Transformers megatron and starscream relationship

The relationship between Megatron & Starscream. : transformers

transformers megatron and starscream relationship

During Arcee and Bulkhead's fights against Airachnid, Breakdown, Megatron and Starscream, Bumblebee embarked with Optimus on a mission of their own. Their relationship changed completely when Megatron left Starscream in charge for three years. When Megatron returned Starscream wanted the throne again. As there are different series and alternate realities for the Transformers, I will be covering the relationship between Megatron and Starscream specifically for.

Starscream led the Decepticons in withdrawing from the planet, though as he left, he reminded Prime that though the Autobots had won a battle, the Decepticons still reigned throughout the galaxy. Despite what he had told Prime, he was not pleased that Soundwave was keeping Megatron on life support, but his attempts to dissuade the loyalist were met with failure.

Afraid of the uncertainty that simply tossing Megatron out and airlock would result in, Starscream was ready to give up, knowing that the Decepticons had no real reason to follow him, and that the faction would fall to infighting as soon as others challenged his rule. All he had was the Autobot Matrix of Leadershipwhich Megatron had seized from Optimus Prime earlier, but he had failed to find any supposed "ultimate power" within it, and prepared to throw it away.

Caught in the act by ShrapnelStarscream was reminded of the talisman's significance to the Autobots by the Insecticon, and had the idea to use its reputation for his own ends. Gathering the Decepticons, he professed that the Matrix had chosen him to light their darkest hourbut as they began hailing his name in the face of this alleged holy appointment, he stepped from the room already regretting his decision.

Starscream took the Decepticons to a barren asteroid that they could use as a staging base to regroup, but as more and more soldiers began arriving, circumstances quickly spiraled out of his control. With most of their limited resources tied up by Shockwave, who he had assigned the task of building a space bridge, Starscream charged Bombshell with finding a way to fabricate energon to feed his starving troops.

When no breakthrough ensued, and the energy-deprived Decepticons turned to cannibalizing each other's bodies to survive, Starscream stormed into Insecticon's lab to discover he had been spending his time working on mind-controlling cerebro-shells. Though initially angry, Starscream conceded that he could use these devices after he employed one to take out a rebellious Quake. All His Engines Later, visiting Shockwave for an update on his progress, Starscream discovered the scientist working with Soundwave to cut open Megatron's body and make weapons from his remains.

Just as Starscream began to express fake outrage about this presumed "coup", Megatron himself appeared, revealing that the two had built him a new body with a built-in space bridge.

He grudgingly admitted he knew Megatron would be back sooner or later, though Megatron neglected to take back leadership as long as Starscream had the Matrix, which he considered a possible threat.

Altered Carbon "At the very least bean me with an energon cube! I got one right here! It'll be like old times! After Starscream ignored his warning that an Autobot ship had crashed on the asteroid, Bombshell tried to remove the Matrix in hopes of snapping him out of his stupor, but was violently struck for his trouble.

As it turned out, the wrecked ship had contained Rodimuson a quest to take back the Matrix. After first using a cerebro-shell on Razorclaw to make him attack Starscream, he confronted the Decepticon leader on his own. Starscream was unimpressed, having used his rank to give himself nigh-impenetrable armor, only to be taken by surprise when Rodimus shot the Matrix around his neck instead, causing it to release a burst of energy and incapacitate Starscream.

Rodimus snagged the Matrix, but both he and it were then blasted out into space by Megatron. Heart Like a Wheel With the threat of the Matrix now removed, Megatron re-established himself as leader of the Decepticons, and decided to inaugurate his return by beating the living daylights out of Starscream.

The Seeker, however, had lost the will to continue: But Megatron kept pushing, eventually causing Starscream to snap and open fire with his own weapons, only to immediately regret the decision and attempt to flee in jet mode. A vicious dogfight above the asteroid ensued, culminating in a pained Starscream questioning how Megatron could understand what it felt like to have his dream crumble so completely.

