Touma and misaki relationship counseling

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touma and misaki relationship counseling

Hello everyone I posted 2 polls till now regarding shipping with Touma, Misaka won the first one with Othinus and Misaki on the 2nd spot. Misaka Mikoto needs Kamijou Touma to pretend another love scheme of ours who needs some relationship advice but we don't have any. Its very sad that Misaki had to watch Touma continue on without knowing her.

Kamijou Touma/Personality and Relationships

The memory was still fresh in Mikoto's mind. Saten-san, you like someone?

touma and misaki relationship counseling

Saten Ruiko shook her head in response and leaned over the coffee table in the cafe. Can we please meet him? Don't worry, we'll keep a secret from Shirai-san. To a certain extent, I did! Anyway, just shut up and pretend to be my boyfriend for the next two hours or so! But since you're my I'll let you off the hook. Is that your boyfriend? Misaka forced a smile and gestured towards a nervous Kamijou. She shot a glare back meaning, "You have to play along! Ruiko and Kazari stared at him and then started the questions.

Misaka gigled nervously for a moment and turned to Kamijou.

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Touma-kun, will you tell them the story? I can't do it!

touma and misaki relationship counseling

Mikoto grit her teeth. Think of something you idiot! Don't give me that kind of crap! Mikoto punched his leg from below.

Touma's bad luck vs women! Misaka finds out Touma's secret!

Ruiko and Kazari stared at the two of them, admiring their love quarrel. He shrugged and nodded. What made you fall for Misaka-san? Kamijou narrowed his eyes. Ruiko set her hands together in excitement.

touma and misaki relationship counseling

Misaka-san is really pretty, don't you think? Very lovely, kind, amazing and strong.

touma and misaki relationship counseling

Many people look up to her too! Ruiko and Kazari quieted down, while Mikoto stared at him. For someone her age, she's got the looks. She's also the third level 5, really strong, plus she's got a good mind and head. But, I love her because of how she acts," he paused. Touma gave her a whistle to use whenever she is in trouble and he will come to help her she keeps that whistle with her even at the current time Now here is the super sad part after there many fated meetings Misaki fell in love with Touma they hanged out together very often i think she even invited him to her dorm room not sure though but then the tragedy happened Misaki was targeted by some group of i don't remember the name but they were like skill out and hated espers she was about to get killed but Touma protected her from them but then there was a moment where he had to directly shield her from an attack using his body, which left him bady injured, the paramedics said he wont make it to the hospital without anesthesia which was not available at the time.

So Misaki used her powers to cut the connection of the nerves of the pain receptors but she forgot to tell the medics that her power works on the principal of altering the body fluids cerebrospinal fluid- I am a medical student so i know and this cost her the Ultimate price.

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Touma got well but he lost all memories of her moreover to add to the injury he can't make new memories with her either. The doctors gave up and told Misaki now only a miracle can help her. The current Misaki is waiting for that miracle to happen. I find it highly ironic that she is hoping for a miracle to happen to the one who is the ultimate destroyer of all miracles.

This is the reason she is not in good terms with Misaka.

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Whenever Misaki sees her hanging out with Touma she remember how exactly like that she used to hang out with him not the zapping part so you know, you can imagine how bad it must feel that now Misaka is taking away her prince. She trusts him the most and helps him from behind the shadows.

She is the only girl that has kissed Touma on the forehead though but it still counts.