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For Tales of Xillia on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board FAQs · Cheats First Cheria leaves me for Asbel, and now Milla rebounds with Jude I wouldn't say the relationship becomes anything that intimate. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Jude M., Milla M.] - Chapters: Disclaimer: Tales of Xillia is never mine and it would never ever be mine. .. Feeling a little bit sneaky, Milla tip-toed into the water as slowly as possible. Tales of Xillia: Jude and Milla. JRPGgamer. Loading Unsubscribe from Game . Tales of Xillia; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming.

As you can probably surmise, it would have been ridiculous easy from here for Leia to start disdaining or even hating Milla. As much as any Tales game, or any JRPG for that matter, expounds on the virtue of friendship, Xillia tackles this from various levels. When a woman is jealous of another woman in the party, it usually manifests itself through conversations about bust sizes in the hot springs: Rather, Leia works toward improving herself as a person as well as a fighter.

In this journey, Leia actually relies on and learns from Milla. In the same vein, while Milla may not entirely grasp the situation, by no means does she turn Leia away. In fact, the two have a very compelling friendship and respect each other immensely. This is what a love triangle plot should be: Jude opened his eyes and looked aside and found Milla was there already. His face became red in second when he saw Milla who wore nothing but towel. Her hairs were tied up and it made her neck became very visible.

Her creamy colored skin looked beautiful and smooth. He wanted to know the feel of her skin in his touch. Her neck, body, hands, down and down… When he realized his own thought, Jude pushed it as far as possible, but his hardening member couldn't lie too much. He was glad that the water wasn't so clear. It would be painfully hard for him to hold his need.

He needed Milla badly but he didn't want to do thing he surely would regret later. Instantly he spun his body so his back would face Milla as he answered, "W-well, I'm just… relaxing so… a-anyway don't look," Jude answered with his back facing Milla.

Milla tilted her head questioningly towards Jude. She wanted to touch him so much. She knew that no one would watch them here. She was all alone with Jude, and anything she did right now would be only for Jude to remember. Milla glanced at Jude face which was red right now. His excuse was cute to her ears, and it made her wanted to get closer. She glanced down into the water. After all she was a spirit, so she had no problem looking inside the not so clear hot water.

She could see Jude's hand covering something between his legs, and it made her curious. Milla moved closer to the flustered Jude, as she reached out her hands to him. Jude felt the soft touch on his back and knew that it was from Milla. He shared the same acute sense like Milla that even he could touch the spirit world sometimes, so he was sure that no one was there except them.

Milla's hand goes down from his back, down to his hips, sending shiver across Jude's spine. He knew where this would lead to, and he tried so hard to not respond to it because Milla really turn him on. With shaky voice Jude said, "M-Milla… s-stop it…" Jude said with shaking voice as he tried to move Milla's hand like it or not. Milla didn't listen to reason as she pressed her body on Jude's back as her hands struggled to move Jude's hand out of her way.

Just for a note, Milla was completely sane and in no control of anything funny. A little bit annoyed at Jude insistence to push her, Milla kissed Jude's back lightly, sending shiver down to his spine and unintentional gasp from Jude. That, made Milla got the opening she wanted. She pulled Jude's towel with one hand as the other gripped on Jude's rod.

Milla gasped at the size, as she moved her hands up and down the length of it. She used her free hand to stick her body close with Jude, as she kissed the back of his neck almost hungrily. A grunt passed Jude mouth a lot as he felt the kiss on his back and Milla's hand on his. He tried to keep his lingering sanity, and knew that he was losing it. His thought became wild, as Milla didn't draw her hand from him. He knew Milla was serious about this one.

After some time, Jude let out a satisfied grunt as he reached his first climax ever. He could feel that he himself gave in to temptation of his beloved who stayed silent as he reached his limit. His seed was out in the water alongside with his rationality.

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Jude with breathy voice asked, "Milla… you fully aware what I wanted to do right now, right? His hand gripped both of Milla's hand, making sure that the person Milla was silent for a while, as she let go of her towel with her control over water, she said, "I do… I wanted to touch you Jude… it's been a long time… that's why I asked you," Milla said with silent sigh.

