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I say this because a couple of these moments involve him, so for anybody who In the episode, Mom's Away, while Dudley told Kitty that she's a super cool While Kitty is usually seen taking her work as a T.U.F.F. agent more seriously Would it have killed him to have some restraint and take her advice?. —Dudley Puppy, Diary of a Mad Cat There are rumors, among many fans, that Dudley and Kitty have a relationship. Though, it seems to start as a love/hate. —Kitty Katswell, Diary of a Mad Cat Kitty has an intense love for Eric, the water delivery guy. She likes Dog's Best Friend (beginning of hinting at relationship).

In "Dog Dish", he kept trying to convince Snaptrap to use the invisibility helmet for more evil deeds than sneaking into the movies. In "True Spies", it is revealed that Francisco's real name is Francesca because his parents wanted a girl. He is often seen with a black torn sleeveless shirt with a skull on it similar to Punisher 's T-shirt. Bad Dog is often paired up with Leather Teddy. He stops appearing after the first season. Leather Teddy voiced by Eric Bauza — A leather clad blue bear and one of Snaptrap's henchmen that wears an eyepatch though the first episode shows that he still has an eye under the eyepatch.

He wields bear traps on chains for weapons. Leather Teddy's outfit gives him the appearance of a biker. He is often paired up with Bad Dog. The Mole voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — A mole agent who is Snaptrap's master of infiltration. Skunk voiced by Jeff Bennett — A skunk who is one of Snaptrap's henchmen. So far, he has only appeared in "Cruisin' with a Bruisin". Snaptrap is also shown to have other, unnamed minions over the course of the show, but they never have major roles, and eventually stopped appearing.

Bird Brain's Henchmen[ edit ] Zippy voiced by Grey DeLisle — Zippy is Bird Brain's scatterbrained hummingbird sidekick who constantly encourages him to fly, despite the fact that his subspecies is incapable of it although real-life boobies are able to fly. Whenever Owl and Bat would say "Hoo. He and Bat are both very incompetent where he would often infuriate his boss by saying "Hoo".

He and Owl are both very incompetent where he would infuriate his boss by saying "Where? Bat is suggested to be blind although he occasionally does his job exactly as told implying that he has some vision and he is apparently slightly smarter than Owl.

Bird Brain seems to like Bat more because at one point in "Thunder Dog", Bat did his job exactly as he was told without saying his usual "Where? He can speak in both duck and human languages. Whenever someone says his name, other people "duck" for cover because they think that something is coming right at them.

In "Puppy Unplugged", it is revealed that his real name is "Skip", causing everyone to skip around happily. Fly — A small purple fly who is one of Bird Brain's henchmen as seen in "Bad Eggs" although he never signed the application, and is in fact just a housefly. When Bird Brain says his name, his henchmen start flying around him. When Bird Brain says his name, his henchmen start pecking him. Other villains[ edit ] R. She stops Snaptrap and the Chameleon, but when Keswick attempts to unplug her because T.

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With the help of Keswick's hologram, Dudley makes her to fall to her death on a cliff and into a lake. Some of her lines and actions suggest that she at least in part is a parody of the evil computer H.

Snowflake and Slush voiced by Mary Birdsong and Dave Boat — Snowflake and Slush are evil rabbit siblings who dress up as vegetables and cheat in events by eliminating and kidnapping the winners. Snowflake is the mastermind of the two, while Slush possesses little to no intelligence, who in his sister's words is "dumber than a box of hair" she should know, she used to skate with one, and claims it was smarter than him.

Despite his immense stupidity, he is very competent with Snowflake's plan and when it is ruined, he is shown to be just as angry at the failure and desperate to escape as Snowflake is.

They only appeared in "The Doomies". Mad Cow's escape was a success at the time when Snaptrap was a T. Agent and dating Peg. His name is a reference to " mad cow disease ".

Crazy Horse — Crazy Horse is a horse who uses chainsaws he even whinnies while using chainsaws. He ends up getting Snaptrap as his cellmate. His name is a reference to the Native American leader Crazy Horse. His name is a pun on Kung Pao Chicken.

Greedy, clever, arrogant, and dishonest, Jack attempted to lure Kitty into a trap so he could steal her information mostly to get money from Snaptrapbut was defeated by Dudley and Keswick. He and Snaptrap are arrested by Dudley and Keswick. He later attempted to woo Kitty who was actually Dudley, and had previously used a Brain-Swapping device on himself earlier into letting him steal the T.

He was once again defeated, The Caped Cod voiced by Chris Parnell in the first appearance, Mick Wingert in later appearances — The Caped Cod is a crazy cod who thinks he is the ruler of the seven seas, and thinks that Dudley is the king of the surface world and talks to inanimate objects at the bottom of the sea that he thinks are his subjects. He once tried to flood Petropolis but was stopped by Kitty and Dudley and was put in an aquarium for the criminally insane.

