Vaan and penelo relationship trust

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vaan and penelo relationship trust

Many of them show a *ahem* shall we say, an unequal relationship between the two. Penelo was basically Vaan's childhood friend, likely default love Lara Croft (for decent DPS), and Reberta (for leveling her Trust). Penelo tells Larsa she's going to marry Vaan, and he doesn't take it well. Through the years . Fluff, new relationship. Final Fantasy XII With Nethicite, betrayal and war on the horizon, can Larsa trust his friends once more to help him?Seq. Basch really does not care about intimate relations and would rather be a As for Vaan and Ashe, I would say maybe but with Penelo in the picture that my own hand as a small sign of trust, and together I made my defense.

The two befriend, but Penelo is initially reluctant to trust Larsa due to him being Vayne's brother and her fear of the Empire. Larsa explains how the men of his family are taught to put the needs of others first, and having earned her trust, lends her a piece of manufacted nethicitea top secret item from the Draklor Laboratory. Penelo, not realizing its value, keeps it as a good luck charm. Penelo and Vaan are reunited. She reunites with Vaan, whose party had been sent in by the Marquis to save Ashe, the Princess of Dalmasca who was being kept in captivity by Ghis.

The piece of nethicite Larsa had given her protects the party from Judge Ghis's magick.

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Penelo escapes with the band of sky pirates and asks that Vaan let her follow through their journey to defeat the Empire and restore Dalmasca. Along their quest, Penelo and Vaan exchange knowledge about Ivalice with the rest of the party. They meet Larsa again who begs Princess Ashe to make a truce with the Empire to prevent an all-out war with the Marquis's Resistance and the Rozarrian Empire gaining power by the day. Larsa accompanies the party on their journey for a while, and in Henne Mines they run into more of the Empire's secret experiments with manufacted nethicite.

Upon seeing Mjrn possessed by the manufacted nethicite, Larsa asks Penelo to return the piece he had given him, apologizing for not realizing the danger. Larsa leaves the party when it comes clear truce with the Empire is impossible as Vayne has become the new Emperor.

You know what they say about the leading man? He proudly proclaims himself "the leading man", considering the quest his own story he's to see out. He and Fran are pulled into the conflict when they choose to break into the royal palace in the midst of an rebel attack, and are subsequently lopped in with them by enemy and ally alike. Balthier's stake in events is more personal than he lets on though, as his past catches up with him in ways he'd rather not admit.

He likes to think of himself as one and he certainly live up to his claims. While he doesn't exactly go "berserk", discussing nethicite is a good way to get his attention and make him break his usually calm and laid-back attitude. There's a very good reason for that. To Vaan, though not on purpose. Balthier balks at the idea when others mention the trope, and Vaan is likewise not impressed, but in practice they do have this dynamic.

Since when am I Balthier's apprentice? Not the first time I've heard that joke. I'm still not laughing. It's remarkably difficult to get Balthier to lose his cool, even when he's at a considerable disadvantage. Held at swordpoint, he comments dryly that "At least your sword is to the point," and one of his lines when defeated in combat is to snark calmly, "Is that your best?

He's actually Ffamran mied Bunansa, son of Archadia's Dr. Cid, and a former Judge. When he saw what Cid was becoming though, he abandoned his life and his name for freedom. Towards friends or foes alike. When he was in service to Archadia, Balthier realized what Dr. Cid had become and defected from the empire. His attacks tend to be the least practical and have the most theatrical flourishes. It makes sense when it's revealed he's actually from The Empire. Quite a lot of it regarding his true past.

Further, in the English version of the game, Balthier is the only character amoung the heroes who speaks with an English accent courtesy of Gideon Emery. Dalmascans speak with American accents, thus making it an instant giveaway that he's not one of Vaan's countrymen.

You know which characters do speak with English accents? Looter and pilferer as he may be, Balthier never stops being educated and charming. Getting Crap Past the Radar: When Fran goes ballistic, he comments on her dislike of being " tied up " in the same suave voice he uses whenever he breaks out the charm While he insists that he's " the leading man " every other cutscene, which isn't entirely unjustified as he knows he's more important than the Kid Heroes given his connections to The Empirebut it's Ashe who is the true hero of the story and who decides where the party goes and what it does.

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He makes a point of mentioning that he may be required to invoke this trope eventually, as the sort of thing that a "leading man" might be expected to do. He goes through with it during the ending when he stays behind on the collapsing Bahamut to fix its engines to fly it away from the city as it crashes only to subvert the trope by surviving the experience.

His crossbow and rifle animations are this, which while cool slows him down a decent bit when using these weapons. At the helm of the Strahl during the Battle of Rabanastre. Improbable Use of a Weapon: Balthier uses all hafted weapons one-handed, notably attacking with poles in an odd manner very reminiscent of a baton twirler. His wielding spears are likewise executed from the same bizarre grip.

Promotional materials refer to him as a silver-tongued womanizer, but, as noted under Handsome Lechhe really doesn't show it at all during the game. There's a couple hints he has a relationship with his partner in-crime, a brief handkerchief scene with Penelo, and one NPC says she's smitten with him, if you find her.

