Battle angel alita ending relationship

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battle angel alita ending relationship

18th volume of Yukito Kishiro's sci-fi series GUNNM: Last Order shipped in Japan , Kishiro's original Battle Angel Alita (GUNNM) manga ran in. I know the story behind the first ending and the decision to redo it with Last Last Order on the other hand feels different from Battle Angel Alita. When the manga was released in English as Battle Angel Alita by Viz Media, the After the End: An asteroid impact wiped out most of the earth's surface, the .. She and Ido share a similar relationship at first: Ido reconstructs Alita with the.

Kishiro has said of this second fight that Alita and Jashugan "had to confront each other again", as "many things had not been said" during their first fight. Three years before the beginning of the main story, Makaku was burned with a flamethrower by a pair of Scrapyarders while looking at the goings on through a sewer grate.

He survived the attack, but his body began to rot and he nearly died. Desty Nova found Makaku and offered to give him a new, personalized body reflecting his innermost desires. Makaku's new cyborg body consisted of a large head attached to a long, maggot-like body, which allowed him a great deal of mobility. He was also characterized by his long tongue and tendency to slobber.

A large spike on top of his head could be fired as a single use projectile weapon. However, Makaku's deadliest ability was being able to take over the bodies of other cyborgs by using his body to jack into their spinal columns and then remove their heads with his newly-won control.

He would take over powerful cyborg bodies and use their strength to acquire brains preferably human, but even dog in order to eat them to satisfy his endorphin addiction.

Makaku justified his existence in destruction, and despite a bounty being placed on him, was so formidable that no hunter-warrior dared go after him for years. Makaku is the first major adversary that Alita faces. In their first fight she succeeds in crippling the body he is then possessing as well as blinding him in his left eye by impaling it with one of her arms. However, her first cyborg body is destroyed in the process.

Makaku survives the fight and almost kills Ido by impaling him with his head spike, swearing vengeance on both him and Alita before escaping.

He seeks out the reigning champion of the coliseum, Kinuba, to take over his custom-built Power Body. Makaku then goes up against Alita in her new Berserker Body in the Scrapyard sewers.

After a long fight, the Power Body is destroyed and Makaku nearly kills Alita in a plasma explosion that he triggers. However, she creates an electromagnetic barrier to shield them both, enabling her to talk with him. Makaku tells her his life story, revealing that she is the first person who seriously took notice of him by trying to stop him. For the first time in his life he is at peace as he is consumed by the plasma. Since this incident he nursed a grudge against her but did not try to confront her directly.

He noticed that Alita had taken an interest in Hugo as well as the latter's connection to Vector, who was the top dealer in the Scrapyard's black market parts. Zapan uncovered Hugo and his accomplices as criminals engaged in cyborg spinal column theft and nearly captured him.

He reported Hugo to the Factory when he went to collect the bounties on Hugo's accomplices, informing Alita, who was also there, what had happened to Hugo.

Deducing that she would attempt to flee with Hugo, Zapan took Daisuke Ido hostage and rounded up numerous hunter-warriors and a netman.

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He confronted Alita when she was on her way back to Ido's clinic with Hugo's body, but his plan was foiled when it appeared that she had taken Hugo's head. However upon closer investigation he saw that she had connected her life support system to it, keeping his brain alive. When he tried to get the head, the netman warned him that stealing another hunter's bounty was illegal, allowing Alita to attack him and shear his face off. Zapan fell off the high rise they were on, but survived.

He later obtained a new face and began working in a soup kitchen with Sara, the daughter of Murdock. Sara accepted Zapan and became his lover despite her father's opposition.

