Shizuku and haru relationship

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shizuku and haru relationship

Saeko asked Shizuku to deliver some announcements to Haru in exchange for a They have the typical teacher-student relationship, it's shown that Shizuku is. After Shizuku is tasked with delivering class printouts to Haru's home, she meets Haru, who immediately greets her as a friend, starting their new relationship. My Little Monster is a romantic comedy Japanese anime based on the manga written and illustrated by Robico. The story follows the relationship between Haru Yoshida, a cheerful and seemingly delinquent boy and Shizuku.

Haru notes that Mitchan can be clueless about relationships sometimes as he once did not realize his girlfriend had dumped him until six months later.

He used to bother Haru for money until Shizuku stopped him, Vol. He attends the same cram school as Shizuku, and gives her helpful advice on her relationship with Haru. However, over the course of the series, he is bothered that he is increasingly attracted to Shizuku and inadvertently competing against Haru for her affections.

Though Shizuku and Yamaken remain friends. Besides his constant denial that he has a romantic interest in Shizuku, Yamaken is the subject of recurring gags of having a poor sense of direction Ch.

shizuku and haru relationship

The three guys are named in volume 3: Tomio Tomioka who has light spiky hair; Ma-Bo Masahiro who has dark somewhat spiky hair and wears a baseball cap; and George Jojima who has straight hair and wears glasses. Elaiza Ikeda [2] Asako is Shizuku and Haru's classmate. Before meeting Shizuku and Haru, she did not have any friends except for some people from an online community.

She initially asks Shizuku to help her study for a make-up exam and so she can attend a real-life meeting with that community; however, the meeting turns out to be a disappointment as only the guys wanted to talk with her, so she unsubscribes from it and joins a new online blog group. She treasures her friendship with "Mitty" ShizukuCh.

She feels safe around Haru because he has Shizuku, and around Sasayan because he doesn't fawn over her like the other boys. He cares about Haru, and does not want a repeat of what happened in middle school where Haru stopped coming to school. Yuki Furukawa [2] Haru's older brother, whom Haru seems to dislike and tries to avoid.

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She was first introduced into the anime during episode one, when Yoshida asked her where Shizuku went while she was on her laptop during a classroom break.

She is a stubborn and blunt person, with sensitive and understanding traits. She often thinks things are her fault as seen during the Syoyo School Festival, where Mitty Shizuku gave her the cold shoulder and told Natsume to mind her own business.

She cried her eyes out, but still refused to apologize first. Her first anime debut was during episode one when Yoshida asked her where Shizuku went while she was typing away on her laptop during a classroom break. She was one of the many people who were scared of Yoshida, but soon came to realise that he is not very scary despite his impulsive aggression and violence. She isn't very bright in her studies and quickly befriended Mitty Shizuku and Yoshida after asking for their assistance for the upcoming make-up exams, as she was trying to avoid remedial classes.

shizuku and haru relationship

Yoshida agrees when he finds out that she needed to avoid remedial classes because she was meeting up with her online community, offline. While they helped her study, Yoshida accompanies Natsume to the offline event and scared off Natsume's friends. The community began to shun Natsume due to Yoshida's behaviour. Natsume is very blunt and often seen trying to encourage both Yoshida and Shizuku so they can finally further their relationship.

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She also desperately wants Shizuku to confide her secrets to her, since Shizuku is her very first female friend. She develops feelings for Mitsuyoshi Yoshida's cousin and confessed with the encouragement of Sasayan-kun. Meeting Haru would inadvertently make Shizuku see a vast world beyond school and studying, whilst also making her feel emotions she hasn't shown before, eventually she started to realize her feelings towards Haru and decided to confess to him over time that she loves him and that she meant it.

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However, he rejected her and told her that their concept of love was different. Shizuku took back her words, and told him that she'll wait for him to fall in love with her before saying it again. The two would remain close to each other throughout their school year.

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After a while, Haru would start to experience uncertain feelings towards Shizuku, however Shizuku's feelings towards Haru resulted in a downgrade of her rank, from 2 to 29, causing Shizuku to push Haru away to focus more on her studies even going far as saying that she no longer has feelings for him. Haru remembered what his aunt Kyoko told him before she died: He then became inseparable and almost clingy to Shizuku.

He licked her hand on one occasion when she tried to give him tickets to the school festival and nearly kissed her when she waited to give him a present from Natsume on the way home flustering her.

shizuku and haru relationship

Haru easily gets erratic when Shizuku is with another guy, especially Yamaken. He even tells her to avoid his brother for her own good.

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Shizuku realizes that she still loves Haru from the time of the very first confession, and that she was only running away from her true feelings because of her grades suffering due to her inability to control her emotions. She asks him to give her more time to think about their relationship with Haru happily agreeing. Over the course of winter, Haru admits that he is jealous of Shizuku attending winter study with Yamaken but after months of thought she finally confesses to Haru that he shouldn't worry because she does indeed love him.

However, Haru causes a scene and continues to embarrass Shizuku during her time attending the winter study. Eventually, She realizes that her inability to understand him is the root of their problem.