This leads to Penelo being kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan. As the profile quote demonstrates, Balthier is perfectly content to perform a Heroic Sacrifice because he believes that he's The Heroand thus cannot die thanks to Plot Armor.

He's proven correct when he survives the destruction of the Bahamut at the end of the game. Balthier's speech patterns tend to be flowery and boastful, though he usually avoids raising his voice too much.

His dad more than picks up the slack.

vaan and penelo relationship trust

Balthier keeps a blaise attitude with nearly anything with only the issues of nethecite and his father truly getting under his skin. His true name is taken from Mid Previa and Mustadio Bunansa.

He is unflappable, rather secretive, and can be hilariously indifferent to nasty surprises, such as being thrown in a dungeon where he implies he's seen it all beforefinding out 'Amalia' is actually Princess Ashe "Huh. Can't believe that was the princess. What's wrong with her?

I always knew Fran didn't like being tied up. I just never knew how much. Not in This for Your Revolution: In keeping with his Han Solo traits, he and Fran only stick around on the promise of payment from Ashe, being that she's a princess pursuing ancient relics of royal heritage.

Balthier has no interest in the rebellion or Archadia, though at the end of the game he gets invested in finding out what Dr. Cid was up to for all those years before he left. He and Fran are a pair of Sky Pirates with huge bounties on their heads.

However, it's unclear how far the romantic angle of their partnership goes. He's definitely easy on the eyes. In Revenant Wings, where it leads to a boss battle with him and Fran and eventually him getting slugged in the face. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! In his backstory, he decides to bail from Archadia for good after realizing what his father has become. He has shades of this.

vaan and penelo relationship trust

Lampshaded early in the game: Ah, the prison repository of wrested relics and raiments. So our things are in here? That's what I said. Of Han Solo ; a snarky gunslinging outlaw with a Cool Ship and a Non-Human Sidekick that gets roped into the adventure on promise of money and sticks around when he becomes friends with the cast.

He's one of the most infamous Sky Pirates in all Ivalice, and ends up being Vaan's role model as he becomes one himself. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: That Man Is Dead: Though he doesn't reject it as fiercely as some, he doesn't appreciate being called by his real name when he runs into people who know his past. Of a more subtle flavor.

It helps that he has a beautifully smooth voice, but is noticeable when he and party rescue Penelo. I thought you might want it back. I shall wear it close to my heart. Ironically the special animation he has with guns makes his firing speed a fraction of a second slower then other characters. Balthier self-identifies as "the leading man" upon whom the story centers around, and tells the others that Heroic Sacrifice and Plot Armor can be expected to come into play with him due to this status.

Despite this, it's Ashe who in practice acts as the main character, with Vaan as the Supporting Protagonistand Balthier's expectations concerning his role never come to pass. When Fran lampshades this reality during the ending, Balthier is offended by the idea. I'd say you're in more of a supporting role. Younger Than They Look: He's 22, but easily looks and sounds a good decade older.

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Fran "I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past had been cut away forever. Fran is one of the Viera, a One-Gender Race tribe of bunny-women who live in the Golmore Jungle and command powerful magical abilities, such as the ability to "hear" the god-like spirit of the Wood.

Fran disagreed with the Viera's philosophy of isolation and left her home village, sacrificing many of her natural abilities to live a life of freedom. Fran's pretty badass in the original game, but she's on a far higher tier in the manga, having super-speed and a Blizzard-enchanted claw attack that deals a One-Hit Kill to Firemane and freezes Ghis's sword. In the game, she finds an exit from the Nalbina Dungeons but the magick bindings are too strong to break.

The manga, she's perfectly able to break them, it's the Imperials outside that stops them from leaving. She presents it to Ashe if you take a wrong turn into the Necrohol of Nabudis. She's got a hoverbike and is an amazingly cool pilot on it. Break His Heart to Save Him: She does this to her sister, Mjrn, advising her to forget about her since she has left the Wood and should no longer exist to her. She doesn't want her sister to lose her link to the woods like she did, and considering that outside the woods a war is brooding between Rozarria and Archades, with Dalmasca and its surrounding potentially becoming the battlefield, Mjrn could become a casualty.

At least Fran knows she would be safer in the woods. As with all Viera, she wears them to compensate for her much longer feet. She is quite affectionate and mentorly to the young Penelo. She has rabbit ears and claws, but otherwise has the body of a tall and shapely hume woman. Like many fellow Viera. Her white hair clashes with her dark skin fur? Gets a few good lines here and there.

We've secured an Atomos, come! All skiff, no ship So I can fly it? She and Balthier are bosses in Revenant Wings. Gameplay and Story Segregation: Viera are supposed to be very magically adept, but Fran's magical stats are mediocre at best, square middle among the six main party members. Also, despite the fact that she is supposed to be a skilled archer, her firing animation with the bow is actually slightly longer than normal, reducing her DPS and effectiveness with it compared to any other character.

