11 eyes sad ending relationship

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11 eyes sad ending relationship

A fan disc for Windows entitled 11eyes -Resona Forma- was planned for . Kukuri is the only heroine in this game to have her ending as a separate act. .. With such a bad omen, Misuzu tells them that if they are ever sent into the Red . Yuka confesses her feelings for him, wanting a kiss to legitimize their relationship . And yes episode 11 was future shown in the eye, even though it's a much I thought that was the Bad End and the director reloaded to a save. Anime/Manga: 11eyes/イレブンアイズ fanfiction archive with over 53 stories. In Ira and Invidia's if story, where their relationship is reaching its peak,these two people will confront a new mission and discovering new And having finally her happy ending too. Dont be sad, I love you by Frederica99Bernkastel reviews.

While I can't call it the worst anime I've seen, 11 Eyes certainly has to be up there on that list. The idea behind it isn't actually bad at all, but the way it was done and really pretty much everything about this anime was just plain awful.

The way the first episode or two goes, you think that this might be worth something eventually and keep watching. Sure, they're moving this story at an impossible pace and I wonder if they can explain everything they need to by the time 12 episodes is up, but there really is some decent potential there.

Generally in this one, you'll be sitting there going "what the hell just happened and why," and ten minutes later when about a tenth of it is explained you go "Oh, I see. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What about the other questions I had? I call this the "answer one question in a flashy way so hopefully the viewers forget about all the plotholes there are and enjoy the show" plot. It's rather ingenious really. And it happens in a lot of anime, but there's a real showcase here.

Not of them succeeding in diverting your attention, but in that they really don't answer hardly any questions.

11 eyes sad ending relationship

Sometimes a character will realize what's going on and you can see the lightbulb going off in their head, but no one actually says what's going on. The sound and music is dark and ominous, but reminds me of a title track in a game that repeats itself over and over again.

11 eyes sad ending relationship

It gets kind of annoying after a while as there is no variety at all and even what they give you is nothing to write home about. I don't think the opening and endings were awful but I've already forgotten them, so they couldn't have been that good. Where should I go with this. The characters were pretty awful. When you meet Kakeru at the beginning you probably feel a mixture of pity and annoyance.

He's obviously been shafted his entire life, and that really sucks. But the way he just wants to avoid contact with anyone other than Yuka, who I guess would be considered the female lead, is pretty annoying.

And most of all, between the character design, the voice, and the way he acts most of the time, he really seems like a very bad copy of Lelouch Lamperouge. And she pretty much knows everyone knows it, and just wants to spend all time forever with him. She grew up with Kakeru and his sister, who killed herself when they were kids, in an orphanage. She was adopted and Kakeru went to live by himself, but they stayed together.

Not so much in this case. As the show goes on you can tell that she actually is pretty demented.

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If anyone else comes close to Kakeru she snaps. It would be disturbing, but they way they did it made it just seem laughable. There are other characters that play major parts. Nearly all the Black Knights even though they actually aren't evil have a lot of examples of this in the game. Superbia loves Avaritia from the bottom of her heart and it's the reason why she accompanied the others in the mission.

In the game, Invidia can be really cruel but she is actually in love with Ira. And she breaks down when he's killed, Subverted in the anime, where she doesn't give a damn about his death.

11 eyes sad ending relationship

It's also hinted enough that Acedia cares about his younger sister a lot and he is furious when she is killed. Kanae seems really admire Liselotte and supports her but their relationship is still complicated. Even Evil Has Standards: Although she is actually the Mastermind behind Crossover's events, she doesn't want Liselotte to destroy the world. However, her goal is to suppress every form of magic in the world so that Thule could dominate the world.

So her goal isn't really more enjoyable than Liselotte's. Evil Tower of Ominousness: Landmark Tower in the real world is replaced by six pillars where the Black Knights reside. Expy - Lieselotte strikingly resembles Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.