This inquiry only enraged Megatron further—his dream was the Decepticon faction itself, and Starscream had utterly destroyed it in his absence. But Megatron was not without mercy, and after pummeling Starscream to within an inch of his life, he offered him the chance to return to the fold as his subordinate. Megatron Well, since Ironhide's not here to punch him As Megatron put his new plans into action and had the Decepticons return to Earth, Starscream went off on his own to meet with Thundercracker, who had abandoned the Decepticon cause following their previous defeat.

Altered Carbon He tried to convince his fellow Seeker to join with him and overthrow Megatron again, seeing him as obsessed with petty revenge on humanity and lacking long-term goals. When Thundercracker refused, Starscream lost patience and gunned him down, but before he could finish the job he was attacked by Brawn. Starscream denied Brawn's accusation that he had been responsible for shooting down a plane carrying Optimus Prime, pleading for his life by suggesting he would be more valuable as a hostage.

Woken Furies Fortunately for him, Brawn chose to carry Thundercracker to safety rather than capture him. Burning Chrome Starscream returned to the other Decepticons and watched Optimus Prime confront Megatron in a one-on-one battle. Enemy Mine Megatron subsequently surrendered to the Autobots and had himself transported back to Cybertron, in order to use his built-in space bridge to teleport the Decepticons back to their homeworld.

Starscream and the other Decepticons gathered at a Native American settlement to await the bridge's opening, but were found by Bumblebee at the last minute. Starscream ordered the Stunticons to dispose of the Autobot, while he led the other Decepticons through the bridge. The Question Emerging on Cybertron in the midst of the Autobots' battle with Galvatron 's army of SweepsStarscream and the Decepticons soon found themselves entranced by Galvatron's unseen puppetmaster, the D-Voidwho merged their bodies and minds together with the Sweeps to form a huge monster.

The Death of Optimus Prime The Chosen One Two weeks after the Deceptigod's defeat, the Decepticons were still imprisoned, and Starscream was growing increasingly tired of Ratbat 's attempts to control the situation. Realizing that it was better to go along with the Autobots' orders for now rather than push back against them, Starscream joined most of his fellow Decepticons in serving as an enforcer, helping to put down a riot by NAILs —unaffiliated Cybertronians who had recently returned to Cybertron and objected to Autobot governance.

The Death of Optimus Prime He lurked in the background when Prowl visited the Decepticon camp to lecture Ratbat, The Autonomy Lesson then finally elected to depart the Decepticon camp after an argument with the new self-appointed Decepticon leader.

Considering Ratbat's methods and goals regressive and seeking a new approach to power, Starscream paid a visit to Autobot high command with a legitimate desire to talk with Bumblebee about the future, only to be shocked by the distrusting Autobot's taser-cane and taken into custody for his troubles. Interrogated by Prowl, Starscream explained that Ratbat was planning to assassinate Bumblebee during the memorial ceremony for the Lost Light. While the Autobots dealt with that threat, Starscream proceeded to gate-crash the ceremony himself and announced to the gathered masses his desire to be part of the planet's new government.

Wheeljack spoke up in his favor, convincing Bumblebee to let him join the government; the Aerialbots were so disgusted that they ceded from Bumblebee's leadership, and while Starscream expressed his regret to 'Bee in private later, he assured him the Autobot he would not regret his choice.

Stick Together That proved untrue almost immediately, as Bumblebee, Starscream, and NAIL representative Metalhawk soon held a public assembly to introduce their joint governance, and Starscream talked rings around both of them.

Devisive Soon afterwards, Starscream approached Onslaught to buy his services as he made his play for Iacon's leadership. In exchange for protecting him from those like the Decepticon Justice Division or unruly bots, Starscream would allow Onslaught a position of power when the time came.

Applicable Skills Starscream joined Metalhawk in greeting ex-Decepticon Sky-Byte when he returned to Cybertron, but the new arrival's obvious distaste for his former faction prompted Starscream to step back and leave the welcoming to his fellow leaders. A Better Tomorrow Given his genuine desire to see the new government work out, Starscream was just as suspicious of the next returnee as his fellow leaders—noted Decepticon warmonger Turmoilclaiming altruism, no less.

