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Get lyrics of Movado song you love. Lyrics to 'Come Round' by Movado. for di girls dem / gully god / *phone rings* / * answers phone* / Movado: hello / woman: david Stacious Song Lyrics and Movado feat. . chase leblanc relations. #Pamputtae & #Stacious gets in shape while listening to 'DANCEhall Fitness' playlist on Celebrate your beauty, celebrate your friendships and relationships . , David Powell - Relationship Still Alive. , Reggae , Mavado - Ride All Night (My Kinda Girl) Clean .. , Stacious - Little Bit High.

Repeated replays for you will if you care about pop and the key becomes clear. In Jamaica, unlike nearly everywhere else on the planet, the right people are making music. These are voices under stress, under pressure, squeezing out their trigger-happy testaments before the sky falls or hell opens below or the front-door gets kicked down.

Go go go seek and mind your minds. Stuff can burn your synapses. BUT, new decade, lowered expectations. Tbh I simply wouldn't bother chasing riddims anymore.

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Di boy stamma when him see Mr. When barber run out wid him fake g. The thousands at Sting booed them individually as they came out and then collectively until they left the stage. The crowd thundered its approval.

When Monster Shack, renamed Monster Empire, came up after Aidonia who was clapped off the stageSpice with whom Vybz Kartel came out to do Ramping Shop and Assassin who put on an excellent showthe handclaps started before they even appeared on the stage. General B got the same treatment, as did Roundhead. The boos got even louder. There were more thunderous boos to send them packing. De prison bud deh ya! But dis ya battlefield no crowdy!

Sen out smaddy mek me get rowdy! Me no see nobody fe dead. The Monster Empire of Roundhead, Ghost and General B did not get a chance to defend themselves as the Sting crowd booed them off stage.

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Danielle, aka DI goes hard in a hot pink number. Stacious received one of the loudest forwards of the women at Sting. Members of the large Sting crowd were ready and raring to go in their usual demanding form as a variety of entertainers came out hoping for the best before the billed lyrical confrontation.

Stacious received the most forwards in that group with Goodas Clap and Falling Down. However, her set was marred when Unicorn was roundly booed when he tried to deejay another song dissing Macka Diamond. The crowd was not in the mood for it but Ikaya showed great poise and determination by remaining onstage and completing her set.

Next up was Stacious was arguably gave the best performance among the females.

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The diss song directed at Lisa Hype earned at least three forwards for choice lines such as 'shine daddy john like soldier man boot', and "when mi over Gullyside ah buss shotty, yu over Big Yard ah suck cocky'. She also took a jab at Nuffy as well with a harsh 69 reference.

movado ft stacious come into my room

She then did two of her popular tracks, Good Life and Fight Back before closing with Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, a song out of her older catalogue which she revamped with new lyrics. She got a big forward when she referred to Vybz Kartel saying, 'mi nah de wid him because mi no waan get no lick'. Macka Diamond came onstage armed with a prop, that of a picture of her son, saying she did not want to disgrace herself even though they were trying to 'draw her out'.

Her attack against Unicorn lacked real venom and sting and her set soon fizzled. She closed on a high note when she declared "mi want a cocky long like the one Lisa Hype a lick'. Surprisingly, Queen Paula crashed and burned in spectacular fashion.