She wanted a lot of him right now, she couldn't think straight. Jude of course surprised by this turn of event. He glanced to Milla from his shoulder, and found himself admiring Milla's body again. She was taller than him, being 7 years older according to last time she said her age, her body was slender with soft creamy colored skin to booth. Her magenta colored eyes had this mysterious glint that made it sparkled under the sun or in the dark like the real gem.

She was downright gorgeous inside Jude's mind.

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Jude tried to get his voice out and said, "So, the one you felt that kind of thing you asked me is… me? Milla nodded and said, "Yeah…" Milla answered softly. When Jude heard the words rolled from Milla's lips, he quickly pulled Milla to him. Milla, who didn't anticipate this, couldn't do anything as her face meet with Jude's chest. Milla's chest tightened and her face felt warm as she noticed what she crashed into.

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Jude was silent as he held Milla dear. He never ever thought that he could embrace her, fully aware that it was wrong and fate wasn't the kindest to him. But for now, Jude knew that he loves Milla and had his feeling returned. When Milla heard the words coming out from Jude, she remembered about her book that includes that sentence in it. All she knew was he had the same feeling she buried and it made her very happy. Milla knew what Jude really meant with his question, looked up just to see how Jude's expression right now was.

Their eyes locked at the moment they met, both at the first time and now. It broken as Milla nodded at Jude's request. Slowly, Jude brings his face on Milla, until their nose grazing each other. Milla's instinctually closed her eyes when she could feel Jude's breathing on her face. Jude hesitated for a moment, as he thought it was all just a dream and who they were, but he kicked out his rationality and pressed his lips firmly on Milla's lips.

Feeling the soft and firm lips on her lips, Milla let go of Jude's hand, and circled her hands around Jude's neck, trying to deepen their kiss, not wanting to let go her desire for this once. Jude, although it made her being a little bit higher than him his face was on Milla's cheekplaced Milla on his lap without letting go of Milla's lips even once.

He licked her bottom lip, asking for a permission to come in, and Milla gladly obliged by opening her mouth slightly. Jude immediately took the chance, and inserted his tongue into Milla's mouth. He took his dear time to explore inside of it, remembering the texture of her perfectly lined teeth, feeling the wall of her mouth, exchanging their saliva as Jude wrapped Milla's tongue on his.

Milla whimpered as she felt the bulge between her hips reacted again. Her face was flushed red, and she thought that her life would be sucked dry just by kissing. But, she didn't want to end it as she felt so good she didn't want it to end. Jude then wrapped his hands on Milla's waist, unintentionally unwrap Milla's towel and made it dropped down into the water.

Milla, who was surprised by this, let go of their kiss and tried to cover her breast with her hands, hiding a little of the now exposed body. It didn't mean she didn't want Jude to see her, but she was still a little bit embarrassed when Jude could see her exposed body. Jude, who saw Milla pulled out from him just to cover her breast, couldn't help but gave a smirk on his face at the spirit embarrassment.

Jude ran his hand on the side of Milla's stomach as he said, "That was not intentional," Jude said with a mischievous tone. Milla let out a pleasured sigh as she felt the touch in her side to her back. She could feel her skin burnt at the touch and craved for more. She then said, "It is fine… Jude… just… don't stop," she said as she gasped when Jude touched a certain place on her back.

She just wanted to forget that she was a spirit and stayed close to the one she loves. Jude tilted his head upward, smiled at the request and whispered huskily, "I know I don't want to stop either…" Jude whispered as he blew some breath to Milla's ears. Jude's free hand made the attempt to remove Milla's hand from covering her breast as it met no resistance from the said person.

He held her close, making her body bended down a little, as he kissed her neck, slightly licking it in some place, biting and sucking it, leaving a visible red mark. Milla moaned as she wrapped her arms on Jude's neck, totally on his mercy. The hand that still ran on her back, touching some of her sensitive part with extremely painful slow pace, made her closed her eyes.

