Carnival phantasm ending relationship

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carnival phantasm ending relationship

Lerche's character sheet of Rin in Carnival Phantasm. . At the end of the route, the two would officially start a romantic relationship and eventually move to. The year is 20XX A.D. (but this isn't a MegaMan game), and the end of UNEQUALLY RATIONAL AND EMOTIONAL THE MOVIE- CARNIVAL PHANTASM!-! .. and all but forcing a marriage commitment on either of the girls. Carnival Phantasm is a comedy OVA series based on the Type-Moon gag a solid relationship and Tsumiki struggles in having the confidence of getting Now for the ending song sounds chills and melodious when music keeps playing .

The 5th Holy Grail Wars here are the most hilarious Wars in human history, and they played it up to no end. I love that in every season finale, one major show comes to an end. With season 1, the After school Alleyway Alliance comprising of 3 the main females from Melty Blood a sequel to Tsukihime: Sion, Satauki, and Riesbyfe broke up. With season 2, the magical girl series, White Moon Princess Phantas-moon finished with only the unfulfilled promise of a sequel to bait us with.

Taiga's corner is always a nice thing to comeback to, mainly for Taiga's antics. You gotta love gags that carry over.

Lancer dies; a lot.

carnival phantasm ending relationship

Thanks to his E-rank luck, he dies 9 times throughout episodes one every episode; if there's a contradiction you spot, I'll get to that with episode 11 making him try to dodge each and every death.

He thinks he dodges ever one, except there's on in episode 2 we didn't see. Do you remember the gag where Miyako tai-quan blasts a volleyball into the rocket Shirou and Neco Arc were fixing? Turns out, that was another death for Lancer: Still, at least it ends with him raising his fist through his grave like a badass.

My favorite skits were: The 5th Great Clash of the Magicians: With the amount of Tsukihime and Melty Blood references, this has become the pinnacle of self-indulgence for any franchise, and will make the ultimate anime viewing experience for the most seasoned of fans of the Nasuverse, with the only thing that could trump it being one in which every single franchise including every single continuation, reboot, remake, alternate version, and spinoff of the Nasuverse is heavily referenced and featured.

That's exactly what they said. Thank you for that, Lerche. This was done by Studio Lerche, which would later be known for animated Assassination Classroom. All in all, they did a brilliant job here. Lancer, to his delight, survives the battle Unfortunately for Lancer, he doesn't make it out alive. Lampshaded by Kotomine, when he approaches Grail-kun and begs him for help after addressing Lancer's uselessness.

Grail-kun suggests that he kill Lancer and form a contract with a different Servant. Whereas Lancer is the definite buttmonkey for the show in general, especially in the Fate sections, Ciel takes most of the abuse in the Tsukihime ones. Maybe it's the blue hair? Shinji is one to a lesser extent, as he very rarely appears without getting defeated or kicked around. Lancer simply one-ups him in that he appears more often. Once again, blue hair. Sakura could apply as not only does Shinji generally bully her, but her personality is twisted into someone self-centered and unsympathetic all while having her tragic back story Played for Laughs Waver Velvet gets to share a moment of this with Lancer in the season three finale as they are both lifted up by Berserker with Saber Lion biting on Lancer's arm.

In the Phantasmoon segment, Phantasmoon loses interest in fighting Trauma Monster Illya when it turns out Kaleido Ruby is at fault for the mess. In episode 8, while Berserker is trying to smash the cafe, nobody inside does anything about it, the people inside being Arcueid, Gilgamesh, and Nrvnqsr Chaos, all of whom should be able to beat Berserker in a straight fight.

Only Saber does anything, which is to kindly ask him to calm down. During the game show in episode 1, Berserker suddenly beats up a cameraman, shown from the camera's perspective. Aoko Aozaki in her Mahou Tsukai no Yoru form shows up briefly in an advertisment on the back of a book Arcueid is reading.

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The opening also showcases a whole bunch of Type-Moon characters that never made it into the episodes proper; e. If you look very closely to the right side of the first time we see the audience in the first episode, you can spot Saegusa Yukika, Makidera Kaede and Himuro Kane. They can also be seen as bystanders in Episode Arcueid herself constantly pops up in the Fate sections, usually completely unruffled by the chaos occurring around her.

