Tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry 'Get Married' : NPR

tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

A New Jack artist of many trades, actor/director Tyler Perry became famous for Farai Chideya talks to Perry and the film's star, Janet Jackson. feel as if it's almost impossible to keep a marriage alive or even a relationship. Janet Jackson has signed up to star in a followup to the Tyler Perry a psychologist who dishes out relationship advice to clients but has more. An Interview with Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson Tyler Perry: I feel that this is my best film because it's about relationship and because I was.

He knows what he wants. Janet, you are a product of a long term marriage through your parents and for the both of you, I wanted to know who are your marriage role models and how does this film change your attitude about marriage now?

My marriage role models were not my parents. It was someone else that I knew that I consider my second mother. Her name was Mrs. Fine and his name was Sidney Fine and he was a composer, and she was our tutor for years. They were just very loving and very close and always connected and communicative. I had the reverse.

My mother and father had a really crazy relationship. I learned the reverse in that if do the opposite of what they did, then I have my answers to how to be a good husband.

As a director, do you feel this film is pro-marriage? Most of your scenes are pretty intense and I think people will get a kick watching you and Malik in the kitchen scene, but the movie has some strong emotional stuff. Can you talk about just connecting with that? I also think this the public see you in a performance they are not familiar with. It is definitely a difference. I think it was than four days once we decided to do the film and then we had our first scene to shoot.

Janet Jackson signs up for Why Did I Get Married Too

It was a lot of emotional stuff and a lot of heavy stuff and it did wear on you and you did wind up taking a lot of that stuff home. There were moments were I did have to let it go because I was actually rehearsing for a show with the dancers in the band in the Bahamas. My days on set were dedicated to trying to be there and give Tyler what he wanted and what the character needed and do my job and then do my other job.

What emotional baggage did you take away from this? There was stuff still inside of me.

tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

Just watching the movie makes you look at your own life. So much of Sheila reminded me of my life.

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I have to stop for a second because this is catching up to me. As we were talking about it with Patricia and went over what would be the best character for her to play and how much she could relate to Sheila. Let me just show how much I love you. Let everyone else think about that. Tyler, you did such a good job with the acting. How did you direct yourself and second, bringing this dramatic role for you and everyone else is somewhat new.

Where did this come from? But to be exposed and to have people see me for the first time because this character is really close to who I am as a person and as a man, it was tough.

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I had such a great team around me. Janet, did you know Jill prior to this? Actually, I think I met Jill once prior to this. It was just in passing. I love the fact that we were both able to be a part of this film. You don't have to carry a child. You don't have to miss work. As Terry Diane, when you get married, you give up the I's for us, okay?

You don't make those kinds of decisions without talking to me. What the hell am I doing? I don't even know why I'm having this argument with you. I'm tire of arguing about the same damn thing with you. It's clear to me - one thing very clear. You don't want to be married. As Diane I'll tell you what this is about.

tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

My entire career is going way better than yours. And you're having some testosterone issues and you can't deal with it. Now, Janet, what do did this teach you about marriage? And would you be more likely to tie the knot with your longtime love, Jermaine Dupree, after doing this role or not so much?

I still have the same views on love, I suppose. For my - and it really comes from - I am stuttering, right? For myself, I don't need the piece of paper. I just - it's about the spiritual connection and having our own vows. Tyler, what about you? Is this going to make you more into commitment or just like oh, no, no, no. I asked Oprah to marry me yesterday and I told her I wouldn't need a pre-nup. She said, let's do it, but then, you know, afterwards, I got a call from Stedman so Soundbite of laughter Mr.

But, you know, on a serious note, I want to be married one day. I mean, no rush. You know, I'm only People think that - some people think that's old.

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But, you know, David Letterman had a kid at 6, I'm down with Now, there is, to me, this real sweetness, and this - I don't know if you agree with this - but this desire to say black love is alive.

Was that one of your intents with the movie? You know, I love the way that people are rallying behind the movie. But I think they just think it's about love. It's about people, period. That not only is black love alive but all of us are alive. You know, all family is important, you know. And I think as people are watching the movie -whatever your race - if you give it a chance, if there's a universal thing that's running all the way through it that people will understand.

What about this whole - many people have said that black love, in particular, is embattled and it's very difficult to survive in the modern era where people feel as if it's almost impossible to keep a marriage alive or even a relationship.

You know, I have this - I feel like Tyler about this. I was nodding my head because I don't like to see this just black love but to see it as all love. And I think there are all different races that have issues.

And I don't like to just look at it as black love. You know, everybody has problems.

tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

As Character Tell everyone to listen, man. I keep trying to tell your brothers about the rule. As Character The what? As Character The rule. In most cases, in marriage, you're only going to get 80 percent of what you need. No more, no less. Most of the times, 80 percent. Now, here comes this woman, offering 20 percent. Now, 20 percent looks real good when you ain't getting it.

But the problem is you're going to leave 80 thinking you're getting something better and you end up with As Character That makes perfect sense to me. So before we let you guys go, I want to ask you about the future.

Janet, you are, as Tyler would put it, an aspiring multi-tasker perhaps? You - and to me, you seem perfectly busy but Well, if he is my professor then I know I did well. I may get her to have two things at once. Not maybe three or four but two.

tyler perry and janet jackson relationship

So Janet, what do you see ahead? An album in the future. And the most in the midst of writing a book on my journeys with my weight - my weight loss, my weight gain. And where it truly comes from - in my soul and nutrition. I know that that's going to be awesome. That is going to be amazing. That you would even open up to share that. I, you know, I like helping people in any way that I can. And a lot of people have asked me about it. So I don't mind sharing with them if it helps someone else, I'm really happy to share.

Tyler, you are a mogul. What do you see in the next few years? He's got the other. You know, I'm working towards owning a network that is positive and inspiring and reinforcing to anybody who wanted it so. That's what I like to eventually end up. It's where I'd like to end up. One more thing - and again for both of you. I'll start with you, Tyler. What makes you pick yourself up if and when you fail at anything?

For me, and there has been - I haven't had a lot of failure but I have had a lot of things that I thought were failure. But as I looked back on it now, it was preparing me for this position. But for me, it's a lot of prayer and just knowing that God has brought me to a place in my life where I am supposed to keep going no matter what. And that's what I do. I say that to anybody no matter what - no matter what disappointment, no matter what is going on. I think something that's very important for myself is not being afraid to fail.

And that there's always - not to be so cliche-ish - but there are always is light at the end of the tunnel. There's always another door that is going to open. And I'm a very good believer in prayer. Well, Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, it's been a delight. We really appreciate it. To listen to the show or subscribe to our podcast, visit our Web site, nprnewsandnotes. No spaces, just nprnewsandnotes.