Aoi honoo ending relationship

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aoi honoo ending relationship

Aoi Yu and Suzuki Kosuke both admitted that they are dating according to the statements they released on their respective official websites. The ending theme from episodes 1 to 13 is "Aoi Honoo Syndrome" (青い炎 .. Land Konishi Marriage Hunting Beauty Shijinsō no Satsujin Television Year. Title: アオイホノオ; Title (romaji): Aoihonoo; Format: Renzoku; Genre: Human Drama Opening Theme: Aada Kooda Sooda by Ulfuls; Ending Theme: Aoi Hoshi by Shibasaki Kou Based off Aoihonoo (the manga) by Shimamoto Kazuhiko.

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Kairi appears more to be like following the flow of things instead of doing this because she's seeking a relationship. They all have their own agendas but the outcome is not really what they expected. The scriptwriter, Nojima Shinji is more well-known for his dark theme stories and use of English oldies as the BGM and theme songs.

Aoi Honō (manga)

I was pleasantly surprised by the jokes in the story although it can be a bit lame at times. It depends on whether you like it or not so other people may not take to the story as well as I did.

The panda joke keeps appearing and is one of the better jokes featured.

aoi honoo ending relationship

You would never have guessed that such jokes are coming from Nojima Shinji. The twists typical in the Nojima Shinji style are also present. For example, Kairi and Oujirou's pairing plus the truth about Kikuta's late lover were quite interesting subplots. It does seem that Japanese dramas and movies are getting more open about discussing homosexuality these days. When Reiko commented that Kikuta's ex-lover looked like someone in the Love Shuffle game, I was pretty certain that this refers to a guy.

Given Nojima's style, he would never have made this to be a typical answer i. True to my guess, Kikuta is indeed gay. However, another twist to this is that he's actually OK both ways i.

That is why he can be with Reiko at the end of the game. Seems like a gay character isn't a taboo anymore for TV. The nicknames given to the 4 main characters are also quite interesting. It grows on the viewer over time and makes us feel closer to them in a way. Somehow, I think the insert song sometimes comes in at the wrong scene and doesn't suit the atmosphere.

aoi honoo ending relationship

With regards to my favourite pairing in the drama, that would have been Ou-chan and Kairi. This was a pretty surprising pair because I didn't really expect them to be together.

It was only until when Ou-chan asked Kairi to sleep with him and she said yes that I thought that their pairing would be possible. They really are a cute-looking couple whom you would like to root for.

aoi honoo ending relationship

As for Ai-Ai and Usa-tan, it's almost a certainty that they would be together. I assumed right at the beginning that everyone would not be with their original partners so the logical pairing was to put them together.

Surely Nojima Shinji would put a conventional beauty and ikemen couple together! As such, there were no surprises at all when they ended together. Mei with Yukichi was a bit of a surprise but there were some telltale signs when they were in Round 1 of the Love Shuffle. Mei seemed to have struck a chord in Yukichi's heart at that time although he may not realize it yet. Frankly speaking, I don't really care much for Mei. Although her intention for wanting to break off the engagement was for Usa-tan's sake, I just thought her behaviour got on my nerves.

Sometimes, when you try to do good, you end up doing harm instead.

Tropes present in Hideaki Anno's works:

Reiko's pairing with Kikuta was another surprise too, not as much as Ou-chan and Kairi though. And it was good for the story to explain clearly who is the father of Reiko's baby instead of leaving it to the viewer to guess.

Among the 8 main cast members, I have my favourites and dislikes too. Well, not to the extent of dislike but rather irritated by the character's behaviour. Tamaki Hiroshi is definitely not as appealing to me as in Nodame Cantabile. He looks quite skinny now and his cheeks seem to have sunken in. For a man whose previous works have dealt heavily with the inevitability of pain and the need to Earn Your Happy Endingsome would say this really is something special.

aoi honoo ending relationship

In his own words: This was his first experience with married life. Later on, people close to him would remark that Anno had changed, both physically and mentally he lost weight and became less edgy. One of his closer friends is his mentor Hayao Miyazakiwho is good 20 years older. For starters, he made a Cutey Honey anime, and an adaptation of Kare Kano. If you look closely at the hometown video, he seems to get better on camera towards the end.

After years of using Ominous Gratuitous Greek to create moods of creepiness and dread in his audience, he named his studio Studio Khara. In other words Studio Joy. He uses it quite a bit. For a shy, melancholic man that he is, he has pretty assertive friends, like the straightforward, outspoken patriarch Hayao Miyazaki or the eccentric, flamboyant auteur Kunihiko Ikuhara.

Dorama World: Aoi Yu and Suzuki Kosuke acknowledge their relationship via their official websites

He has been cited as one of the primary inspirations of the Superflat movement. Before helping to found Gainax, Anno was an out-of-work animator and college washout. The fact that he wrote Evangelion: After the End proves that he is not above making light of his own works.

aoi honoo ending relationship