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zim and gir relationship help

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Unfortunately, Keef causes trouble for Zim when he wants to bring the rest of the rejects to his home. Out of fear of being discovered and anger at Keef, Zim ultimately has to convince Keef that a squirrel outside is his best friend with the aid of robotic eyes he implanted in his head. After being attacked by the squirrel, Keef disappears. However, he does not die. Keef remains in the background at Skool, keeping a distance from his former best friend.

They make no contact with each other for the rest of the series. Keef However, had the series continued, the episode " Return of Keef " would have revealed that Keef is still preoccupied with their withered friendship. Thinking that Dib and Zim are friends, he makes another mess of things when Dib goes along for the ride. In the end, Zim and Dib have to team up in order to finally get rid of the redheaded nuisance.

He ends up exploding from joy after seeing Dib and Zim hug, but because of network request, Keef of course does not die, and resumes his role as a background character. Perhaps it had something to do with what his nemesis stuttered about the machine "accidentally" trapping him in a tank for a whole day, during the previous weekend, after the Invader had insulted it for three hours straight.

He didn't want to know, honestly. The situation was already too absurd as it was. No need to add a domestic feud involving a sarcastic artificial intelligence to the mix. When, finally, the door was unlocked, the boy pushed it open and dragged the alien inside, meaning to just dump him on the couch and leave him alone to deal with his drugged self.

However, instead, he found himself coming to a stop just a few steps past the threshold, as a weird but not unfamiliar smell assaulted his senses, mixed with the one of baked waffles.

He made a face, wrinkling his nose at the strong scent. He shot a look at his nemesis, who was still more or less clinging to him to stay upright, the spacey expression firmly in place. It could definitely be. He was starting to get a clearer idea of what could have happened to Zim.

zim and gir relationship help

Not knowing if he felt more incredulous, exasperated or amused, he turned his eyes away from the alien and landed them on the robot sitting on the couch, in front of the television, which was transmitting an episode of Angry Monkey show.

There was an almost empty plate of slightly burnt waffles next to him, presumably the source of both the smells that filled the room. The scene consolidated his suspicions. He was ready to bet that his guess was right. In that moment GIR seemed to suddenly notice their presence because he whipped his head around and his teal eyes widened before he jumped on his feet.

That was sooo nice of you! Does it mean that you're staying and he gonna open your head and use it as a soft, soft bedding? At times he forgot that Zim's sidekick could be even creepier than the Irken himself.

No one's head will be cracked open. The boy took a second to recover, but then followed, dragging his rival with him. The Invader seemed to have stopped laughing for the moment, but the insistent way in which he kept biting his lips and the slight shake in his shoulders suggested that he would have started again very soon. So, I made him eat the waffles Piggy and I baked! Really, thanks but no. I…I ate already," he stated, with a nervous grin, walking around the crazy SIR Unit to be able to dump Zim on the other end of the couch.

Zim eats whatever I want! Even if it's someone else's food, Dib-stink! He tried to reach out for the plate, but all he gained was, for the second time, a push and a slap.

The waffles were almost gone, and it was for the best. It would have prevented the alien moron from getting himself even more stoned than he already was because he had the munchies. The Irken tried to grab the plate one more time, but when his sidekick himself moved it out of his reach, he seemed to finally give up and turned his attention to the TV, fake violet eyes growing wide as he tilted his head, looking absolutely fascinated by the images on the screen.

He had always hated that show with passion, but in the moment the colours looked just so vivid and the characters' movements had something hypnotizing in it.

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And, of course, that too made him want to laugh so, so hard, till he choked on his breath, even if there was nothing even just remotely funny in what he was looking at. He had the feeling that he knew the answer to that question, but he wanted to confirm his theory. He would have had a lot of fun taunting his nemesis about what he had said and done under the influence of the drug the day after. The more details, the merrier. Besides, it was something he could have exploited at his own advantage, under the right conditions.

Perhaps he would have managed to spike the Irken's food for once, and not vice versa. The robot seemed to perk up ever more at the inquiry. He looked proud and delighted by it and he swayed his head a bit before answering.

It was late and the sky was starting to darken, so the place was deserted for most part, aside from a few people brushing quickly past him on their way home. His master had kicked him out of the base after he had smashed half of the machine the alien had been building. He hadn't done it on purpose, but the device had this colourful, weirdly shaped button that seemed to be begging to be pressed it.