The night of Alita's challenge race against Jashugan, Zapan saw the broadcast and was struck by a sudden fear that resulted in him clawing off his second face. He accidentally killed Sara when she tried to stop him and thus became a bounty, being hunted by Murdock for three years. Murdock finally confronted Zapan in the sewers with his four cyborg dogs, but Alita intervened and gave Zapan the opportunity to attack her while her back was turned and she played a song on a portable keyboard. Zapan could not bring himself to attack and was torn to pieces by Murdock's dogs.

battle angel alita ending relationship

However his head survived and was recovered by Barzarld. Desty Nova was able to partially restore Zapan's brain and in response to its deepest desire for revenge, released the safety lock on the Berserker Body to allow the brain to merge with it.

However the body went out of control and after fusing with Zapan's brain destroyed Nova's lab and manor, killing Ido who had been there in an attempt to recover the Berserker Body from Nova. Zapan tracked Alita to Bar New Kansas but when he found that she was not there he killed Gonzu and the hunter-warriors who attacked him.

Murdock faced him and allowed Shumira and Master to escape, destroying the bar and dying in the process, but Zapan survived.

He then went on a rampage through the Scrapyard which the Factory Army was powerless to stop. Alita confronted him the following day armed with a revolver equipped with bullets tipped with collapser nanomachines that Nova had developed to destroy the Berserker Body at the molecular level.

Despite a close, tough fight, she was able to fire two rounds into Zapan, which caused the Berserker Body to break down. Zapan made a last-ditch attempt to absorb Alita, which she thwarted by swallowing some of the collapser. Prior to his death Alita saw a vision of him and Sara together in which Zapan expressed regret for what he had done and was forgiven and accepted by Sara.

Before hitting the ground his last act was to form a pair of wings to break Alita's fall. While using her second civilian body she is first shown wearing a hat, a short black dress, light-coloured jacket, dark fingerless gloves, dark pantyhose, and dark boots. She later wore a sleeveless dark top, dark elbow pads, dark fingerless gloves, jeans, and white shoes.

The colour of the body suit and armour varies. Two illustrations that initially appeared in Business Jump and are reproduced in the Guncyclopedia depict the body suit as being red while the armour is white. The cover illustration of volume 5 of the Gunnm: Complete Edition depicts the body suit as being black and the armour a light green.

Martian Memory the body suit is a dark green with the armour in a lighter shade of green. Last Order reveals that Alita has been a cyborg since she was a young girl of three, with Mars Chronicle revealing that she has been a cyborg her whole life and was "born" when the Martian Princess Kagura Dornburg contracted the maske tumor disease.

Zekka; no doubt quite a number of others over the run.

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From the first series there's the Bar Jack soldier Knucklehead, who openly admits he joined not for the cause but just to "Ride my motorcycle and fire my gun". Alita becomes this over time. Of course, she very, very quickly gets worse. And in the original series, the victims of Desty Nova's Karma experiments seen in his first and second laboratories also qualify. Also maske tumor, as shown by Baron Muster. Zekka, in spades, clubs, and sharp pointy things.

Ido, Alita, and a number of other characters durring the first arc. Figure Four is this. While a badass on his own and also capable of getting harmed, he has a long streak of insane luck. Including being on the same train as Alita, surviving a building falling on him because of the way the debris land and comming into a rainstorm filled with sucked up fishes while lost in the desert.

Also in his appearance Last Order he so far managed to escape Sechs when a lightning hits her titan blade and ending up in Ido's clinic after losing his arm in the fight with Sechs. Makaku, Alita's first big bounty, got that bounty because he's fond of randomly grabbing people in the streets, tearing off the tops of their skulls, and slurping up their brains. Notably, it's not just pure sadism though he has plenty of that - it's because he's a junkie; Nova designed his cyborg body to efficiently extract beta-endorphin from chordate nerve tissue.

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A few seconds before he's first seen snacking on people, his underling is offering money for a living and playing! All the citizens of Salem have their brains uploaded to and replaced with computer chips when they reach adulthood. Alita is faster, stronger, more talented and cuter than almost any other cyborg.

She also has a habit of unintentionally making a huge mess of things because of her inherent brashness and lack of foresight. Broken Angel Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Elf and Zwolf, literally on one occasion. Alita's Damascus Blade was made into an oversized one after she quit motorball. Nova recovered the Damascus Blade after killing Alita with a powerful doll bomb but found out that it had sustained extreme fatigue.

