Lex had plans to kill Clark and he will most likely try again. Winslow is in the hospital delivering "balloons and presents" to Oliver.

He chains Oliver to his bed and states that Oliver will pay for the way he treated Schott when he was ill. Oliver tries to sarcastically dismiss him but it doesn't work and Winslow states he is working for Lex for vengeance.

He activates a toy monkey which will bang its cymbal 53 times - the same number as the number of patents he registered for Queen Industries - and it will then detonate. Oliver manages to free himself and extort the information from Winslow and he disarms the bomb.

He ties Winslow to the hospital bed.

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Lex spying on Clark and Lana. Chloe goes to talk to Oliver but only finds Winslow, being freed by an unsuspecting nurse. Before she can stop him, Winslow pops the balloons he's delivered, filling the room with a gas that knocks Chloe and the nurse unconscious. Clark picks Chloe up from the hospital and takes her back to the Isis Foundation.

She helps him locate Winslow's hiding spot and makes him a device so they can track Lex down as well.

Chloe Sullivan

Clark and Lana arrive at the place, an abandoned warehouse filled with toys and a replica city of Metropolis showing the Daily Planet building in ruins. Now knowing that the Planet is the next target, they head there and find a bomb made entirely out of kryptonite on the roof.

Lana absorbs all of the kryptonite radiation. Lex watches this and speaks to them, saying that they are the reason he lost everything, Lana has to make a choice between Clark and the people of Metropolis. If Lana absorbs the kryptonite radiation, the city will be saved, but Clark can never come near Lana again.

After one last kiss with Clark, Lana absorbs all of the kryptonite radiation and deactivates the bomb.

chloe requiem ending relationship

It takes him to a truck with Lex presumably inside. He declares that Lex will never hurt anyone ever again but as he approaches the truck in a rage, Lana speeds in front of him.

chloe requiem ending relationship

As she tells him that killing Lex would cause Clark to lose not just her, but himself as well, Clark looks on in shock as the truck holding Lex explodes. Oliver and Chloe argue about Lex's death. Chloe reviews security footage of the hospital and sees Oliver leave with Winslow's toy monkey bomb, realizing that Oliver blew up the truck. Oliver arrives and Chloe confronts him, revealing that the remains in the truck were identified as Lex. He responds by telling her he knows she killed Sebastian Kane.

The New Adventures of Superman are made of something more than just beauty and brains. First of all, this is a valid couple because some people are attached to things rather than to a person.

chloe requiem ending relationship

And secondly, has anyone noticed how carefully he takes off his shades. This unhealthy obsession has to end, my friend. Any news from Lois' big return to Smallville?

It airs March It features a return appearance by Tori Spelling. It finds Clark revealing his true identity to the world. And I'm told it will have Lois and Clark fans forgetting Lana appeared in any episodes at all this season. It also makes me a little angry that writers chose to end their relationship the way they did.

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Personally I would have liked for once to see Clark stand up and say you know what, maybe I do really love you but this just isn't going to work. And God knows they had their fair share of chances to make things work. There comes a point whenever you just have to accept the fact that it isn't working and count your losses. The fact that Clark wouldn't do this and kept fighting until the end, for something we know wasn't destined to be, honestly effected my opinion of him.

I thought back in the Season 7 finale that for once Lana did the honorable thing and decided to back away and let Clark live his life but even that was uncovered to be just a rouse. Instead of letting the characters take the moral high ground they chose instead to made it so that the two were forced apart by circumstances out of their control and by doing so put a damper on any relationship with Lois in the future.

We're left knowing that given the chance Clark would still be with Lana and nothing would have ever happened with Lois. It's almost a disgrace to assume that Lois Lane is the rebound and that Clark is "settling" by being with her.

Lois Lane isn't second best to anyone, especially Lana Lang. I just love how writers also chose to leave Lois out of all of these episodes involving Lana only to no doubt bring her back in the next episode as if nothing has even happened.