Will schuster and emma pillsbury relationship test

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will schuster and emma pillsbury relationship test

William Schuester. Via Fox. Sue Sylvester. Via Fox. Sue Sylvester. Via Fox. Emma Pillsbury. Via Fox. Emma Pillsbury. Via Fox. Principal Figgins. Often, Will wondered what Carl Howell thought of Emma's mental illness and . " Hello, I'm Will Schuester, you must be Carl," Will said a little too fast as he . songs that the club members could practice to test their vocals a bit more. don't you wanna have a relationship with Miss Pillsbury no matter what?. EMMA PILLSBURY-HOWELL PLAYED BY JAYMA MAYS germs, Will Schuester (and his cute Kirk Douglas dimple), Terri Schuester having a child); Because she loves Will but respects his marriage. .. The GLEEK test.

Don't wanna be-" Episode 2: Showmance "Terri, Will is good man. He's kind, and he's generous. Vitamin D to Ken "So, what would, uhm, getting married mean exactly? Because I would want to keep my last name, and I'd want to continue living in different parts of town, and I think it would be best if we didn't see each other after school. Vitamin D After Kurt threw up on her "[He's] not fessing up where he got the booze yet, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a fake ID because he looks like an eleven-year-old milkmaid.

Will, I think it was April. The Rhodes Not Taken "We just pushed it back a few hours.

will schuster and emma pillsbury relationship test

Now it doesn't have to happen in broad daylight. Sectionals "Ken has a lot of flaws. He has seventy-four flaws as of yesterday. Mattress "You're alot to lose Will. Mattress "He was right i was settling for him. Really one blink from you Will and i would've been out the door.

I can't see Ken without feeling ashamed and I can't see you without feeling heartbroken. Sectionals "We've got a problem. They're doing all of our numbers, the kids are completely freaking out Artie keeps ramming himself into the wall and I'm pretty sure Jacob Ben Isreal just wet himself.

Sectionals "Its the darn Thong Song. Mash-Up "You are educators, you know what, you're more than that. You take care of disadvantaged kids and you're teaching them that the only way they can compete in this world is by cheating I'm sorry but what kind of message is that? Sectionals "When I was a little girl, it was my dream to work on a dairy farm.

When I was 8, my parents finally took me to visit one. After the tour and the yogurt tasting, my brother pushed me into the runoff lagoon. Ever since then I've had trouble forgetting the smell. Showmance "A couple of years ago I started an online flirtation with an old high school flame Andy. Things got weird and i called it off. Two months later, Versace was dead.

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I don't want to spend my life alone. Pilot "Do you know who that is? Thats happier than I've ever seen you. Pilot "I think this is sorta weird for me. Making out in a space you shared with her, you know a place you made a fake baby in. It was like pearly white harbor.

Hell-O "You're very sweet it's not that. It's just that I uh, haven't been intimate in a very, very long time. Hell-O After Rachel says: Showmance "Sunglasses are so sexy". The way Emma moved next to Carl was different than the way she moved when she was with Ken.

Emma-Will Relationship

Though she still held a stiff position and wore rubber gloves over her hands as she picked from the freshly opened fruit platter, she seemed to be more at ease with herself. She looked happy and gave off a school-girl like facial expression when Carl's hand brushed against her shoulders.

Carl - though he had yet to properly meet the man - reeked of competition. Will noticed that Ken was now standing beside him and watching Carl and Emma pick their way through the fruit that Emma would soon clean off with a wipe before eating.

He knew from Emma's movements, that she had planned on hiding Carl from him until the party was over and if he was going to win Emma's heart back, he couldn't do it without knowing who he had to compete against first. He noticed that Emma's eyes grew large and she blinked rapidly and so often that it looked as if she was trying to flutter away by the power of her eyelashes. Carl took his hand and shook it. Though clearly said unintentionally to hurt him, the way Emma was mentioned tore through him.

Carl's Emma, not his own. To tone was innocent, which verified that Emma had failed to mention that the two of them were once together. How do you say it This made Will smile a bit. He could use this moment to show off his near fluency in the language and make Carl in awe by his talent, but Emma was quick and noticed that Will was plotting. Carl's eyes lit up.

My senior year we made it up to Nationals and won second place. I always loved Glee, it was my favourite time of the day. As if Carl wasn't enough competition, now he was once in Glee, too? They're good and I wouldn't be surprised if we made it to Nationals sometime soon. Carl flashed his perfect smile once more. Maybe when school resumes, I'll have her bring me to one of your practices. Em says I'm really good when I sing to her, but I have a feeling she's just being nice when she says that.

Her bottom scooted outwards and she extended her arm to avoid it spilling on her. I didn't mean to," he took the cup away from Emma's hand and grabbed a wipe out of her purse and cleaned up the few droplets that were resting on her hand.

Will couldn't believe what he saw. I'll just talk to Emma about when's a good time and we'll work things out," he said in a cheesy excited tone as he back away from the couple. Could you imagine the hair disaster that the children would have if you and Eliza hooked up?

