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If he ended the relationship, then he wouldn't be the one who was spurned. Instinctively, she reached for Ramón. “Buenos días, but I didn't order anything. A box office hit in Mexico & Europe, Buen día, Ramón follows the adventures of Ramón, She's not at the expected address leaving Ramon to fend for himself senior citizen with whom he develops a rewarding and touching relationship that . Spanish-and-German-language drama "Buen Dia, Ramon" (Good Day, a rude awakening when his plans fail to pan out and ends up on the streets of Frankfurt. However, he soon forges a sympathetic relationship with an.

Julia, the lawyer who wants to support his cause publicly, and Rosa, a neighbour from the village, who, upon learning his story, will try to persuade him that life is worth living.

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Euthanasia, dignified death, living without dignity, the right to die, freedom of choice, etc. However, at 25, a miscalculated dive from the rocks along the coast of his native Galicia results in a cervical injury after which he is only able to move his head.

He refuses to use a wheelchair, seeing it as a symbol of his limited freedom. The different characters that appear in the film represent a human universe of attitudes when faced by the onset of an unexpected disability, with their different reactions, feelings, behaviours and processes of adaptation, while at the same time weaving a natural support network to cope with daily life. The supporting characters are also brilliant. In this respect she comments: Am I not a slave too?

How do you think I felt when I had to leave the sea to come here, to get some kind of money out of this crappy piece of land, to be with you: All of us your slaves! So, all right, and I understand that other quadriplegics might take offence when I say that life like this is not worth it, but I am not judging anyone, am I? His stubbornness against attachment to life is obsessive, and his desire to die becomes pathological. His rejection of resources that might improve the quality of life of people with quadriplegia technical means, suitable environmental means, etc.

The judges are portrayed as lacking humanity, with gloomy features and solid arguments that refuse to see his point of view: What are 2 metres? An insignificant distance for any human being. Well, for me those 2 metres that I need to reach you, to touch you even, are an impossible journey, a chimaera, a dream. This position contrasts with what his brother says: I want the best for him; everybody in the household wants the best for him.

So, why should he want to die? The result is a sensationalist film focused only on its marketability. So emigration seems like the only option for him.

During his latest attempt to enter the US illegally, the shady people traffickers abandon his group in the desert and leave them to die.

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So he flies to Germany on a tourist visa, but his trip does not turn out as planned and he finds himself homeless during a cold German winter, without money or friends. Speaking neither German nor English, he is stranded for good.

A chance encounter with a German pensioner leads to his rescue, and he brings some diversion into the lonely life of the pensioner and her neighbours. But all good things must come to an end…. I will be frank, I did not enjoy this film.

It is not a bad film, but it is mediocre and long, which is always a deadly combination. I would also claim that this German-Mexican co-production is much more German than Mexican in its focus, and accordingly the passages in which German is spoken are much longer than the Spanish passages.

Along the way he makes friends and acquaintances that help him find himself in this strange land. The simple fact Ramon is failing to enter the U. There are crime lords, but he spends little time on them and never indulges in the violence often associated with them. And then in portraying Ramon's illegal life in Germany, he shapes the narrative in a subtle manner that plays down the angle of his status while emphasizing and embracing his connection with others.

And while Ramon possesses a huge family, he is alone in this film, something often neglected in American depictions. The film itself is a wonder to behold with Kristyan Ferrer as the eponymous character. In his hands, the young is full of innocence, and yet there is a melancholic sense, almost as if he were carrying a burden with him.

The load seems to be lightened as the story unravels and he finds his place in Germany, but it never fully abandons him, thus remaining a subtle reminder that this is young man with tremendous responsibilities to live up to.

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The naivete of Ramon allows for some truly hilarious moments, particularly when he's brought to a brothel. Opposite Ramon is actress Ingeborg Schoner as Ruth, a lonely German woman who takes in Ramon and helps him find his way. Like Ramon, the viewer gets the sense of a tremendous weight on her shoulders, but she also exhibits a bubbly side that plays well with Ramon's youthful discovery.