Turmoil immediately began to foment distrust among the government by planting more doubts about the Autobots in Metalhawk's mind, so Starscream took the NAIL to Maccadam's Old Oil House to talk the matter out, calling upon bar owner Blurr to recount his own experiences with Turmoil as evidence for the prosecution. Interference Patterns Not long after the Turmoil incident, Starscream and Metalhawk paid a visit to Autobot High Command to pester Bumblebee about setting up elections.

Dinobot Hunt That night, the pair returned to High Command, this time to check on the recently injured Wheeljack and to offer their assistance in locating Ironhide and the Dinobotswho had gone missing in the wilderness earlier that evening.

Fearing that Starscream could leverage a successful rescue to his advantage during the elections, Bumblebee refused their offer. Night and the City That, however, didn't stop the pair from setting out regardless at dawn the next day. They watched as Blurr, also out searching, was caught in an explosion which revealed a subterranean cavern, but were prevented from entering the cave by the quick arrival of Prowl's security team.

transformers megatron and starscream relationship

The Autobot was forced to admit that the cavern was home to the abandoned Crystal Cityand that Metrotitan had teleported into the abandoned city, injuring itself in the process such that the surrounding area would shortly be destroyed. As Prowl returned to Wheeljack, at work in the cavern, Starscream snuck in after him, and a brief chase with the security officer led them to the Titan's face.

Suddenly, it awoke, and lauded Starscream as a conqueror who would unite Cybertron, something witnessed by the entire crowd, who had followed them down into the city. The group fled to escape the Titan's detonation, and on the way back to Iacon, the divinely blessed Starscream was held aloft by NAILs and Decepticons. All Good Things Being a 'bot of little faith, Starscream didn't actually believe Metrotitan's words, but he knew how to exploit everyone else's belief to virtually guarantee himself victory in the upcoming elections.

He attempted to get an endorsement from Omega Supreme live on television, but Omega had greater matters to ponder; however, that night, Omega was the victim of a bombing that Starscream presumed to be the actions of the other Decepticons attempting to ruin his aspirations for political power. Finding that public opinion was already turning against him by association, Starscream confronted Shockwave over the attack, but received only an ambiguous warning to keep out of the one-eyed Decepticon's way.

As he was leaving the Decepticon pen, Starscream was approached by Dirge and Swindlewho sought to trade information on Prowl's recent shady dealings in exchange for sanctuary from the coming storm. Starscream accepted, and used the info to blackmail Prowl into disposing of Shockwave's Decepticons for him.

He was feeling quite pleased with himself, until a one-two punch of bad news took him down a peg: The End of the Beginning of the World Starscream alerted the Autobot to Megatron's approach on the city, and watched as Bumblebee and the Autobots gunned him down and took him into custody.

Starscream tried to dissuade the other Decepticons from marching on high command to call for Megatron's release with a stirring speech about discarding the old ways, but it failed rather spectacularly, so Starscream decided to visit the medical center and appeal to Megatron directly.

City on Fire This "chat" was very one-sided as Megatron offered no response to Starscream's word save a smile—though that alone was enough to terrify the Seeker. The Decepticons' march subsequently turned into a riot, during which the prison was stormed and Megatron was liberated. The Decepticon leader dragged Starscream along to the Black Roomwhere it was revealed that Prowl, mind-controlled by Bombshell, had been working for Megatron all along.

The Verge Bumblebee and Metalhawk were soon brought to the Black Room as well, and Starscream tried to explain to them that he had had no part in Megatron's scheme; Megatron verified that, save to note that Starscream's political machinations had provided a useful distraction.

Before the Dawn Oh no, nothing's worse than Cartman Starscream with authoritah!

Starscream (G1)/IDW Generation 1 continuity

Megatron then began his endgame, unleashing a perfected Devastator upon Iacon, and forcing Starscream to watch, professing that any political victory he had won would have been one of compromise, rather than a true Decepticon triumph. Plan for Everything Rendered near-paralytic with the seeming totality of his defeat, Starscream was dragged through the streets by Megatron, until the Autobots and Metalhawk surprised him by coming to his rescue.