Some are easier to spot than others, such as being a customer at the cafe in episode 8.

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The finale of season two also has Red Saber popping up during the Tiger Dojo. Season three's finale has brief glimpses of cast members from essentially every Nasuverse continuity, even ones that debatably aren't part of it or definitely aren't.

Episode 6's mushroom monster that Marvel Phantas-moon Arcueid fights against is Kinoko Nasu 's avatar. Also, Hibiki Hibino and Chikagi Katsuragi, two characters appearing only on the Type Moon website, appear prominently during the first part of the episode.

Occasionally when Lancer dies, someone will quip "Lancer died! Assassin is very, very "attached" to his gate. It's even gotten to the point that he talks to it, and apparently hears it talk back.

Not to mention the nature of these "conversations" Done by the male protagonists of all people. It's also the Neko Arcs' default expression. The biggest one for sure is Lancer and his joke about dying all the time Now, that's probably part of the franchise-wise, decade-plus-long gag, but Grand Order is just so much more popular and well-known than any other Nasuverse work that Lancer dying all the time can just feel weird to newer fans.

Episode 11 is the one that would more match Lancer's future mechanics characterization. A little more seriously, Sakura as a yandere-ish stalker.

These days it just comes across as the writers being mean and forcing Sakura to be out of character. Illya also gets a little bit Nowadays, the complete lack of any Prisma Illya content for her, or even much in the way of UBW or Heaven's Feel route refs, feels perplexing especially since Prillya had been running for a couple years when the main body of CP episodes came out, though the real explosion of Prillya popularity was a few years out yet.

Sakura is upset at this because Shinji being an entitled jerk was the only thing that made some other characters look good. Comes as no surprise that Gilgamesh would be an expert at this, though Assassin and Lancer have more than their share as well. If an episode isn't providing physical humor where he's grievously abused, it's because it has no Fate segment.

Even then, he'll probably be abused. True to their source material, both Shiki and Shirou have several hot girls vying for their attention all at the same time.

carnival phantasm ending relationship

Trying to figure out a way to accommodate all of them is the subject of at least two of the shorts. Caster sees herself as being one. Fortunately, things are looking well for her. Berserker pulls this off on Caster while using a tennis ball. Done again in episode 2 by Miyako on Ciel during the volleyball match, cracking Ciel's glasses.

The show runs on this for much of its humor, with notable moments including Berserker destroying Fuyuki while going shopping, and Saber immediately suggesting they feed Lancer to Saber Lion. Mainly Kotomine, Soichiro and Nrvnqsr Chaos. Ryuudo Temple to Assassin, who talks to it as if it were actually sentient.

Rin gets one near the end of the Illya Castle special, and she doesn't care who or what gets in her way. Done in episode 12 when Hisui's hammer strikes a nail at the same time a Magic Nuke goes off across town.

She simply takes a quizzical look at the hammer and keeps pounding. At the end of each episode there is a skit in the Tiger Dojo with Taiga and Illya. Aoko is one of these to Shiki, raising him from childhood to be her ideal husband. In Episode 6, Sakura frames her beauty as a curse that turned her brother into an entitled, cowardly rapist, calling herself a "beautiful, ill-fated girl".

Assassin, with an emphasis on Crazy. In order to compete in the 5th Holy Grail War race he brings the Ryudou Shrine gate with him on a semi-truck, then has one of Caster's Protection Charms to ensure that he does not have an accident while driving. Rin and Archer think what he did was both impressive and completely insane. Shirou and Shiki TRY to do this for their insane date plans.

Poor Rin Tohsaka, driven to a rolling bundle of tears by the difficulty of operating a Blu-Ray recorder. Also, when Caster cries in joy like a little-girl when Souichirou not only continues to love her in spite of her Saber-stalking hobbies, but asks for her hand in marriage and a honeymoon together in Hawaii.

Season 2 Episode 1: Most of it inadvertently.

carnival phantasm ending relationship

Made even funnier by the fact that Berserker fails to even notice most of them. The opening, Super Affection, with all the main heroines dancing along to the tune. That it is extremely derivative makes it no less awesome.