His name is a reference to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In "Cold Fish", the Caped Cod escapes from his incarceration and tried to flood Petropolis again in order to make it part of his kingdom by melting the Riceberg Ice Bird Iceberg. He also did this to get revenge on Bryce Riceberg because she didn't invite him to her wedding which he did, and the Caped Cod just never read his mail.

He later returned to his plan, as the Ricebergs were serving fish and they were best friends in middle school. The Caped Cod was once again defeated in the end.

Stink Bug voiced by Carlos Alazraqui — Stink Bug is Petropolis' worst smelling villain who was kicked out of Petropolis for smelling so bad. He is very rude and cruel to his intern Percival who kept suggesting for Stink Bug to take a bath. Because of his very strong odor, Dudley's super sensitive snout made him powerless. When it came to stinking up Petropolis with a combined odor of the stuff he stole, Percival gave away the name of the Stink Bug's device causing Stink Bug to fire him and send him down the trap door.

In order to combat Stink Bug Dudley caught Keswick's cold. Dudley defeated Stink Bug and was taken to jail by Percival. It was even mentioned that she received warning letters from the Health Department involving her dishes. A goof is that she is depicted with eight legs when ladybugs have six legs. A running gag about them is that they find dangerous weapons that are left in the lost and found by Verminious Snaptrap. Meerkat voiced by Daran Norris — A meerkat who is the eccentric leader of F.

In "Bluff Puppy", it is revealed that he is diabetic. His name is a play on " wannabe ". In "The Spelling Bee", Wanna-Bee temporarily operated his own stand-alone villain career as the Spelling Bee where he was capturing spelling bee competitors while the rest of F.

Escape Goat voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — A goat who is a member of F. His name is a play on "scapegoat". Fiddler Crab — A fiddle -playing crab who is a member of F. So far, he has only appeared in "Top Dog". Missing Lynx — A lynx who is mentioned as a member of F. Missing Lynx's name is a play on " missing link ".

Bluffalo voiced by Jeff Bennett — A buffalo that is a member of F. He has a tendency to tell bluffs. Bluffalo is also an old friend of Meerkat. Quacky the Duck voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — Quacky the Duck was originally a kid show host seen in "Kid Stuff". Dudley, Chief, and Keswick all watch Quacky's show, but Dudley is his biggest fan and the captain of his unofficial fan club. When his show was cancelled, Quacky wanted to get revenge by blasting the TV Chairman with a nuclear missile with Dudley and Kitty tied to it.

He was arrested by Dudley and his show is now in prison where he has Revenge Rabbit show viewers how to get revenge on the jury that convicts anyone. In "Lucky Duck", Quacky the Duck is released from prison and establishes a restaurant.

In "Quack in the Box", he and Sharing Moose are released from prison and start a fast food chain. They try to get revenge on Dudley by framing him for taking out the competition against other fast food chains using action figures of characters from Quacky's show.

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However, his plan was discovered and he was stopped once again. He later appeared again in "Lights, Camera, Quacktion" when it was revealed that he lost his TV show and seek revenge on T. His plan almost worked, but was foiled by T.

Quacky makes another appearance in "Quacky Birthday", where he wants to shut T. He pretends he has a party room for Dudley's birthday party. Because of that, Dudley lets him and the Sharing Moose to take things from stores without arresting them. However, Dudley manages to save T. He was thwarted again by Dudley. When the game started to get deadly, T. He constantly reminds viewers important stuff like "Not to commit internet fraud" or "never leave town without telling your parole officer or he will hunt you down".

The Sharing Moose's actor appears to be doing community service since he seems to be from jail. She was first mentioned in "Diary of a Mad Cat" where it is stated that she is in prison. As a criminal, she commits crimes such as armed robbery, grand theft auto, and insurance fraud. Katty debuted in "A Tale of Two Kitties" where she escapes from prison to take revenge on her sister who put her in prison.

Katty does this by swapping places with her own sister to steal 24 carat Golden Fishbowl from the Petropolis Art Museum exhibit in which Dudley and Kitty have assignments to protect this.

Dudley didn't know that where his partner was swapped by Katty. Katty was eventually found out, ends up defeated by Dudley and Kitty, and is sent back to prison. He targeted Dudley Puppy who had placed him in prison and Verminious Snaptrap who once impersonated him prompting Kitty Katswell to pose as their mother at Chief's version of a safe house. He did various attempts at Dudley and Snaptrap's lives which even included one where he went straight and gave them a jack-in-the-box bomb.

After that attempt, Dudley and Kitty found the Weasel's house and were able to defeat him. The Weasel was imprisoned and became a cellmate of Snaptrap who was also arrested for looting the Weasel's house. Rumble Bee voiced by Matthew W. When Keswick accidentally created an army of mutant laser-firing bees one of which was the Rumble Bee himselfhe quickly became their leader. Wanna-Bee, resenting his brother for his accomplishments, joined T.

