Vietnam and russia relationship

US won't easily break Russia's hold on Vietnam | Asia Times

vietnam and russia relationship

What did the Russians stand to gain from backing a remote jungle war, . Sino- Vietnamese relations at that time had reached new lows. By the. President Putin wrote an article entitled “Russia-Vietnam: Together for New Cooperation Goals” featuring the development of relations between the two nations. Russia-Vietnam Military Ties in the Spotlight. The visit of Vietnam's defense minister has once again put the focus on one of Vietnam's traditional relationships.

Vietnam-Russia: new cooperation goals

We all well remember, for instance, that the forefather of the greatest and most beloved Russian poet and writer, the "sun of Russian poetry", Alexander Pushkin was born in Africa.

In its current form our country — the Russian Federation — was established after the collapse of the Soviet Union based on the great traditions of the past and advanced experience of the present. Its key principles are democracy, federalism and a market economy, and the main goal is to maintain public harmony and the national and religious unity of our people. Contemporary Russia has coped with the most difficult economic and social challenges of the first decade, found her place in the world and now firmly stands on a free and independent path of development.

Vietnam, Russia agree on solid foundation of bilateral ties

This year we entered a new historical stage after the March presidential elections, in which Vladimir Putin secured a convincing victory.

In the coming years, the new Russian government and in fact all our people will make every effort to move forward, keep our country strong, dynamic and focused on the future.

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With a pragmatic and multi-vector foreign policy, Russia not only recently, but also in the past, has paid special attention to the eastern direction of her diplomacy.

To me, an ambassador and professional orientalist, who has worked in Asia for almost half a century, this seems quite natural and right. It is a great honour for me to serve as the Russian Ambassador in this friendly country.

vietnam and russia relationship

It is very good that today we not only remember them, but also pass them on to future generations. In economic development, import substitution policies are being implemented effectively and Russia is becoming increasingly self-confident as an exporter of agricultural products.

The high operational readiness of its armed forces guarantees national security, he wrote, adding that thanks to large-scale modernisation, the Russian military has been capable of effectively responding to any threats, including international terrorism.

US won’t easily break Russia’s hold on Vietnam

This has been demonstrated by the highly effective operation of the Russian military units in Syria. Russia is a prosperous country with a stable political system, Vnukov said, adding that in March, Russia's presidential election took place, with President Vladimir Putin achieving an overwhelming victory.

This is a testimony to the people's trust in their government and to the social unity, regardless of their ethnic origin, creed and social status, the diplomat affirmed.

vietnam and russia relationship

Russian artists perform at a concert event in Hanoi. NDO Russia is an active participant in global and regional processes, ready to cooperate with all countries in the world.

vietnam and russia relationship

Next September, the Eastern Economic Forum will take place in Vladivostok and the Russian ambassador expressed his wish that the event would witness a large delegation from Vietnam in attendance. This was the first agreement of its kind to be signed between the EAEU and a foreign country. Russia's consistent priority in the Asia-Pacific is to consolidate its comprehensive strategic partnership with Vietnam.

This viewpoint has been repeatedly affirmed and recognised in a special section of Russia's foreign policy doctrine, Vnukov stressed.

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