Bokura ga ita sad ending relationship

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bokura ga ita sad ending relationship

I remember I wrote something about Bokura ga Ita as an anime many I'm scared of a sad ending– as it mirrors my relationship with my first. Well, anyways, I found Bokura ga Ita to be drama revolving around a single couple and the issues that come up in their relationship. . In the end, they do get back together because Nana finally listens to Yano talk about. Read Bokura ga ita-sad from the story Anime romance shows by the point that she decides to end the relationship, believing she is unable to make him happy.

Turns out that she has not seen Yano after his parting from the train station. After half a year of Yano cut off all kinds of communications with Nanami, the reason at the time was unknown which left Nanami heartbroken and confused.

Nanami finally decides to bury all his feelings for Yano and starts dating Takeuchi instead Yano's old bestfriend. But plot twist, Takeuchi confesses that he met up with Yano before he actually disappeared and lost communication with his past friends. His mother's health deteriorates both mentally and physically especially after Yano's dead father's wife shows up with the incline to take Yano back with her. Yano kept all of this a secret hoping that Nanami can concentrate on her studies.

He also attempted to go to Hokkaido so that he can see Nanami, but in the end he couldn't because of his Mother. But, after a while, the strings inside Yano's Mother broke and she took her own life this was taking place half a year of Yano's departure.

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Since the funeral, it is stated that Yano 'completely vanished'. It is shown that he did see Takeuchi around this time, telling the him that he is leaving Nanami in his care, and that he has decided to give up everything from his past, even those dearest to him.

Yano seems to believe that it was his fault that his mother committed suicide, stating that 'I was the one who killed her'. However, Yano's secrets including the fact that he slept with Nana's little sister, Yuri, after the accident and his unwillingness to talk about his feelings for his dead girlfriend make Nanami unsure to the point that she decides to end the relationship, believing she is unable to make him happy.

The story becomes even more complicated when Masafumi Takeuchi, Yano's best friend, also falls in love with Nanami and becomes Yano's rival. Due to these circumstances, Nanami is confused over whom she should choose, but she soon realizes that Yano is the one she genuinely loves. She agrees to start going out with him again, on the condition that she can find out more about the relationship between Nana and Yano and his true feelings about what had happened.

Their romance takes an unexpected turn when Yano finds out that his mother, Yoko, wants to move to Tokyo. Upon hearing this, Nanami tells him to make a decision without taking her into consideration.

The anime ends with Yano's departure; however, the two of them decide to continue their relationship. The manga picks up four years later. It is revealed that Yano and Nanami kept in touch for about six months, then he stopped contacting her and disappeared without a trace.

Tired of waiting, hurt and confused, Nanami starts a relationship with Takeuchi. Even so, she is still in love with Yano and unable to forget about their common past.

Bokura ga Ita and My High School Romance

She befriends a co-worker named Akiko Sengenji, who is revealed to be one of Yano's classmates from the Tokyo high school he transferred to. In a series of flashbacks it is shown that Yano was forced to work part-time when his mother was diagnosed with cancerbut kept everything hidden from Nanami, not wanting to worry her. Following an unexpected visit from Michiko, her former friend and wife of Yano's father, Yoko became increasingly paranoidfearing he would leave her.

When Yano announced his decision to go and visit Nanami, she accused him of being insensitive. After a short, but violent fight, Yoko hung herself; as in Nana's case, Yano blamed himself for her death and therefore decided to sever all the ties with his past. Sengenji is also in love with Yano, but, despite this, she sees Nanami as a friend, not as a rival. She is the one who reveals Yano's whereabouts to Nanami including the fact that he adopted his father's name, Nagakura and later the fact that he lives with Yuri Yamamoto.

As a result, Nanami rejects Takeuchi when he proposes to her, feeling that it wouldn't be fair to marry him. Upon meeting Nanami for the first time in more than five years, Yano claims he is in love with another woman. However, when he and Nanami meet again, she tells him that she knows about the relationship between him and Yuri.

bokura ga ita sad ending relationship

He then admits that he only stays with Yuri because her mother is dying and he feels he can't leave her alone. He also tells Nanami about his mother's suicideand also about his panic attacks. During this meeting, it is hinted that he's still in love with her. Meanwhile, Takeuchi decides to continue his relationship with Nanami, but only as friends. He tells her that she will eventually reach Yano and asks her to wait for him. He also starts to push Yano to admit his own feelings for Nanami and points out that no matter how strong she seems, she is unable to deal with the situation by herself.

Nanami and Yano have an unexpected meeting, during which Yano finally confesses he wanted her to hold him back instead of letting him leave with his mother.

bokura ga ita sad ending relationship

Shortly after, Yuri's mother dies, which prompts Yuri to end her relationship with Yano. Also, Shio-chin, Nanami's friend from college. She was featured a lot in a few chapters, and then utterly forgotten.

bokura ga ita sad ending relationship

At least Mizu-chin made it into the future. And sometimes it was like, drama for the sake of drama. It also felt rather dragged on. Some chapters could have been condensed. Most notably, the flashbacks about Yamamoto-san.

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It was rather tiresome to read those. And even other chapters as well could have conveyed the same emotion and feelings but in fewer panels. From what I'm writing, it may seem that I really didn't like BgI, but I actually loved it so much, to tell the truth. One of my favorite things about it was the time skip into the future.

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It was so NANA-esque, and that's one of my biggest standards for shoujo manga. The skip gave the story so much more depth. I remember a scene when Yana said he "believed in eternity" and then it alluded to the future when they became adults It was really such a beautiful panel, something that I will always remember from the manga. Also, the characters were phenomenal.

Although some were rather stagnant Sengenji, sometimes Nanamithe dynamics between characters were always changing, and they really felt like people with changing emotions.