She never felt that good and this was a new feeling for her and she craved for it more. Jude was quite an amateur for this as he only got the knowledge for this kind of thing from reading material his male co-worker slipped in his pile of books just for fun, tried to be as gentle as possible as he let his instinct do most of the part. Jude ran his kiss to Milla's huge breast and licked the skin savoring the taste of it.

He planted some kiss and his 'mark' before playing with the now hard nipples. Jude licked the nipples as he remembered one of his sickening fantasies about Milla. At those times, he used to just curse the hormone and faked a smile, especially if someone was with him. Jude chuckled at the thought. Milla heard it, of course, and breathily asked, "What's… wrong…mmnn…? Jude stopped his advance, much to Milla disappointment, and said, "No… you are beautiful… no, gorgeous, Milla… how long I had wanted to hold you tight…" Jude said with longing voice.

Milla blushed at this and Jude only smiled at the view. As he talked again, his hand which rested on her back went down to her thigh, rubbing it slowly, gaining an approval gasp from Milla, he said, "Can I ask one thing? Milla, trying to retain her composure answered, "Y-yeah…" she answered as she tried to not get distraught by Jude's hand movement. Jude smirked at his own thought, when he moved his hand into her inner thigh coming so close to the place, then he said, "How close you resembled with human inside?

Milla was sure that her face had the same color as tomato, maybe even redder than it. She sighed deeply as she could feel the hand that advancing steadily into the place even she never tried to touch. She didn't give a thought about why Jude would ask that and only answered, "Everything except that monthly thing… but different life making," Milla answered the question as she shivered under the feeling of Jude's hand between her. Milla moaned loudly as she felt Jude thumb touched a place between her legs.

She shivered and whimpered as she felt the fingers playing in front of her, teasing her in every mean possible. Jude captured Milla's lip as he tried to insert his middle finger inside Milla womanhood. Milla let go of restricted moan as he went inside her. He felt the inside of Milla was driving him crazy, morality be damned. Her inside was tight and wet as it wrapped his finger in such a way that made him thought irrationally.

He couldn't imagine how it would feel so good if he could be inside her, right or wrong. It was enough to thin his patience. After letting Milla adjust to his finger presence inside of her, Jude moved it in and out in a steady pace. Milla let out a muffled cry between her kiss with Jude. She moved one of her leg to Jude's side, giving a better access for Jude's finger to pleasure her.

Feeling a little daring, Jude inserted his index finger inside of her. Milla pulled back from their kiss and cried out of pleasure. Jude didn't pursue Milla's mouth as he changed his attention to Milla's neck listening to her seductive plea as he moved his two fingers in and out of her. Milla could feel that her mind became clouded by fog as she felt a feeling inside her stomach.

She screamed out Jude's name as the feeling overcome her mind completely. Jude pulled out his fingers from Milla and licked his finger which covered by Milla nectar, tasting the sweetness of it. Milla gasped for breath as she held onto Jude firmly, as if her live depended on it.

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Never ever in her mind she thought that she could be overwhelmed by the taste of pleasure. Jude caught the sound of steps coming to their area. Jude immediately gripped Milla's shoulder without doing anything. Somehow it managed to fasten Milla recovery as Milla's eyes fluttered open. Makes sense, since Alvin is practically a mish-mash of Zelos and Kratos But hey, if you want to tell me my reasons for semi-jokingly shipping AlvinxJude are based on nothing, I'll tell you I've heard people ship much weirder pairings on even more-nothing reasons.

Like people who ship Refill and Regal Because, I dunno, they're the last out of the party of 8 in Symphonia? C-A I remember a post a couple of years back that actually rewrote Xilla's story and turned Jude into "Judith" and one of the reasons that the party didn't dump Alvin was because of Judith's pleading because they made Judith have a crush on Alvin, and Alvin being a jerk kept taking advantage of her.

Made more sense then what we had in the actual game. I'm fairly certain that even without the gender bending that was exactly what happened. At least, that was the impression I got through the whole game. Anyway, I can say that for myself, I could never feel the romance between Milla and Jude in both games. It felt forced and out of place. In fact, Xilia 2 has very little romance at all, aside from the Celsius arc, and I'm so down with that.