Separated from the main fight, Starscream and Metalhawk were confronted by Turmoil, and the re-energized Starscream killed him using Metalhawk's severed arm as a blade. The Autobots then foiled Megatron's scheme, and Starscream saw his moment to strike: He called for the abandonment of factions, and the majority of the population rallied behind him, appointing him their leader Heavy Is the Head and cheering for the banishment of all those who didn't renounce their faction.

The Autobots attempted to fight this, first pointing to their wounded needing care, but Starscream promised they'd be fixed up. And hey, you didn't have to leave.

All you had to was just You're almost all leaving? Starscream's first night of leadership was a troubled one as the city of Iacon struggled to deal with the aftermath of Megatron's attack. One of the many problems he had to deal with was the blackouts that the city was suffering from. This was only made worse for Starscream by Scoop and his construction patrol vowing to repair the city. He then visited the Medical Center to check on Dirge's condition but he was rebuffed by the former seeker.

During an interview with Circuit on how he was planning to deal with the city's problems the power was restored by Scoop, it was at this moment that Rattrap approached him with the revelation that the power grid had been sabotaged with phosphex. As Scoop repaired the communication array he attempted to open his toolbox and instead found out that Scoop was a "religious nut" who believed Metrotitan's prophecy.

When Rattrap tripped over Scoop, Starscream soon took the opportunity to accuse him of sabotaging the power grid, however Starscream later revealed that he was fully aware that Rattrap had planted the phosphex in Scoop's toolbox. Three Monologues Soon afterwards, Tyrest 's universal killswitch was activated, and Starscream was among those affected, and Starscream wondered if Megatron was causing it.

Arm the Lonely However Starscream was saved thanks to Rodimus and Perceptor's This Calamitous Life He later succeeded in getting a "pep" talk from Wheeljack's headless body - who had survived being shot by Prowl earlier. Three Monologues Starscream was the one who answered when the Lost Light when they called Cybertron with Tyrest's communication system; by this point, he'd started calling the place the Republic of Cybertron.

Applicable Skills Even the Mini-Cons have abandoned me. After being rebuilt into a new body, Starscream's secluded admiration of his new form was interrupted by Rattrap's worries about an unidentified glow just over the horizon. A scan of the phenomenon revealed a classified-but-familiar reading, that of the Dead Universecausing Starscream to seek out the crew of the Lost Light for expertise, particularly that of Cyclonus.

Dark Dawn Subsequently, an undead Titan suddenly burst free from the ground, and so Starscream rounded up some weaponry in order to take out the behemoth, but Rattrap instead suggested caution. Starscream decided to visit Scoop in his cell, and the zealot pronounced Starscream as the dark answer to a prophesy hidden in the Covenant of Primes. Black Metal Next Starscream visited the dead body of Metalhawk, succeeding in getting a "pep talk" out of his "old friend" as Rattrap eavesdropped.

On his way out of the building, Starscream reassured his citizens that he could handle the ongoing situation—after all, he handled Megatron—and flew out towards the Necrotitan. Meanwhile, Scoop confided in Rattrap that while Starscream was the Chosen One, he may have been chosen to destroy everything. Starscream landed on the Necrotitan's shoulder and tried to start a conversation, but suddenly its eyes flashed and a deadly, chaotic wave of energy burst forth from its body.

Starscream desperately tried to beat the wavefront home, but arrived just before it lay waste to the city. The wavefront had a strange and inconsistent effect on everyone, to the point that it reanimated the dead body of Metalhawk.

Metalhawk beat down his murderer and abducted the captured body of Megatron, leaving with it for elsewhere. In the chaos that followed the city's destruction, Starscream soon found himself the subject of everyone's ire. Into the Abyss He later had the mark checked out at the Iacon Medical Center by Flatline and used this as an opportunity to check on the casualties of the Necrotitan's wave. This merely led to him being berated by Tankor on how he was letting the population down—only for the Necrotitan to then smash its way into the medical center.

No Exit Starscream then received another berating, this time from Scoop, on how the fact he was the "Chosen One" was a responsibility to the people of Cybertron. The Dead Are Not Enough He was later approached by Rattrap and the remaining Autobots and Decepticons and merely lamented that all hope of defeating Shockwave was lost while Prowl explained his plan.

