Write a dialogue between two friends who meet after long time at the airport

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write a dialogue between two friends who meet after long time at the airport

How would the conversation go between two friends who met after long time and but wasn't lucky enough to make the playing XI for one or the other reasons. Conversations between two friends English lesson Follow us on Facebook to get all Sarah: Hello Jason, how are you, it's been a long time since we last met?. Zafi: Yes, I have married four years ago. My husband is an engineer working in Sylhet. My train has come. I must be off now. Thank you.

You find yourself striking off days on the calendar Once the day has been decided, you fetch a black felt pen and neatly make a cross on the date. From the next day onward, the first thing you do is strike off another day. You wonder why time can't run faster You find yourself checking your phone several times and wonder why time moves so slow.

You find yourself listening to all 'your' songs on loop The song that played when you met for the first time, when you kissed for the first time, when you met for the last time. You head out shopping and buy clothes which will make you look good.

You can barely conceal your excitement when the day finally arrives You head to meet your partner with flowers in your hand and a smile on your face.

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The day has finally arrived! You then spend your time visiting all your haunts The place you went for your first date, the place where you met for the first time and a lot of other places where you had been happy together.

Before I answer I want to state clearly that this trip is based around exploring a new place and culture and being friends and not a sexual sojourn or a pornographic pilgrimage. I mostly want to make sure given that we only have one bed in a studio apartment we discuss potential hookups beforehand. Or ensure that Amy does not have a few beers and then want to go to a second location, in the night, with a group of men. Because, Amy, what if you get kidnapped and I have to call your mom?

Two Friends Discuss Planning and Budgeting for a Trip Abroad Together

We should discuss these scenarios sober, in the cold light of day beforehand. Maybe put our answers in writing. And, Amy, if I get tipsy and want to leave with a man, please stop me, put me on the beach for a minute make out break, and then take me home — with the man, then with you, respectively. For me, not important at all. When Hope stays over my apartment, or vice versa, we always share a bed. I assumed we would share a bed in Rio.

To think otherwise had not even occurred to me. Apparently Hope did want two beds, and, when it came down to it, actually insisted on it. Not as important as Amy thinks it was. Amy is insistent we share beds, even when there are two available. These are how rumors start. We ended up with one bed.

We have both requested the time off, booked flights, and booked the apartment. I have bought a book on Rio, read the book, highlighted excepts and sent some pictures of the excepts to Amy.

I sent Amy a list of places i wanted to go in an email and then made a Google map of those places. I made a reservation at a restaurant. I have half packed my suitcase and ordered sunscreen and stomach meds off of Amazon. I have emailed the Billfold about a potential article. Some Expectations Do you have a budget in mind for this trip? How much you expect to spend altogether? Hope is the budgeter of us.

A dialogue between two friends after a long time. | Englishfor2day

I have not told Amy this. You know that my father is a government employee.

write a dialogue between two friends who meet after long time at the airport

He has recently transferred Noakhali to Chittagong. Where is your application?

write a dialogue between two friends who meet after long time at the airport

Here it is, sir. Now you must meet the head clerk. Write a dialogue between you and your friend regarding your future plan after the publication of the result. A dialogue between two friends regarding their future pla after the publication of the result. Rajib, how are you?

write a dialogue between two friends who meet after long time at the airport

I am fine and what about you? You have passed S. Now what is you future plan. Yes, I want to be a doctor. After passing the H. Your plan is absolutely right. After all you have made a good result. Now, what is your intention? I want to be an English teacher.

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Your choice is so nice. There is so lack of qualified teacher in our country. Shila, how are you? I am fine and how about you? I could not do well in the examination in English.

I want to improve in English.

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If you want to do well in English, at first you have to learn rules of English grammar and enrich vocabulary. I know some rules and vocabulary. You have to read English books, newspaper, magazine etc which will develop your vocabulary. You must practice speaking English with your friends. Thank you for your suggestion. Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper.

Do you read any newspaper regularly? Do you think reading newspaper regularly is essential?