Tyrion and daenerys relationship test

tyrion and daenerys relationship test

Sep 17, In season seven, as Dany and Jon's relationship blossoms, he calls her Dany. Though well-meant, it doesn't make any sense for her to find this. Aug 8, This week, we're looking into the widely posited theory that Tyrion . There's also Tyrion's relationship with dragons, a Targaryen family trait. Jul 31, There are many hints towards this relationship, starting in the very first book, and this theory was confirmed last year by the TV If this theory is correct, Tyrion is Dany's half-brother, and Jon is nephew to both. Take this test.

One of the strongest examples of this is their talk about Dany's infertility. While at the dragon Pit parley, somehow Jon and Dany get to talking about bloodlines and, subsequently, her infertility.

tyrion and daenerys relationship test

He notes that the person who told her she was infertile was unreliable. However, Jon deliberately talking to her about this is odd and out of place. However, Jon wants to get proof, a wight from The Wall, to ensure that Cersei understands the danger and won't turn on them. As the wights have converged into an army, though, this is a difficult task.

tyrion and daenerys relationship test

As feared, the raid goes terribly. They capture a wight, but the army finds them and they lose several men trying to escape. The plan, though well-meaning, always was dumb. The White Walker army is too organized for a small party to stand any chance. Also, worse, they lost a dragon to them. Allying with Cersei is less risky than this. However, Dany complicates this situation by ditching this trusted friend for her new flame, Jon Snow.

Love is understandably powerful, but it's heartbreaking to see her disregard her loyal adviser for a man she has only known for a short while. She needs the support of the beloved King of the North, while he needs the dragonglass in her caverns and the support of her armies for the impending wight war.

To solidify this union, it would be logical for them to arrange a political marriage.

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However, Dany and Jon never mention it. Not only would it make a strong bond between their peoples, but it would also have been an easy device to bring the two characters closer together. She decided that she was going to become the queen she was destined to be: Never again would anyone look down on her.

Despite all of this, she falls in love with a king: Jon Snow, which hardly makes any sense. Dany wants to be the leader and re-mold Westeros in her own vision.

Having a king could hinder this, and at best he'd be her equal, not her subject. The wights were quickly encroaching and war was upon them.

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However, despite this impending doom, Jon refuses to do the one thing that will get Daenerys' dragons and armies on his side: He's initially uncertain about her abilities as a leader. Later, he cites the fact the North won't accept her as queen.

tyrion and daenerys relationship test

Jon is so adamant that it's ludicrous. He talks to her about how dire the situation is, yet he himself is hindering progress to help save the world. Jon, too, will have a graveyard to rule if the North is decimated. While her desire to accumulate more allies is reasonable, her belligerence is counterproductive.

It doesn't encourage Jon to want to ally with her to keep him a near-prisoner at her castle. Though she wants to rule the iron throne, at this point, it might be worthwhile for her to settle for allying with Jon Snow - especially when she has her concerns about Cersei's looming forces.


Instead, though, she plays it stubborn for plot convenience and is just lucky that he fell in love with her. With them in these political struggles are their advisers, Davos and Tyrion. Both men are intelligent, strong-willed characters. Yet, somehow, watching Jon and Dany banter has turned them into romantic gossips.

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Both Tyrion and Davos comment on how the two look at one another. Tyrion teases Dany about her possible interest in Jon. Davos does the same, particularly telling Jon he's attracted to her. The show tries very hard to tell the viewer that the two are falling in love, even when it doesn't make much sense. As the devoted mother of dragons, she cares about her scaly children more than anything else.

When Viserion falls because of Jon's questionable wight plan, since Cersei plans to betray them regardless of the danger, Dany should have been furious.

His idea and having to save him and the party directly led to losing her dragon. Regardless of the fact that Viserion will make the White Walkers harder to fight, it's uncharacteristic for her not to fiercely love and defend her dragons more than anything else. Jon's hand in her child's passing should have caused a great rift between them, but instead it somehow brought them closer. Dany and Jon, however, butted heads for a few episodes, then grew warmer towards one another, then fell in love, all while political treatises, wars, and bloodshed were raging around them.

They had little time onscreen to grow close, foster feelings, and become lovers. Though it's likely the fault of rushing towards the end, the pair didn't have enough time to connect, at least as far as the viewer's concerned.

Jon suggests that Dany sail with him so that the northerners can, in-person, see them as allies. Safe to say her narrative arc has had some serious shades of Christ-like imagery. Jon didn't grow up in a family where incest was accepted, so it could be a hard taboo for him to embrace.

He's also mentioned concern for his future children because he's a bastard and wouldn't want to burden them with it. As the legitimate son of Rhaegar, he's actually a prince. But so far he doesn't know that. Martin's sprawling narrative universe has sometimes looked at the thematic implications of imperfect information and the consequences of choices.

tyrion and daenerys relationship test

Hell, Robert's Rebellion started because two groups of people had incomplete information. So I could see a version of events whereby Jon knows who his parents are, but not that they were married. Which would still leave him functionally a bastard. Now that Jon has sworn allegiance to Daenerys, he's going to have to sell the North on their new sovereign.

If they weren't related, the most obvious solution would be for her to marry Jon and make him King, but for all Dany's talk of needing to keep her options open for an advantageous marriage, I don't think her heart's in it. Tyrion's already brought up the need for Daenerys to choose a successor, rightly pointing out that all her followers are screwed without one, as she's the only thing holding them together.

If she can't birth any new children, naming Jon as her successor legitimizes him as a Targaryen and ensures the continuation of her line. Jon's no longer a bastard, and he doesn't have to challenge his aunt, or sleep with her. Then he's another type of prince who was promised: He helps break the wheel and ushers in a new and better society, probably with Tyrion at the helm.

Jon-as-heir would also leave open the loophole of Danerys dying in some heroic act to defeat the Night King, allowing her revolution to live on through Jon.