Takeru and hikari relationship trust

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takeru and hikari relationship trust

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya is a year-old Digidestined partnered to Gatomon. appears in Digital World Adventures Part II along with year-old Takeru "TK" Takaishi Kari's relationship with her mother is never really seen in the series. Unlike Tai, Kari trusted Gatomon from the start knowing that she wasn't truly bad from. I'll also be using Hikari/Kari and Takeru/TK interchangeably without reason. . A challenge to Takari's relationship is that they are obviously .. room to grow, trusts him with responsibility, and allows him to be independent. D This is a rant that basically provides my opinions on the relationships between Tai and jou don't really interact, but its clear Tai trusts Jou's decisions and opinions. Hikari may tease Yama a bit to make Takeru jealous, but it wouldn't be.

For a few moments, there was nothing but shock. Although, she knew they were having a baby, to see actual physical evidence of it was something else altogether. And then, it only took her another second to realize how happy and excited she was feeling about it. Unthinking, Hikari burst out of the bathroom and raced the few feet to the bedroom, where she had left Takeru sitting at the desk, working on his homework.

Sure enough, he was still there with his computer open in front of him, typing away on the keyboard as he intently watched the bright screen that cast its pale light on his face.

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When Hikari had slammed the door open, he had turned towards her and away from the desk, clearly startled as his eyes went wide and his body jumped slightly. His gaze met hers, but it only took a few moments for Takeru's eyes to fall lower as his face suddenly flushed beet red.

What are you doing? It was at the point in time that Hikari realized that she had left the bathroom without her shirt on. It occurred to her then that Takeru probably had never seen her quite so revealed since she didn't favor bikinis except that he had—they were having a baby together after all—but she didn't think that counted since he didn't remember.

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She was suddenly embarrassed until she remembered for what reason she had come flying in here. She turned to the side and pointed at her abdomen as she said, "Look! You can see our baby!

She watched as he slowly stood from his chair and walked over to her. He seemed hesitant as he stood right beside her, his hand reaching out to place it on the small bump. Hikari sucked in a small breath as he touched her; she hadn't realized just how much she had missed it—craved it—and found herself leaning almost unconsciously into him.

takeru and hikari relationship trust

Quite suddenly, his typical smile flashed on his face as his eyes moved to lock onto hers. His name left her lips in a breath as she found Takeru's face so very close to hers. Hikari turned herself fully into him as her arms reached up to suddenly cup his face and pull his lips down to hers. She knew she shocked him by the stiffening of his body, but it wasn't long before he was kissing her back. And there weren't many thoughts in Hikari's mind, but she did recognize that this was nothing like that first awkward, innocent kiss they'd shared in junior high.

Her fingers were winding themselves up in his blond locks, and while one of his hands still rested on her waist, his other hand had snaked its way to her neck where Takeru tilted her head to deepen the kiss. Something in Hikari was screaming for more, so when Takeru's tongue suddenly brushed across her lips, she eagerly complied by opening her mouth to take the kiss even further.

She shivered as his hand trailed up her side to join his other one to now cup her face in his hands. But it somehow was still not enough—she needed more and she couldn't explain why since she'd never felt this way before.

Perhaps being without his touch for so long had left this aching hole inside that desperately wanted to be filled. And knowing exactly what more implied, her hands moved in the opposite direction as his hands had, moving down to the edge of his shirt. But just as she rubbed her thumbs along the waistband of his pants, Takeru abruptly pulled back. Hikari was pleased to note he sounded as breathless as she felt. Trying to sound nonchalant, Hikari rested her hand on his shoulder as she said, sounding as light as she could make her voice be at the moment, "Takeru, it's okay.

She only knew in that moment she would have to act quickly if this was going to go any farther. And she had no real idea where the desire was coming from, but she really wanted it to go further. Lemons to lemonade and all that. The beginnings of a smile started to peak out in Takeru's eyes and on his lips.

takeru and hikari relationship trust

She couldn't stop the rush of triumph that raced through her. If he was smiling, she was almost always certain that he would follow her lead, whatever that may be. Takeru would do just about anything for her; of that she had no doubt, never had any doubt. He said her name once more in a way that sounded like a protest, but Hikari moved forward and cut him off, actually physically pushing him towards the bed.

