Blue eyed butcher ending a relationship

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blue eyed butcher ending a relationship

But in , six years into their marriage, the fairy tale crumbles when Jeff is found Blue-Eyed Butcher () Erin Cahill in Blue Eyed Butcher on Lifetime. Blue Eyed Butcher: The True Story of Susan Wright [Ashley Gorman] on A Wife's Revenge: The True Story of Susan Wright and the Marriage That Ended in. "The jury rejected her claim of self-defense, and sentenced "the blue-eyed butcher" to 25 years in prison for murder. In the Texas appeals.

Jeff also took up a bad habit of snorting cocaine, the immense amount of bills and marriage pressures led him to seek drugs as a coping mechanism which led to him abusing his wife while he is impaired. Suan, coming from humble begins, saw that she could have a prominent financial standing and means to take care of herself and her children without her husband and unhappy marriage.

On Monday January 13,Jeff Wright was to come home after boxing and snorting coke to a home cooked meal prepared by his wife in hopes of a romantic dinner date.

Susan had spent the day preparing the house and dinner for her husband when he comes home, she adorned in a nice dress as she did her hair and makeup. According to Susan, Jeff began playing fighting with their son who was still up and greeted Jeff when he came home, the playful fighting ended not so playful when Jeff accidentally hit his son in the mouth, busting his lip. Though Jeff apologized, claiming it was an accident, Susan became angry and harsh words between the two were exchanged when Jeff told his wife she looks like a whore as he smudged her makeup then proceed to bed.

Late that night, while Jeff was sleeping, Susan hovered over him with a knife in her hand, she tied him up to the bed with his ties then straddled him while she repeatedly stabbed him over and over again. She only stopped when she heard a knock on their bedroom door, her son had woken up due to all of the noise.

Two days later she filed a police report against him, staging an endangerment for her life, claiming she needs a restraining order against her abusive husband. Susan strategically constructed her defense in hopes that the jury would find her to be the victim. By trying to stage a restraining order as an act of defense against her husband and claiming that even after she stabbed him times, she believed he was still alive, she wanted the jury to believe that he abused her so much that she had no other option as an act of self defense and she wanted the world to believe that she was mentally ill as an effect of that.

Her lawyer had her sent to a mental hospital where she was evaluated and though she proceeded the sherad of claiming she believed her husband would wake up and still abuse her and attack her, she slipped up one day and admitted to the psychologist that her husband was sleep when she killed him and that he is dead now. All of the cracks in her story began to unveil during trail and the jurors found no sympathy for her, finding her guilty and sentencing her to 25 years in prison.

blue eyed butcher ending a relationship

She lied to the court, stating that Jeff had the knife first, threatening to kill her but in reality, as she soon revealed to her psych doctor, Jeff was sound asleep when she attacked him. Rigor mortis was setting in, however, and making fitting him into the hole a more difficult task than Susan had imagined. After cramming him in, she began scooping the dirt over the top of him; just as the sun was starting to come up.

Back in the house, Susan began cleaning up the blood beginning with the path of blood from the bedroom to the patio. She put the bloody sheets into a garbage bag and tossed the bloody mattress into the backyard while trying to figure out what to do with it later. Then she loaded the kids into the car and ran a couple of errands, including stopping by the hardware store to pick up a couple of gallons of paint.

Every spare moment between caring for the kids and the dog, Susan worked at cleaning up the crime scene. When she was done, Susan looked around the room. Except for the huge bleach spot on the carpet, which she was sure she could explain away if ever asked, she thought everything looked normal. But thinking and knowing are two very different things. As morning slipped away to afternoon, the Wrights called Susan and asked if Jeffrey had ever returned home.

Yes, she told them, he had returned home to collect his clothing and they had wound up in a shouting match. Jeff was so angry, Susan said, he took a bottle of bleach and shook it all over the bedroom and her clothing.

This story really perplexed the Wrights and they were now even more desperate to talk with him. But again, Susan told them, Jeff had forgotten to take his cell phone.

Blue-Eyed Butcher

Susan told them the same story she told the Wrights. She had to do something more to get things back under control. There she filed a report based on the same story she told everyone else and had pictures taken of the cuts and bruises on her hand. By Saturday, Susan was about break under the pressure.

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Everyone kept calling and their questions were becoming harder to answer. She wished everyone would leave her alone. That was the final straw. After Susan rambled on to her mother about restraining orders, cleaning up the house, and fear that Jeff would kill her if he returned, Susan Wyche was more confused than ever. Everyone was finally going to get a straight answer about the whereabouts of Jeff Wright.

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Susan Wright turned herself on January 24,and her trial began in February 24, This courtroom scene was very dramatic and not easily forgotten by anyone who has ever witnessed it. Especially so for jurors, no doubt, who, after only five and one half hours, find Susan guilty of murder.

Wright's defense attorney Neal Davis claimed that his client had suffered years of physical and emotional abuse by her husband, and killed him to protect herself and her two young children. In her emotional testimony on the stand, Wright claimed: I knew as soon as I stopped, he was going to get the knife back and he was going to kill me. I didn't want to die. Wright once again persisted that she stabbed her husband in self-defense.

Susan Wright's mother, among others, testified for the defense, claiming they witnessed Wright's bruises. Siegler said Wright's tears were faked to try and sway the jury[ citation needed ].

blue eyed butcher ending a relationship

The prosecution presented an unusual demonstration by bringing the Wrights' actual bed into the courtroom. She contended that Susan Wright was a "card-carrying, obvious, no-doubt-about-it, caught-redhanded, confirmed, documented liar", whose frequent shows of emotion during the trial were deliberate efforts to influence the jury.

In contrast to her emotional testimony during the trial, Wright showed little reaction to the guilty verdict.