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Day in the Limelight: The second season seems to have a lot of these; Episode 5 follows Berserker as he attempts to get batteries for Illya. In the process he singlehandedly wins the 5th Holy Grail War as well. Episode 6 gives us the previously ignored Sakura and to a lesser extent Rider going into some Episode 7 partially focuses on Caster, Soichirou, and Assassin finally appearing instead of the cardboard cutout.

Episode 8 is about Saber. In the third season, Lancer finally gets to try and avert his destiny of always dying. The first half of the Hibichika Special is basically this for the titular characters, who were created for Type-Moon 's mobile site. The Day the Music Lied: They are accompanied by a rocky BGM just for it to stop when they realize that the plans they made are all impossible. Same in episode 1: When Shirou decides to destroy the Grail and end the war, the music sweeps up until the Grail is broken and its contents revealed It takes Lancer a full 3 seconds to realize that the pretty girl he was accosting is actually Bazett.

Their reaction to said realization is priceless. Not Satsuki Yumizuka, who in fact gets a decent chunk of screentime considering her low overall importance.

She has a dedicated slot concerning her and the Back Alley Alliance at the end of the episodes during Episodes 2 through Episode 4. Rather, the person who got hit with this trope the hardest is Sakura.

Isn't it sad, Sakura?

carnival phantasm ending relationship

When she finally gets an episode devoted to her, it focuses more on Rider with the joke being that all Sakura has going for her is putting up with Shinji. And Sakura is really not portrayed as sympathetic, even in an episode about her abuse He is represented by a cardboard cutout everywhere that's not the Temple Gates including the beginning -and- ending credits. He's unable to leave the shrine gates, so he can't appear much in the series. Until later he participates in the race Bazett has been in the opening and closing the whole time before she finally shows up in Extra in a moment which clearly defines that being Lancer's Master affords her the same status as her Servant.

Both Shirou and Shiki in episode 12 as they literally run themselves ragged to implement their Zany Scheme. Kohaku in the Koha-Ace anime as she lets nothing stop her from delivering important? Akiha is superhuman, true, but she's simply nowhere near the same level as Arcueid. However, she persists in matching Arcueid point-for-point in a volleyball match up to five hundred and twenty five points through sheer, single-minded determination and long after everyone else had dropped out of the runningall for the sake of the grand prize - having Shiki all to herself.

Of course, at the end of the match, Akiha is completely exhausted while Arcueid doesn't even look winded, so it creates the implication that she wasn't even trying. Taiga actually encourages this when the characters are fighting Illya at the end. In the Hibichika Special, Shiki and Shirou are rather horribly "punished" for the terrible crime of All secondary heroines who have routes are in on it, in a serious Out-of-Character Moment.

Shiki is the one who gets off easily - he is "only" stalked by Ciel, attacked by Akiha while taking a shower, and locked out of the mansion.

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Shirou gets life-leeching curses from Rin, and worms from Sakura. Distracted by the Sexy: Rider flashes in front of Shinji in order to divert his attention from beating Sakura up.

Arcueid in episode 1, showing up before a dedicated Tsukihime segment. Hibiki and Chikagi in episode Earn Your Happy Ending: In the most heartwarming ways possible: Caster's episode revolves around this, and she definitely earned it.

Saber Alter names herself as such in episode 8. Taiga keeps desperately trying to convince herself there's going to be a fourth season, up to trying to hold up the closing automatic curtain. Illya takes it with a lot more grace. Shiro and Shiki count, since Word of God says they would hate each other's guts. Remember that date plan Shiki and Shirou had in Season 1?

The one that they themselves thought was impossible?

carnival phantasm ending relationship

In the very final episode, you get to see them try to pull it off. Shirou fails almost from the get-go.

Sakura is stalking him through most of the episode.

Carnival Phantasm Ending [Type-Moon full combined]

And he completely forgets his appointment with Illya who shows up at the mall looking for him. Shiki screws up far more than Shirou does. His first fail is ''not getting up at the appointed time''. And then he forgets two of his dates, the second of which, Sion, completely ruins his attempt to salvage the whole thing. Each opening has two short sections where it flashes several manga-like stills in succession.