And he had pressed it. Until the circuits of the machine had overloaded and the whole thing had made this icky sound and it had started to smell like a very badly burnt toast. It was useless to say that the Irken had begun to scream and had ordered him to "take a walk". GIR hadn't been very happy about it because his show was about to start, but his master had looked very, very angry, so he hadn't been left with much of a choice.

He already missed the couch. It had been less than a month since when he had got it back all to himself. Zim had taken residence on it for quite some time, after the Big-Head Boy had temporarily stopped chasing him, and he still suffered every time he was forcefully separated from his beloved piece of furniture for too long.

The sound of chattering distracted him from his thoughts and he spotted a bunch of teenagers talking and laughing, sat under one of the trees. They were passing among them two of those weird human things that burnt and emitted smoke when lightened up. The SIR Unit blinked, curiously. They looked very happy. It would have been nice if his master could be so happy at least from time to time. Maybe he should ask them why they were so cheerful. He approached them, head still tilted, and the group instantly noticed him.

The first reaction he got were a few laughs, but they then invited him to sit with them and he decided that he really liked them.

They were nice, they talked to him and seemed to find him super funny, something that most people didn't. By the time they said goodbye, the robot was eager to see them again at the party they had invited him to, which would have taken place in a couple of days.

With a spring in his step, he headed home with a small package, a gift from the teens, clutched tightly in his hands. I really liked them," GIR finished telling, nodding to himself with satisfaction. Yes, because they said peanuts were goodie too. And this thing I found in the cupboard. A looooot of it. Because we had so much in the kitchen. Hearing the whole tale was still incredible.

The SIR Unit seemed to be completely unconcerned with the effect that some Earthen foods and substances had on the alien. For what he knew, the drug could have killed him, instead of "making him happy". And the Irken had eaten them, even if out of exasperation and after having been screeched at for a long time, without even asking what was in them. It would have been a huge score for team Earth if the Invader had been mortally poisoned, but the boy still found incredibly disturbing how dysfunctional Zim's and GIR's relationship could be at times.

Not that his and his nemesis's was any better. The weird smelly thingie seemed just perfect for my waffles! He grinned widely again. The master is all happy and giggly now. He was holding the centre of his chest and in a moment his laughing became so hard that he bent over and tumbled off the couch.

The hit left him breathless and confused for a second, but he recovered quickly and just resumed his mad rolling on the floor. The human sighed heavily. He reached out and pulled the alien up once again, not without some difficulty since the other refused to stay on his feet. Drinking plenty was one of the fundamental steps to recover from a hangover and also from the effects of drugs, but, considering Zim's reaction to water, perhaps it would be better avoiding that part.

The Irken would have burnt himself and he would have most likely laughed even harder because of it. The consequences could have been disastrous and Dib didn't want the Invader to come and hunt him down for revenge once he would have recovered, just because he held him partially responsible for his giggling agony.

His PAK will take care of the drug or whatever. He had done his part, he could as well leave. No more…weird smelly thingie. At least for today. However, the expression brightened up as soon as he had wrapped his metallic hands around Zim's still healing arm, causing the alien first to yelp in pain and then to start cackling again. I will take care of the master till he's normal again. Whether GIR was about or not to keep his word shouldn't interest him. At least as long as Zim was in the condition of causing no harm to the planet.

I'll see you guys tomorrow," he said with the most casual tone he could manage and offering an awkward wave. However, he hardly had the time to take a couple of step towards the exit of the building when something passed right next to his head, making him start. He turned around abruptly, fearing an attack. Had his rival already and suddenly recovered from the drug and had he decided to exploit the fact that he was in his base to capture him?

Or to get a but of revenge on him because he felt humiliated for having accepted his help? He didn't want to end up trapped in one of the alien's test tubes or left in a cage, perhaps with a rabid animal, for months. He lifted his hands, spreading his legs a bit, ready to fight, and locked his eyes on the Irken.

Zim had freed himself from GIR's tight grip, but he was still swaying and his eyes were still unfocused for the most.

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No sudden recovery seemed to have taken place. However, his PAK metal arm was out and it looked determined to capture the boy. Or at least to try to do that, failing miserably.

The robotic limb, in fact, attempted to reach out again for him another couple of times, but missed its target, even if the human hadn't moved at all.

Apparently the drug was compromising the connection between the alien and the device on his back too.

zim and gir relationship help

The Invader let out a few frustrated noises, but eventually he seemed to accept that he wasn't getting anywhere with his current tactic and retrieved his artificial limb, choosing to point a claw more or less in his nemesis's direction. So, you gotta stay. It doesn't make sense, but yeah. His mind had got stuck on the name calling, which was just as nonsensical as the rest of the words that had left his rival's mouth.