He decided to use it as a component for Alita's new Imaginos Body, further strengthening the link between blade and bearer. Sechs has this problem with Gally. Though not necessarily in terms of fighting style, but simply because Gally keeps getting a better cyborg body than what Sechs can get. Sechs' body always seem to be one step behind. Until their bodies are even it's hard to tell how evenly matched they are. Calling Your Attacks Canon Discontinuity: Last Order continues on from just before the end of the original manga; the last or so pages never happened.

So the original canon basically ends with Alita being blown into a million pieces and Desty Nova sweeping up her remains. It would be sad if that had been the definitive ending Figure Four, a "straight meat hick", can punch a cyborg in the head to destroy its brain.

This is in a universe where an average cyborg can punch through a brick wall. First seen on the last page of Chapter 5 of Last Order, and stated by Nova in Chapter 6 to contain, "The most valuable thing in the world," is revealed in Chapter 61 to contain Alita's organic brain.

Nova created a Tipharean brain chip containing Alita's personality, and the chip-brained Alita is only one to appear in Last Order.

battle angel alita ending relationship

Nova tries to defeat Alita with a variation of this trope. He puts her in a Lotus-Eater Machine where she can live out her life happily and peacefully with Ido and Nova himself as her father figures. This is supposed to reprogram Alita into a harmless and sweet little girl.

In fact, Nova is the one who is somewhat softened by the experience. Often resulting in Beta Test Baddie themes. Desty Nova deserves a special mention. They're all ready to go in when they are interrupted by Desty Nova, Flan Cook. And earlier was a somewhat darkly humorous moment in Tiphares, when it's revealed that nanobot pods growing into cloned Desty Novas have actually become a rampant pest, and are only kept under control by teams of exterminators with flamethrowers incinerating all the ones they find.

Nova X even uses his own downgraded clones for experimentation. Hey, don't judge him! To take this trope to it's limits, when Last Order reaches it's conclusion you have two women existing at the same time who can both present a strong case for being the one true Alita, and yet are not quite the cyborg protagonist named Alita who was almost utterly destroyed at the end of the original series. The first being the fully-cybernetic Alita, who shows character continuity with her original self, and the second being the fully-organic body, complete with her restored organic brain though lacking memories of the events durring Last Order created to fulfill her promise to Figure Four.

The concept of what makes an individual gets taken Up to Eleven here. Venus and Jupiter are superpowers while Mars is in pretty bad shape, and there are smaller settlements here and there. Entire solar system has been a life of hell after the Terraforming War. Earth has become a large salvage yard with little to no form of order and opportunities, except for Tiphares that used resources extracted from Earth into manufactured goods sold to enrich themselves.

Venus is populated by overweight French cannibalswho ate cloned non-sentient meats from cloning technology along with various advancements to turn themselves into "humpty-dumpty" forms. Moons of Jupiter, particularly Jovia and Europa, had inhabitants are inhabited by fully cybernetically enhanced Russians who chosen this actions just to survive in harsh environment without resorting to large airtight chambers. Mars is locked in centuries-long civil war that resulted in proxy wars between the above three factions after the death of their king.

Mercury is populated by an alien race developed out of the escaped nanomachineswhich is so incomprehensible that their best attempt at contact so far is a meter-tall mostrosity sent to compete in the Solar System's most notorious Blood Sport.

She gets plenty moments of awesome in all her appearance, but it shows the most during the final with Space Karate Team. Let's do a listing here: First, she brought enough weapon and ammo to fill an entire room but is not allowed to bring most of them in due to the weight restriction. She still looks like a walking armory entering the match. During the match, she effectively use a combination of pistols, grenades and a few exotic weapons: However, the true aces up her sleeves are gradually revealed later.

The pair of arms that she is using since the beginning was just a pair of Exo-Arms.