Kakeru Satsuki bears more than a passing semblance to Minato Arisato from Persona 3. And someone capitalized on the fact that Misuzu resembles Mitsuru, and came up with this. Warning Danbooru link Eyepatch of Power: To cover Kakeru's heterochromia Fate Worse than Death: Lisette's fate is the best example of 11eyes. And even the death is impossible for her. Fanservice with a Smile: There's the entire ongoing subplot to get everyone who's not Yukiko into the outfits of Cyberiada, the cafe where Kakeru and Yukiko work.

It ends up succeeding. Pixiv user Zouazarashi drew fancomics featuring the Black Knights around the time of the game's debut, and is now drawing them for the anime's website. The Black Knights act a lot goofier in these than they do normally. Yuka worries about this between Kakeru and Misuzu in the anime, noting a change in dynamics between them.

Kaori is the one from Crossover. Good Is Not Nice: Yuka at the end of the anime. It's however kinda subverted in the game. Can be applied to Takahisa at the beginning. Somehow Shuu in Crossover but he had a good reason to be so cold toward everyone.

Can be applied to the Black Knights. They want to save the world but their actions toward Fragments aren't really viewed as good. Played straight for many of the characters that get killed. Strangely averted for Yukiko, we get to see Superbia rip the fragment out of her, and get to hear her scream and die.

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Probably why Kakeru loses it and charges Superbia before Yuka "intervenes". Gotta Kill Them All: The Black Knights appear to have this goal for the heroes.

11 eyes sad ending relationship

The reason is because each of them except for Kakeru holds a fragment of Liselotte's soul or to be exact, a smaller fragment of Liselotte's fragment of the Emerald Tablet. In the anime version; the most noticeable location being the episode titles, which get worse every episode.

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Which begs the question why no one asked for his opinion on the translations. There's also a bit of Gratuitous Italian in episode four when Tadashi is trying to get close to Shiori and failing horribly. In the visual novel, it's shown that no character is truly good or evil. Actually, It looked like a Black and White Morality first but the Black Knights weren't all bad actually, and some of them had a particular goal to act like this toward Fragments and still kept some human qualities.

Furthermore, even Liselotte isn't all bad either. Yukiko shrugs off some pretty serious damage during the course of events. That she was a child soldier who had this ability exploited really reveals what she's gone through.

Another of Kukuri's powers. She even equates it to an RPG. Velad in episode 12, after seeing Kakeru talk about how there can be hope for a better future, and ends up helping to banish Liselotte. Misuzuafter she learns the truth about the Fragments. Avaritia holds Liselotte from behind in episode 12 to ensure that she gets banished to an alternate dimension where she hopefully can't escape. Unfortunately he gets sucked in as well. Subverted with Sebastianus in Before Story.

It's a Stupid Sacrifice but heroic anyway. Saiko-sensei, the school nurse, who smokes, drinks and is frequently sniffing around for virgins. Kakeru wonders how she became the nurse in the first place. Liselotte's motivation for wanting to Kill 'em All.

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When Takahisa starts to lose control of himself, he asks Yukiko to kill him. Lisette before the final battle, begs for Kakeru to kill her. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Yukiko does this a couple of times, has it happen to her as well, and later a possessed Yuka does it to Kakeru in episode Acedia, Yuka, Misuzu, and Shiori.

Kakeru to Liselotte in her final Cross Vision view.

11 eyes sad ending relationship

In episode 11, after learning Yuka may still be alive, Kakeru vows to find her. Then Misuzu mentions this trope in her mind. It's subverted in Yuka's case. In the anime, there is Yuka who is surely a real Bitch in Sheep's Clothing toward the end. She was nice at the beginning, but finally when the madness leads her towards Yandereshe didn't care for Yukiko or Takahisa when they are killed and tried to kill Misuzu herself.

She even freed Liselotte herself to have Kakeru for herself. And she still ends up with Kakeru though. Subverted in the game.