He thought that he had grasped a hint of meaning in them, but he had to have heard it wrong. The Irken couldn't have just ordered him to stay.

It wouldn't make any sense, unless somehow, in his fucked up mind, the Invader thought that forcing him to bear his company while he was stoned could be some sort of payback. And the assumption wouldn't have been so far from the truth, all considered.

He loathed every moment he had to spend with Zim outside their fights and the fact that the other was being even more random than he usually was didn't help. Rushing out of the door would have been the smartest idea, especially considering that the other was in no condition to stop him, but he was also aware that the base wasn't as drugged as its owner. One word from the Invader and it would have disintegrated him. Watch Monkey show with us! After all, from what he had seen, his master and the human were on a "let's get along" day, also thanks to his weird smelly thingie.

It seemed right that the boy stuck around till the effects of the substance were lingering. In the aftermath, the Irken could have always gone back to his usual games and tried to painfully get rid of him, as always. He would have preferred doing it in person, but his head was starting to spin faster and faster for all the moving he had done, so he deemed better sitting back on the couch and letting his equipment do the dirty work.

Besides, the bubbly feeling was coming back for the umpteenth time. He wanted to watch the scene and have something seriously funny to justify his laughter for once. The sight of his nemesis struggling in vain to overpower his superior technology definitely classified as such.

zim and gir relationship help

He managed to avoid them and ran for the door, but he found that it was locked and stuck, no matter how hard he tried to pull the handle. When tried to change strategy and go for one of the windows, the robotic limbs shot to stand between him and the glass. Even if it didn't agree with his master's command, apparently the machine didn't really want to risk having the Irken carrying out his threat.

The boy didn't blame it, but that didn't mean that he would have made its job any easier. He wanted to get away with his life and brain unharmed too. The struggle lasted a few more minutes, but in the end the human was grabbed by three of the mechanical arms, lifted from the ground and dumped on the couch, between a cheerful GIR and a very satisfied Zim.

Along the way, the Computer had tightly tied up with what looked like solid metal ropes, wrapped around his torso and around his legs.

The binds were so tight that they almost didn't allow his chest to rise and fall when he breathed, so he instantly knew that there was no way he would have got out of them unless Zim had allowed him to.

He would have been stuck in his eternal enemy's base, sat next to said alien, forced to watch a stupid show and to hear the robot's and the Invader's mad giggling, until the second would have got tired of his company. He glared hard at the television, rolling his eyes when the Irken threw his head had back and started to kick his legs as he was shaken by the umpteenth fit of snickering, the sound being interrupting only by broken words and half sentences about how "not fun the stupid, hideous show was".

Zim even cursed the human drug and GIR at one point, promising a cruel revenge, but the solemn oath wasn't scary at all spoken as it was in-between chuckles. The SIR Unit, from his part, alternated his own creepy laughing with screams, which soon started to threaten to give Dib a headache even worse than the one caused by the alien's cackling. That morning, when he had persuaded his sister to take him with her, the worst thing he had thought that could have happened had been Gaz getting fed up with his presence and abandoning him in some store at the mall, maybe to pick up some book on the latest paranormal studies or some materials he needed to perfect his instrumentation.

Instead, his sibling was surely having a good time getting pizza and going through the latest videogames, while he was stuck in the last place he would have wanted to be, tied up so tightly that it hurt. He had seen the Irken laughing in several occasions, even if usually the snickering he had witnessed was booming, triumphant even, and it happened every time the alien managed to reach his aim. The truly amused laughs were much rarer and they were mostly caused by someone else's, especially Dib's, horrible sufferance and troubles.

He had never seen his nemesis laughing for something more normal, something that even someone who wasn't an evil alien Invader could have found funny. Seeing him acting like that now, even if it was all because of the drugs in his system, was refreshing in a way that he would have never believed possible. It made his rival look less hostile, less awful, less foreign too.

Out of the blue, Zim's clawed hand reached out for him and it tagged at the restrains wrapped around the human, which, under the Irken's touch, moved and loosened slightly. They were still too tight for comfort and especially to allow the boy to move, but Dib found that he could breath properly again and that, while his body would eventually go numb, he wasn't hurting excessively anymore. He scoffed and turned his eyes back on the television, feeling the hint of a chuckle touching his throat as the fictional character on the screen did something that reminded him awfully of GIR's antics.

All considered, while it was true that this wasn't the best afternoon of his life, perhaps it might turn out not to be the worst either. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.