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Alternate treatment options for Hypothyroidism in women

I questioned how he could be sure that my thyroid levels wouldn't drop as with postpartum thyroiditis. struggles each day and I think this has made our relationship really strong. .. Conversely, it will reduce TSH if it detects too much T3 / T4. to put pen to paper and write a poem about her experiences and feelings. Am J Clin Pathol. Dec;68(6) The relationship of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3) in primary thyroid. Dec 5, Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease This poem seriously just gave me a pain above my right eye. . It's an opportunity to realize the relationship between your decisions and your health! your brain creating TSH and stimulating your thyroid gland to produce T4 to T3 and.

These symptoms can reduce the quality of life for patients, and sometimes the traditional treatment of T4 only supplementation just may not work. The dermatologist suggested that she get her blood work done and sure enough, she was hypothyroid.

Though my thyroid levels now show as normal, some of the symptoms still persist.

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Thyronorm is synthetic thyroxine, or the T4 hormone. This is the most popularly prescribed course of treatment for hypothyroidism; but are there other alternatives to treating thyroid disorders?

The usual synthetic T4 or levothyroxine treatment may not help with some of the most distressing symptoms such as weight gain, depression, hair fall etc.

If not treated properly, it may lead to other endocrine-related problems as well. Thyroid hormones T4 and T3 are necessary to ensure optimal functioning of the body. For these patients, merely supplying T4 in the form of Thyronorm or Eltroxin tablets may not be of much help.

At Belle Sante, we create custom compounds to ensure adequate supply of both T3 and T4. A patient who suffers from diabetes may also exhibit symptoms of hypothyroidism. Ayurveda for treating hypothyroidism in Indian women Ayurveda focuses on balancing all the systems of the body for optimal hormonal functioning. It is particularly useful for diseases that are brought about by stress, and causes weight gain, constipation, increase in cholesterol etc.

The BIG difference between T3 and T4

Within just three weeks of taking Carbimazole I could really feel the difference when running up hills. I swim against the clock and lift heavier weights now than I could handle 10 years ago. By anyone's standard I am a well person, fortunate to be in good health and still living life my own way. Rather than dwell on the possible demise of my future health I should be more grateful for what I have.

I even sleep through the night now for the first time since Thyroid Cancer in Children Rachael It was when I was just 11 years old when I had a lump biopsied whilst i was on the Ipswich Hospital's childrens ward.

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I remember the doctors told me that my thyroid was like a sunflower that was shedding seeds that were bad for me so it all needed to be removed. I also understood the conversation that they had with my parents about me having cancer in my thyroid gland. I was sent to Addenbrooks Hospital for major surgery and soon had an operation to remove my thyroid gland, lumps and four other small lymph glands. The operation took four very long hours and I remembered they kept me sedated for the best part of four days.

When I woke I could hardly speak and couldn't look at my neck. The inch cut which went from one side of my neck to other was held together by 3 stitches and a necklace made up of staples. Luckily the operation now is more advanced and the incision is usually only about 3 inches long.

After that I was to endure a round of radio iodine treatment at Addenbrooks and three more at a local cancer hospital in Ipswich. As I was so young at the time doctors were unsure of how to treat me and what doses I could have as they worried about how it might affect me in the long term. It was hard as I missed nearly all of my first year of high school, which put me behind. However I caught up and my voice though different came back and my scar healed to a very faint line.

When I got closer to 16 I had depression and did a lot of silly things as I had started to understand how serious my illness had been and so I had the chance to see therapists who helped me come to terms with it all. I am happy to say I have now been in remission for 25 years and I'm a fully qualified senior hair stylist.

I'm married with two lovely daughters aged 3 and 6 that I'm very proud of. I've been on mcg of thyroxine for over 20 years now.

What you should know about Thyroid-Stimulating Hormones (TSH)

I'll always need to have yearly check ups at the hospital as they are still so unsure as to how I might be affected in the long term as i was one of the youngest people to have had thyroid cancer. So far though my life has been brill and I wouldn't change it for the world. My experience has made me the person I am today. I wanted to write this so that I may be able to help settle any worrying parent or child who gets diagnosed with this and to reassure them that you can still have a normal happy and fulfilling life after cancer.

Beat it, don't let it beat you! Adrenal Insufficiency Emily Rewind to just over a year ago and I was a happy, healthy mother of two; a stark contrast to the person I am today but ironically looking seemingly no different at all; bar the scar I now wear with pride on my neck. I have been to more hospital appointments than I can count over the last twelve months, been hospitalised four times and lost and gained the support of many friends along the way.

It all started with orbital cellulitis take a look at the fetching photograph of me below. I have since suffered at the hands of cellulitis over twenty times due to having such a weak immune system. At the time we all believed I was just unlucky and happened to get an infection. I now know that adrenal insufficiency was the root cause.

How Your Thyroid Works

April of last year I woke up with a huge lump in my throat, swollen tongue and flushed face. I went into work, being a secondary school teacher and taking great pride and enjoyment in what I do, to not go in was not even on my radar, but was swiftly told to go straight to my GP.

My GP then sent me straight to get blood tests done as they suspected I had a goiter and thyroid issues. To keep it brief over the following six months I was in hospital twice I now know I was in adrenal crisis and misdiagnosed with anything and everything from MS to Cancer.

My symptoms were debilitating and included muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, vomiting sometimes blooddiarrhea, trouble with my breathing and heart palpitations that felt like I was having a heart attack; to name but a few!