Why, they'd be mock from the minute the came out of Eliza! Try having to preform open heart surgery on yourself, that's hard! Will would lie in bed and think of Emma. Her movements, beauty, and voice; all the things that he was missing out on. His heart would feel a stinging clamp when the thoughts moved to Carl and Emma. Some nights the pain that absorbed his heart was too overwhelming and then the guilt would pour over him.

He'd realize that at one point in her life, Emma may have felt this horrible clamping pain on her heart when she thought of him with Terri. Some nights, he would reflect on their moments together. Tonight was the night he reflected on the time they almost made love. Some people say that purple and red don't go well together, but that night he couldn't think of a more perfect colour combination.

Her lilac coloured nightgown and loose hair that curled on her shoulders made her look all the more beautiful. Emma's cheeks were bright pink as she stumbled out of his bathroom and into the bedroom where he was sitting on the bed, waiting for her.

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He takes her hands in his for a moment; they're shaking and it gives him an obvious sign that she's nervous. Emma's legs are shaking and he can feel them losing their balance as he moves further up her legs. Stopping on her hips cause goosebumps to cover her entire body. She stutters out his name and she's beginning to have second thoughts. Will was careful when he touched her skin. Knowing she had the problem with germs and being touched where clothing was covering her skin.

He felt carefully around and found the line of her undergarment. He tugged playfully at the underwear until his fingers entered at the front. That was snapping point. Leaving behind a pair of gold heels. It was the first thing with her that he ever came to regret. She knew he was rather uncomfortable with the thought of her being a thirty-year-old virgin and singing about sex in Glee sometimes maybe wasn't all that helpful. She felt pressured and it was because he put it upon her.

He wished that he could take the moment back so she wouldn't have to throw herself upon him and then recoil a few short moments later.

He wondered if she had been intimate with Carl yet. It was a long shot, knowing that the chances were slim to none since she had wanted him for so long and then when the moment came, she backed out. Seeing her jump into bed with Carl after only three months of dating wasn't Emma's style at all. Carl was perfect competition. Kind, good looking, clean, obviously patient with Emma's mysophobia, and just to make things worse; he was once in Glee, too, meaning that he probably had a good set of vocals on him.

The real killer part, Will decided one night as he laid in bed alone, Carl was a nice guy and as hard as Will tried to hate him, there was no possible way. Carl was too kind, even to him. It would be unfitting to hate someone that was so kind. Being single was an uncomfortable and unfamiliar world to Will and what were once days spent with Terri, cuddling, kissing, park visits, and vacations to family members or national parks were now spent every day alone and with no company. He'd hardly seen Terri in the past few months.

There was the divorce and that seemed to be the end of everything they had. She didn't come and beg for him to take her back or even just for a friendly visit. Granted that it was nice to go a month without seeing Kendra bursting through their conversations and insulting him, but that was all he knew.

Will ran into her once at the supermarket. She was angry with him the minute she noticed that he was buying peanut butter. Rachel made several attempts to have a meeting of the Glee club at his house like they had before Regionals. It wasn't until the middle of July, just two weeks after the fourth of July holiday, before her plans finally fell through and over half of the club showed up at his doorstep. Finn was carrying pizza boxes while Mike and Matt held sodas and bags of chips.

Schuester, I know you told us to take the summer off, but if we're going to beat Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals, we should start brainstorming now! Will stood in the doorway aghast. Schuester but it never hurts to plan ahead.

will schuster and emma pillsbury relationship test

Though most of my teammates lack my years of experience, I know they'll all be returning to the club when they audition next month. Everyone looked the same as they did on their last day of school. Young, cheerful little faces that worked hard over the past year to place the club on the map and give it a much better reputation. As much as he wanted to kids to enjoy their summer, it was rather nice to have company again. His parents hadn't been over in a couple weeks and when they were over, they couldn't think of much to say without Terri doing all the talking.

Rachel did most of the talking. Like she always did. I knew that was exciting to me, too. As soon as I heard that, I knew that there would be something good on the page. So I was immediately drawn to it. But Emma is not a cheater. Emma is also so obsessive-compulsive she counts the bristles on her toothbrush.

Sure, she's terrified of germs and in love with a married man, so seeing her as the voice of reason for the kids is amazing. And I think a lot of people are like that sometimes. We wanted to make her stand out from the other teachers. In the pilotwe made her look much more teacher-y. Now we're having more fun with her character, keeping her bright and unusual.

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Quirky is the word. It takes the outfit down from being too stylish or too sexy. It makes her look prim and almost old-fashioned. They have had an on and off relationship since the show's first season. Television critics have responded extremely well to the pairing between the two. Natalie Abrams of TV Guide noted that she had been waiting for them to kiss since the pilot episode, [30] and Eric Goldman of IGN has deemed their coming together "very hard to not feel good about".

Emma Pillsbury

This stood as a contrast to the impulsiveness of Emma's new boyfriend, sexy dentist Carl played by the somehow always charming John Stamos. There's a fun love triangle building here which should only get better as Will becomes less of an insecure whiner. So I guess in a perfect world, she could find someone like Will, or maybe Ken Tanaka laughs can become a little bit more like Will. Maybe if she can respect Ken enough, that will develop into true love. We knew each other before we started this job.

We worked together once before.