Bahamut lagoon ending relationship

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bahamut lagoon ending relationship

Bahamut Lagoon - Walkthrough/FAQ .. Sub menu:: Move Field Dragon Party End Turn Move-- Move in the certain areas (you cannot walk the whole She says that the relationship with the Holy Dragons is different now. We are asked to engage in an active relationship with the story and, more importantly, with its teller. Could Bahamut Lagoon be doing the same thing? asks us to continue on after the game has ended and define Byuu. Let's Laugh Show Our Fighting Spirit Cool Pose.

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And Yoyo's experiences with the Empire weren't all negative Bahamut Lagoon is notable for having very pretty graphics, being one of the last Squaresoft games to be released for the Super Nintendo. It's also notable for having quite explicit sexual content though primarily in dialogue and an openly gay old wizard as one of its main characters.

The game includes much of the Final Fantasy feel and characteristics, including spell names and the names of the dragons: Bahamut, Alexander, Leviathan, and Valefor, to name a few. It directly influenced Final Fantasy X: A translation patch is available here.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

This game contains examples of: So, yeah, history lesson done with. The game's definitely interesting and fun in its own right, with many deep, dynamic characters, an engaging and interesting plot, and a good share of goofy fun Donfan is the most awesome RPG smoove operator lady-chaser EVER.

Bahamut Lagoon

But probably the most interesting and original aspect of it, to me, is its romantic subplot. Now, before I begin, lemme just make a disclaimer here. But as we all know, my interpretation is always right anyways, so let's begin. Now, at first, the love triangle of this game seems familiar to the point of stupid cliche--protagonist Byuu loves girl, antagonist Palpaleos loves girl, and girl Yoyo--no, seriously, that really is her name is caught in the middle of them.

Antagonist turns out to be not that bad a guy after a little while, just to be on the wrong side. As much as they wanted to, the narrator is unable to use the pain of these characters to make any sense of their own pain or their own world. Suddenly, the reader realizes that this narrator IS a character, that they have not just been reading a story but having it told to them by someone. Someone in pain, conflicted, and still unidentified.

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Say make me, remake me. You are free to do it and I am free to let you because look, look.

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Look where your hands are. Where are my hands now? Holding the book or the tablet, whatever. We are asked to engage in an active relationship with the story and, more importantly, with its teller.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

In a sense, the entire novel is itself merely setting the reader up identify the narrator and then tell a new story. Could Bahamut Lagoon be doing the same thing? Could the story not only subvert our expectations as to who the story is about once, but twice? Byuu is pushed further and further away from the narrative. By the end, he even spends most of the important scenes away from the others, merely watching. In the ending, the characters crowd around Yoyo to watch her wrestle with dark gods and absorb their souls into her mind, while Byuu sits alone near the bottom of the screen.

Not who we thought he was. Not who he thought he was. And yet, he is someone. He was there the whole game.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

Every event in the game would have effected him.