I had the tumour drained twice. It grew back twice. Each time bigger than the last and always within 24 hours. The only option left was major surgery to remove my thyroid and the tumour. This took place in December some more fetching pictures included below. I was so relieved, as were my family. We thought this would be the end of it and other than daily medication I would pretty much be fine and able to live a normal life.

I recovered from the surgery pretty quickly and had a lovely Christmas with my family. However, my hormone levels were still all over the place and my symptoms were not subsiding. It was only when I was handed over to a new Endocrinologist that he noticed how low my cortisol levels were.

He arranged for further testing which resulted in my diagnosis of hypopituitarism which causes secondary adrenal insufficiency and, if untreated, can be life threatening. Basically my pituitary gland, which sits in my brain and is the size of a pea, does not send signals correctly to my adrenal glands. These are two little objects which sit on your kidneys. Cortisol is needed to keep you alive.

The longer you go undiagnosed the greater the damage to your body and the greater chance you have of slipping into a coma and worse still dying. I am now on daily medication; my kitchen cupboard looks like a pharmacy. I am getting better but no two days are the same and you have to learn to manage your own illness, adjusting medication accordingly. If I get a bug, suffer a bereavement or visit the dentist I have to alter my dose. My journey is by no means over. I still have referrals coming out of my ears for one thing or another.

The most frustrating thing is that because the illness is rare many, including medical professionals, do not understand it. It does suck but life could be worse. I have a loving husband and two adorable children. I have the support of friends, family and my work place. I have learnt so much this past year about myself, others and adrenal insufficiency. I just hope my story helps to make others more aware. People always call me Wonder Woman; unfortunately I do not have superhuman powers, I have adrenal insufficiency!

I was often cold, constipated with itchy dry skin. When my sister had to have a thyroidectomy 15 years ago, I asked my GP for a blood test, convinced I had a problem. The results were normal so I thought no more of it. My first child was born in and many people commented on my neat, small bump. The baby was underweight but nothing out of the ordinary. Three months after the birth I started to get strange symptoms.

I felt sick and dizzy. We called the off duty doctor and they concurred with low sugar. Afterwards I realized that this was my thyroid — postpartum thyroiditis. After about a month I started to get more and more tired and slower in my thinking. I started finding it harder and harder with the baby as I was seriously sleep deprived from night feeds, breastfeeding and just trying to manage day to day tasks became a challenge. I would go to bed at 7pm every night, and then waking at 7am would feel like I needed another 9 hours of sleep — I was utterly exhausted.

The baby was crying 4 or 5 times each night — I never got more than 4 hours sleep at a time. I started napping in the day when the baby slept too. When my first child was 10 months old, my husband went away on business for a week and my mother came to stay and help with the chores and baby.

I was suffering from dizzy spells by this time and my mum was having none of it — so marched me to the doctors. My Doctor said he suspected anaemia and gave me anti sickness medication for the dizziness.

However, he agreed to do a blood test to rule it out. Two days later the GP called to confim I was anaemic and hypothyroid caused by postpartum thyroiditis. He was pretty shocked and told me to stop breastfeeding right away.

My mum helped to resolve the baby crying at night using the crying it out method. It was very hard hearing her cry for hours but after a week she stopped the night waking and just slept, which meant I could sleep finally. I started iron tablets and Levothyroxine at 75mg daily. It took three months for the fog to lift and for me to start feeling more normal. After about nine months, I spoke to the doctor about having another baby. He warned that it might take a long time as my fertility would be affected.

Luckily it took a few months and my Levothyroxine dose was increased straightaway to mgs. I was referred to the endocrinologist at my local hospital and had to have 6 weekly blood tests and meetings with them throughout the pregnancy. My Levothyroxine was increased at about 6 months to mgs. My second baby was much heavier despite being three weeks early.

Interpretation of Thyroid Tests - Common Tests to Examine

Another blood test confirmed thyroxine too low, anaemia and my kidneys not functioning properly so I was advised to stop expressing and feed the baby formula milk. Since then my blood was tested every six weeks until it settled at mgs. I managed to lose my 12kgs of baby weight through hard cardio exercise and a restricted diet.

It was very hard but I am very glad I am back to my normal weight again. The blood test confirmed this and levothyroxine was increased to mgs.

However, the next blood test was too high, so I now have to take mgs and mgs on alternate days to try and get the exact dose I need. I am getting better at spotting when my thyroid level is low or high, now that I have had it for a while. I do worry about the long term potential complications such as cardiac disease and angina. Thyroid Eye Disease Lynne I smoked for no more than 10 years from late teens. I smoked because I thought it looked cool and I was insecure Depending on salt intake or the presence or absence of foods rich in iodine, people get more or less than the upper intake level, daily.

Please only take supplemental iodine under the guidance of a healthcare provider. This is because excess iodine intake is also associated with thyrotoxicosis and complications of hypothyroidism, according to Integrative Health of West Palm Beach. Selenium, on the other hand, is well associated with benefits for the thyroid gland. A study in China found an association between low selenium status and increased risk of thyroid disease Wu et al. In another study, it was found to reduce likelihood of postpartal hypothyroidism Gartner.

Also, supplementation of selenium is found to improve the structure of the gland Drutel et al. So, if you are thinking about alternatives to your thyroid treatment, talk to your doctor. The statements in this article are not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure disease. Bioidentical thyroid replacement therapy in practice: Delivering a physiologic T4: T3 ratio for improved patient outcomes with the Listecki-Snyder protocol.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.