Sirius and remus relationship problems

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sirius and remus relationship problems

May 24, 20 Most Dysfunctional Relationships In Harry Potter Both of Sirius Black's parents, Walburga and Orion, have the same great, great . We like Remus Lupin, and we certainly feel for any little boy who got . The problem?. Oct 1, 3 Fannish Tropes; 4 Fan Communities; 5 Fests, Challenges and Exchanges The revelation of a romantic relationship between Remus and. Sep 4, The latest rumble in this schism is the central relationship in The clear she doesn't think it's a major issue to be gay in the wizarding world: . The nature of Remus's relationship with his longtime best friend Sirius seemed to.

See the end of the work for notes. He had been 11 years old, self-conscious, quiet, and had sworn to keep to himself for the entirety of his 7 school years, but he had wanted to slap him very much.

The first Black to be sorted somewhere other than Slytherin.

He settled for looking out the window, rolling his eyes at every new comment the two boys made. Sirius turned to James, his eyes sparkling. He thought of adding something else, seeing the expectant looks of the other 4 people around him.

You thought you had a place here? So he just blinked and turned back to the window. He heard Sirius let out a disappointed breath, and it was a few seconds before he resumed his conversation with James. This time, however, Remus listened without rolling his eyes. He hid his hands under the sleeves of his robes so no one could see them shaking, and tried to muster every single piece of confidence that could possibly run into his Black blood.

He could do this. Immediately he heard the other boy let out a shaky breath. He pulled the drapes aside, revealing a curled-up lump on a corner of the bed. The lump- Sirius- was shaking with silent sobs.

sirius and remus relationship problems

Remus assumed that, under any other circumstances, he would have snapped. Remus turned his head slightly to look at him. I get them a lot. They went to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night and nights that followed. We need to confront him about it. Remus Lupin would never even dare to think of abandoning his child, not when he saw his best friend die and leave Harry an orphan.

Lupin would never marry Tonks, he was too poor and too dangerous after all his words, not minehe would just walk away.

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Lupin would never behave so out of character. Lupin was heartbroken and overtaken by grief…gee, I wonder if something awful and tragic happened in The Order of the Phoenix to make him so miserable?

I always considered Lupin to be gay, there, I said it. It makes sense to me, he is a werewolf, he already is a metaphor for marginalized individuals. I have the same concerns about Tonks. Tonks is a fierce lady, she is a metamorphmagus, outgoing, pretty vocal, totally punk. After Prisoner of Azkaban I like to think that they somehow found a way to address their feelings they both loved each other, no question about that and maybe they even had a couple of happy months together.

And then Sirius died and Lupin lost his best friend again and this time it hurt even more. After Sirius died, Lupin seemed completely lost confused and his actions reflect his state of mind. I know that a relationship between Remus and Sirius would never make it on page.

Tiny note I want to make: Their conversation was much less interesting than James would have hoped. He sat there for almost an hour as they discussed their teachers and the Hogsmeade weekend and the latest Death Eater killings. They talked about some muggle things that James didn't really know anything about and they talked about Lily's sister.

James was just about to give up and leave when the conversation turned to him. From his tone, James guessed they'd had this conversation many times before. James's ears perked up. Not only had Remus and Lily shown no signs of being in a secret relationship, it appeared Remus had been trying to talk James up to Lily. That sounded suspiciously like… "Lily…" Remus said. You don't need to tell me again. Did Lily like Remus? Had they been in a relationship previously?

Why had Remus not told James if it had just been that Lily had unrequited feelings for him? He was practically hitting on her!

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If I was going to date any girl, I'm sure it'd be you. Nothing was happening between them, he reminded himself. Lily wasn't secretly in a relationship with Remus. The important thing was that Remus was not going behind James's back.

sirius and remus relationship problems

It did break his heart a little to know Lily liked someone else… but he could always change her mind. She wouldn't like Remus forever, and surely James could convince her that he was the better option? Feeling bad for not trusting Remus more, James began to retreat once more. Like the last time, however, he was stopped by Lily's next sentence.


Black is a lucky guy. Surely she didn't mean…? I always have to rewrite them for him, and he just expects me to do it. And he leaves them until the last minute. Okay, so maybe Moony was as gay as a daffodil.

That was surprising news. Although, James thought, it certainly explained how he could resist the charms of the beautiful Lily Evans. And he liked Sirius.

James wondered whether he should tell the other boy; he didn't want to make things awkward between the two of them, but it seemed like something Sirius should know.