He did however inform Prowl of the situation at the medical center as Flatline and Fixit "teamed up", he was then present when Megatron explained his alternative plan for defeating Shockwave.

Burning Bright "Is that what I look like? He was observing the battle between the Necrotitan and Metroplex when Scoop started to recite the "Dark Cybertron" prophecy and was later cured when Metroplex released the Ore-7 stored within his thumb.

Finis Temporis Starscream was later gloating to Scoop about how the prophecy was not fulfilled when he learnt its true origin—Shockwave.

transformers megatron and starscream relationship

It was just at this moment when Metalhawk appeared with Skywarp and Waspinator and shot him. It was at this moment that Shockwave started to reveal his endgame to Galvatron and 70 billion Ammonites appeared in the sky above Cybertron.

The Becoming Starscream then provided Bumblebee's group with a way of reaching Shockwave's base by revealing that Skywarp was still alive. He elected to take Waspinator along much to Waspinator's objections as the group required someone who knew the layout of the base, however he was nearly driven catatonic by the fact that Scoop willingly volunteered to remain behind instead of helping to defeat Shockwave with rest of the group.

When he recovered he attacked Jhiaxus but the reactive armor Jhiaxus was wearing provided him with all of Starscream's new body's abilities. Black Planet Starscream was not impressed by the reactive armor however even going so far as accusing Jhiaxus of cosplaying as him and continued to fight Jhiaxus, even though Jhiaxus had the advantage due to him knowing everything that his new body contained and could do.

He beat Jhiaxus by using the swords that were integrated into his body. He was later unfazed by Rattrap's claim that he would have difficulty maintaining control due to Metalhawk sacrificing himself to defeat the Ammonites by claiming that by killing them Metalhawk was a "genocidal despot" And the Damage Done It's good to be king, if just for a while.

To be there in velvet, yeah, to give them a smile. Starscream attended a meeting on the subject of what was to be done with Megatron to represent the People of Cybertron—who wanted a trial. Rodimus was not impressed with Starscream's rule of Cybertron. His statement on Megatron claimed that the former Decepticon leader was addled and impotent with a lack of control over his forces and that he deserved pity.

Starscream was pleased with his statement as it increased his approval ratings with only one downside—the ratings of the Autobots increased as well. Words Hang in the Air Starscream's testimony had also convinced Megatron that he needed to leave behind a better legacy, and changed his plea to not guilty while invoking one of the forgotten laws of Luna Starscream, fearing that Megatron wouldn't be executed as he hoped, protested, however Optimus would allow Megatron freedom of movement and shared command of the Lost Light.

A Beginner's Guide Some time after Megatron's trial, Starscream approached Prowl and Cosmos to gloat about his control of Cybertron, only to be reminded by Optimus Prime that Metroplex was an Autobot and that Ironhide and Windblade were keeping a close eye on him as well; upon being asked if he had any further comments on the situation by Circuit, he merely claimed that he couldn't feel better. Hello Cruel World Some time after Metroplex started acting as a city for Cybertrons population, Starscream began mining operations on the Titan's filtration systems in an attempt to retrieve one of Shockwave's ores from the Titan, and hired some of the Terrorcons as guards.

A Long Way Down It's good to be king and have your own way, get a feeling of peace at the end of the day. Whenever Megatron so much as threatens to do something violent to him, he whimpers and begs for mercy. Canonical Evidence Alright, now to get to the point of this essay: On one end, they both want to kill each other, but on the other end, they respect one another.

At first, Starscream appears as a loyal second-in-command to Megatron. Starscream reveals to Megatron that he wants the leadership position of the Decepticons for himself, and attempts to shoot his leader in the back. His shot is deflected, though, and Megatron retaliates by blasting Starscream in the arm and knocking him down. Megatron simply ignores his pleas and goes on with his plan to attack the Autobots.

Yet, Megatron never so much as comes close to fatally injuring his lieutenant. It is implied that he does punish Starscream for his treachery in many episodes, and sometimes he hits or blasts him on screen.