Takeru did not fight her any longer—occasionally there was hesitation in his touch, but at those times she pressed forward and was met without resistance.

She only allowed herself a brief moment to wonder about that—about why he had given in so easily.

takeru and hikari relationship trust

But soon there was a fire burning in her that stopped all other thoughts from even surfacing, as she lost herself in his warmth. Hikari closed her eyes as she rested her forehead against Takeru's back. He wasn't sure he could handle much else. For some reason, she felt pretty calm.

She didn't know how she knew it, but she felt like she and Yamato were on the same page. There was a comfortable silence between the two of them as they continued walking, a bit further back, behind the others.

Finally, Sora spoke again. He realized he probably should've asked Sora to come over instead. He hadn't even thought that maybe she wanted to hang out with him. Geez, what is wrong with me? Maybe, call me when you're done? Unsure if she should say the next thing on her mind - if you even want to see me that is.

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She let out a small sigh. She didn't like feeling this way.

takeru and hikari relationship trust

He couldn't think of anything to say to Sora other than to apologize. Truthfully, she wasn't mad. She had just wished he would've been more social and at least hung out with her for a little bit. They had reached Yamato's apartment. She wanted to say goodnight to him before they crossed the street.

Even though her night barely had Yamato in it, she still cared deeply about him. She turned to face Yamato and even though she sensed his hesitation, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Yamato smiled and put her arms around Sora, hugging her. We'll talk soon I promise. Yamato wasn't sure, but he thought he saw Sora wipe something from her eye.

As they crossed the street, he heard Mimi's bubbly voice cutting through the air. If you need any advice you know where to find me.

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He really did appreciate all of Mimi's suggestions on gifts to get Hikari. He thought most of them were hilarious and unnecessary as Hikari really wasn't that type of girl, but he appreciated the knowledge nonetheless. He turned around and saw that Yamato and Sora were finally almost caught up to them. Takeru sighed as he noticed that Sora seemed upset. He wondered what Yamato had done now. Soon enough, Yamato and Sora had reached them and everyone said their goodbyes. Takeru gave Mimi a hug as he thanked her again for all of her girl insight, and she threw them the peace sign as she walked home with Sora.

Takeru turned to Yamato, but once again found that his brother was spacing out, seemingly lost in his own head. He grabbed hold of his brother's arms and lead the spaced out Yamato up the stairs to their Dad's apartment. Yamato looked down at the steps as he walked next to Takeru.

He thought about his two closest friends, Taichi and Sora. He hadn't been a good friend to either of them lately and he felt terrible. Before today, he had been avoiding Taichi and even though he had spoken to Sora, he truly hadn't been present in most of their conversations.

He thought about ending his relationship, or whatever it was, with Sora and the thought brought him peace. Things were always so much easier between them when they were just friends. Back when they didn't have the added pressure of always trying to please each other.

Their relationship had been fun and it certainly deepened their bond, but their friendship was now starting to suffer and that was the last thing he wanted. Yamato let out another sigh. That was going to be a hard conversation. Kari ran after Gatomon and comforted her while they both cried. When BlackWarGreymon was on the rampage, Gatomon angrily said that if he laid a single hand on Kari, he would pay big time.

TK acts like a brother towards her. In the second season, Kari and TK had feelings for each other while Davis had feelings for Kari and acted like TK was a nuisance which made Kari angry and act meanly toward Davis hurting his feelings when she didn't mean to.

takeru and hikari relationship trust

She cares about him, but doesn't have feelings for him. When Davis keeps calling TK the wrong name, she scolds him harshly.

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When Davis mentioned that he could treat his older sister anyway he wants to, Kari overheard him and got mad and yelled at him not knowing she had hurt his feelings. She didn't apologize either, she can be very mean towards Davis as shown in Davis Cries Wolfmon when she was laughing at Davis when he messed up in basketball. She was also mean towards him when she laughed at him for calling TK the wrong name along with TK and Cody. Even though she can be mean to him, she still showed that she cared for him when she cheered for him at his soccer game against Ken Ichijouji.