In the Zodiac Age versions of the game where sheds her Master of None status by gaining the highest Vitality score and her large amount of innate skills let her usefulness shine with the Job System. Like Vaan she is an all around styled character, but with all her stats being all around low. In fact, stats-wise, she probably is the worst character of your party, being overshadowed by everyone else. The International Zodiac Job System rebalances her stats by giving her the best Vitality score whereas she was second to last in the original releaseand altering other stats among the other controlable characters.

He offers to protect Princess Ashe once again, despite objecting to Balthier and Fran's invading the royal tomb. Here, Vossler reveals that he, embittered by their "profitless battle", has made a deal with the Archadian Empire so that Dalmasca's sovereignty could be restored. As Ashe and the others escape in an airship, the nethicite explosion from the Leviathan annihilates the fleet, Vossler is presumably alive because the Shiva was seen able to escape the explosion, albeit badly damaged.

Filled with guilt, he abandoned his post and took on the name "Reddas", arriving in Balfonheim where he cleaned up the town and became a patron to pirates. When Cid activated the Sun-Cryst, Reddas sacrificed himself by using the Sword of Kings to destroy the crystal, unleashing an explosion which vaporized him and most of the upper Pharos.

He ensures the complete subjugation of Nabradia and Dalmasca and exterminates their royal families in order to acquire their deifacted nethicite. He confronts Dalmasca's resistance movement with absolute ruthlessness, accepting no surrender. He even goes so far as to murder his own ailing father and frame the Imperial senators, to put an end to their scheming against himself and Larsa, and to level cities in nethicite testing experiments.

He is Basch's twin brother, and in the introduction to the game is responsible for the deaths of Reks and King Raminas, which are blamed on Basch.

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Noah, however, remained with their mother and moved with her to her home country of Archadia, where he took on his mother's surname of Gabranth. After his mother died of her illness, Gabranth began to hate Basch for abandoning his homeland and family. Noticed by Emperor Gramis, Gabranth joined the Archadian Judges with the Emperor's backing and rose to become a Judge Magister, the position that he holds at the beginning of the game.

Bur-Omisace where Larsa agrees to return with him, to avoid any trouble. Gabranth later was sent to Pharos to "test" Ashe if she would take revenge, attacking the group in rage when they refused to exact vengeance for the wrongs against them as he had; he leaves after his defeat and the arrival of Cid. He is fatally injured by Vayne in the process. He dies after the battle, requesting that Basch replace him as the protector of the new Emperor Larsa. He is the man responsible for discovering the technology behind airships, as well as for the creation of manufacted, or artificial, nethicite.

Under Venat's guidance, Cid helped Vayne encourage the war to gain shards of the Sun-Cryst in order to help him create manufacted nethicite.

Cid is confronted by Vaan, Balthier and company at the Draklor Laboratory, which results in a fight that Cid loses. Cid survives the encounter and flees. Cid goes to the Pharos lighthouse to invoke the Sun-Cryst's full power, revealing himself to the main characters there once Gabranth is defeated. Enraged, Gabranth tries to attack Cid, who teleports out of the way as Venat throws the judge against a wall.

Cid fights Vaan, Balthier and the rest of the party once again, and again loses. Cid dies after the battle, dissolving into energy absorbed by the Sun-Cryst before it is destroyed and fully activates his final airship, the Bahamut. He made his debut appearance in Final Fantasy II, though this appearance is the first Final Fantasy game to feature a Cid character as a villain.

At the opening of the game, Ondore appears to have yielded to Archadian rule, though he secretly supports the resistance movement. He is being blackmailed by Vayne who forced him to announce the execution of Basch and the death of Ashe in an attempt to keep the resistance from trusting him or accepting his support.

Ondore is the narrator character in the story, as his memoirs are read during certain points of the game. Although he succeeds in keeping the two countries from fighting for most of the game, Rozarria does join the resistance in a strike against Vayne at the end of the game.

Grimoire of the Rift when Vaan requests his aid. After Vaan and Penelo join Luso's party, Al-Cid requests membership as well to lie low from his duties as royalty. Referred to as gods by some, but unknown to the major religions in Ivalice, the Occuria race played a vital role in the history of Ivalice such as the creation of the Espers and granting power to King Raithwall to conquer the countries of Ivalice with the Dawn, Dusk, and Midlight shards of nethicite.

Earlier concept artwork portrayed these "Mindflayers" as wearing luxurious robes and turbans and lounging in a bar and smoking pipes. The design was changed during development and the Mindflayer was placed as a special monster, retaining the initial design; the Occuria were then given a different design of glowing eyes in a mist-like form. In the game, Venat is seen talking to Cid both while visible and not. Venat's ambitions were ultimately fulfilled when Ashe resisted the Occurians' plans and Reddas destroyed the Sun-Cryst, later sacrificing itself to give Vayne his power while proclaiming they will die together, as it has accomplished everything it set out to do.

Merchandise[ edit ] In conjunction with the game's release, Square Enix has produced a lineup of merchandise including jewelry, action figures and other goods related to the characters. Most of the merchandise are released in Japan.