The Shipper's Manifesto

However, the next day or episodeMegatron and Starscream act as if nothing happened: Now, you may say that Megatron is all bark and no bite, but the show can prove otherwise. He and Starscream kill a number of Autobots in a surprise attack, and when he finally said he was going to kill Optimus Prime, he did.

So, you would think that with Starscream trying to kill Megatron, he would be punished in an equal manner. It is likely that he is tortured off screen, but like I said, he is never killed. Megatron has never even tried to kill his second-in-command.

He does indeed have the power to do so, but he keeps his lieutenant around. Megatron knows that Starscream is a valuable asset to the Decepticon army.

He never actually says it, but actions do speak louder than words. One moment in the show particularly grabbed me. It was a small portion of an episode, and could be disregarded, but I thought it very interesting. Starscream could have voiced his complaints about the scheme like he usually does, but he contently went along with Megatron, who spoke of his plans for the future.

Megatron essentially said that soon the Autobots would be gone, and that both he and Starscream would rise again and have control over energy, etc. Megatron would never share his power. Megatron was delighted at this, yet Starscream stood in the background, seething with jealousy.

Starscream is clearly envious of the favoritism Megatron is showing this newcomer, and voices his discontent several times. Starscream practically goes berserk at this line.

He fears being replaced as one of the top positions in the army, but even when he was threatened in other episodes to be replaced or demoted, he did not show a reaction quite as strong as this one. So, it is possible that Starscream has a little or maybe not-so-little crush on Megatron. Essentially, Starscream and a few other Decepticons and Autobots end up going through a time warp to medieval Europe, while Megatron and the rest of the Transformers remain in the present.

When the time-travelers discovered the time warp to medieval Europe, the Autobots and Decepticons were in the middle of shooting at each other.

After a few days in medieval Europe when Starscream and the others returned to the present orapparently they returned to the exact time in the present as when they had left. Starscream did not realize this, however, and when he saw Megatron firing in his general direction, he immediately leapt forward and jumped on top of his superior.

ship_manifesto | More Than Meets the Eye: Megatron/Starscream (Transformers G1)

Megatron, hold your fire! We're back, we're back! Megatron, however, was none too pleased, seeing as according to his view, Starscream was only there a second ago, and said lieutenant just ruined his attack on the Autobots. The minute Starscream returned to his present day, the first thought on his mind was of Megatron.

transformers megatron and starscream relationship

At that moment, he broke any barriers he had and showed absolute bliss at returning to his beloved leader. The tone of his voice when he discovered that Megatron did not return the affection was absolutely precious.

I could go on for decades naming evidence of their relationship just about every single episode, but I am pretty sure everyone reading this would grow very bored. But Starscream killed Megatron and vice versa! Well, you do have a point. However, keep in mind that Megatron was not the only one Starscream left to die in space.

He even discarded his two major Seeker buddies, Thundercracker and Skywarp, due to their injuries. With tons of severely injured Decepticons, including Megatron, what else was there to do? Besides, the Decepticons of the ship even took that issue to a fair vote, and the overwhelming majority decided that it would be best to abandon their wounded comrades.

It is likely that Megatron would not have survived anyway, even if he remained on the ship. His injuries from the battle with Optimus Prime were critical. Now, what about Galvatron coming back and killing Starscream? Well, first of all, like I said before, Galvatron is essentially a completely different character than Megatron. His thought processes were different, as well as his desires.

Even though he remembered Starscream abandoning him in space with a smirk, his basic instinct changed to one of vengeance. Okay, there may be evidence for them, but still, who is to say that Transformers are capable of love? In season 3, Springer, Arcee, and Rodimus Prime are depicted as in a love triangle.

Powerglide and a human, Astoria, fell in love. Need I say more? So, it is entirely possible for Megatron and Starscream to have a romance. Besides, most of the females are left on Cybertron, so perhaps the males get lonely. I have always been an avid fan of slash, but never in a million years would I have pictured shipping, let alone having one of my OTPs as a pair of giant robots. But, when I first watched the show, they just seemed too obvious to pass up, and the fact that they were humanoid robots just did not seem to matter that much to me anymore.