The Overbear voiced by Jeff Bennett — The Overbear is a villain, known for his extremely overbearing personality. Break Up," The Chief asks him to help bring T. He is then revealed to actually be evil, and using Birdbrain's "Obey-o-naise" to brainwash Petropolis. He was then defeated.

He was only seen in "T. She once dated Snaptrap and the Chameleon. In "Mom-A-Geddon", she disapproves of Dudley's occupation, but after seeing him in action, allows him to keep his job. She thinks that Kitty is Dudley's secretary, and never gets her name right. She usually bothers Dudley when he's home. In "Snap Dad", she's shown to not have her husband after Dudley's father married her which means she's either divorced or widowed.

Katswell voiced by Grey DeLisle — Mrs. Katswell is Kitty's mother who first appeared in a flashback in "Operation: She somewhat resembles and even sounds like her daughter. In the episode "Diary of a Mad Cat", the Chameleon disguises himself as Kitty's mom and reveals that Kitty has a sister named Katty who is a criminal.

Little Chipmunk Girl voiced by Grey DeLisle — An unnamed, anthropomorphic young chipmunk who was used basically as a running gag throughout the episode "Mall Rat". She is depicted as being adorably innocent and sweet and her main purpose throughout the episode was to tug at Dudley's shirt after every time Kitty thwarted one of Snaptrap's unusual acts of kindness towards the townspeople and ask why Kitty performed the action that destroyed Snaptrap's most recent contribution.

She also made an appearance in "Bored of Education" where members T. F appeared at an elementary school during "Career Day" in hopes of influencing the pupils to one day join either side. She appeared as a student at the school who was poorly influenced by the Chameleon along with all of the other students to grow up to perform acts of villainy, and she was included to be used for the same gag that had been done in the episode "Mall Rat".

She is revealed to use her cute looks to make people do what she wants. Mayor Teddy Bear voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — A bear who is the Mayor of Petropolis and had preceded the previously unnamed mayor that was seen in "Iron Mutt". His first name is actually "Mayor," and this led people to assume he was their mayor.

He likes to share strange "fun facts" about himself, including that he can smell colors, later saying that he was off his medicine can cross his eyes backwards, and keeps chopped liver in the city safe. Rodger voiced by Jeff Bennett — Rodger is Dudley's friend. He was only shown once in "Mall Rat" for the punchline of a joke.

He is a parody of Wolf Blitzer. Eric voiced by Daran Norris — A buff cat who delivers the water to T. Kitty has a crush on him. Dudley has a crush on her, and in "Love Puppy," shields her from the blast from Bird Brain's "Lovey-Dovey-Kissy-Smoochy" gun and later returns her feelings to him. He is a parody of Bob Barker.

Phil voiced by Matthew W. Taylor — Phil is a bulldog who is Dudley's friend. He is never shown, but is described with something gross related to a wart or boil. His first appearance was in "Lie Like a Dog" where he is shown to live near the bus station and is implied by Dudley to have wealthy parents. In "Puppy Unplugged", Dudley revealed that Phil is married yet his wife hasn't been seen yet.

When Dudley goes back to the present day, the first thing he does is hug Kitty once again and says "Kitty, this is awesome!

Dog Dish Kitty is the only one who is sensitive to Dudley's feelings and doesn't laugh when he has to wear the cone.

When Dudley loses all faith in himself and says he's useless to everyone but the birds, Kitty said she would argue with Dudley This shows that Kitty really felt bad about how the cone was affecting her friends job and confidence. Despite being disabled by the cone and having lost his confidence, Dudley immediately rushes to save Kitty when he hears her cries for help.

After defeating Snaptrap, Kitty smiles at Dudley while giving a high-five at each other. Mind Trap While in the Hockey game, Kitty wears a 99 on her shirt, and Dudley wears a 86 on his Shirt, which shows how these two are mirroring Agents 86 and 99 from Get Smart, where both of these agents fell in love, and eventually married. After Kitty asks Dudley "Do you know what this means?

Once Snaptrap is captured and beaten up by the other members of D. M, Kitty and Dudley look at each other with a love glare in their eyes.

Kitty excitedly hugs Dudley after he disarms the bomb, and he has a big smile when she does it.

Dudley-Kitty Relationship

Kitty feels sorry for dudley after quacks had is bodyguards throw him down a flight of stairs. When Kitty and Dudley return from space, they smile at each other once they return to T. When Dudley is crying Kitty is the only one who comforts him. Kitty and Dudley smile at each other before going to destroy the meteor. Dudley offers to give Kitty his kids' meal toys when he ate her food.

Kitty states that she is honored to work with Dudley. Kitty hugs Dudley after saving the Earth from being destroyed. Frisky Business Kitty goes to check on Dudley at his house when he does not come in to work one day. Dudley begs Kitty not to leave him and to help him clean up the house before his mom gets home.