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Basic Premise: Shawn Spencer is a psychic detective who works as a consultant blonde detective named Juliet O'hara and the sterner head detective of the his broken relationship with his father Henry Spencer, a retired cop who worked for the SBPD. . 10 Soothing Worship Songs For the Tired Soul. Relationship with Shawn Spencer Edit. In the second mid-season finale, "Bounty Hunters!," Shawn tries to kiss Juliet, but she refuses to kiss him back. After the. Juliet O'Hara Head Detective Juliet Lynn "Jules" O'Hara is a character on the American Unlike Lassiter, she is friendly with Shawn Spencer and more willing to work with By the middle of the sixth season, Shawn is ready for marriage. First edition Lunch Poems is a book of poetry by Frank O'Hara published in .

It's settled, well, somewhere between fourth and fifth season, in what I think as the Psych Golden Age. Okay, let's begin, and I really hope you would enjoy the ride.

Gus and Shawn Are Getting Back in Shape

Reviews make me a better person. As in every good investigation, the secret was in the details. The first step was the Bland Grumpiness, the most manageable one: A sprinkle of cocoa powder on the coffee and a jackass to grill in the interrogation room, and he would be almost tolerable. Then there was the Danger Zone Grumpiness, which means improbable aphorisms through gritted teeth, alarming twitches on the gun holster and a walk likely to run over his grandma's body; but all you need to do is chastise him during a stakeout and offer him a Vanilla Cola at the end of the shift.

And the third one, well, the third one was the Blue Grumpiness, when he became a sort of gloomy, rancorous beast roaming around the precinct. It usually meant not only that he was really pissed off, but that someone had hurt him badly; and it's was the worst one, because it made you miserable both as partner and spiritual sister.

At twelve o'clock she was sure it was the third one. Carlton was a ball of rage sulking on his chair, and aside form the curses thrown to two terrorized rookies, he didn't say a word in the whole morning.

She furrowed her brow. Come on, it's your favorite, cheese and apple chutney. He suddenly began to talk, mesmerized. I mean, they're spicy, they have that sticky richness which drips everywhere and you just can't forget, but you have to be cautious in eating one of them, because if you just go ahead and bit it and it's not the time already it will burn your tongue and nearly choke you, until it disintegrate your heart in little cheddar-cheesy bits, and all you can do will be drinking a lot of sugary coffee and ask yourself how eating a damn burrito could go so wrong.

When he finished he was panting, eyes bulging and blazing like blue supernovas. Someone was so going to be shot. Someone up there let out a shaken squeak, after a crush of falling papers and a loud roar. When Shawn entered the buzzing rush of the station, he instantly knew three things: Shawn plunged his hands in the pockets, sighing. He had the uncomfortable feeling he felt when leaving Santa Barbara: But no, this time it wasn't his fault.

He never said he would do anything; he said he would try, not do it. He remembered the night before, the shouts, the silence, and those damn blue eyes that didn't hold back anything. It wasn't his fault. Juliet suddenly nabbed them from the collar, dragging them both near the secretary counter. He couldn't push back, and retreat didn't seem an option. He just hoped in a clean death. Gus was the first to react. He didn't like knowing that she can imagine way too well the way Lassie went rigid, withdrawing in his damn steel fortress and waiting for the next blow.

For this reason, at least. I think it's just me being me. I laughed and laughed, he got angry, went all dramatic hero-style, and I said a lot of It's like a curse. Yes, his pretty, sweet, reasonable friend actually growled. She took a step forward, jabbing one finger in Shawn's chest. Whoa, overprotective Jules vs.

All the officers were trying to win a Nonchalance Competition, dividing cautious looks between them and the arch where the Head Detective had disappeared. That seemed to mollify Jules a little, or at least her finger stopped stabbing his chest; with a last glare she turned, storming out through the crowd of uniforms and voices. Shawn cleared his throat, trying to swallow the sour lump somewhere in his pharynx.

It probably was the chili dog at eight a. Yeah, definitively just the chili dog. I was fairly sure she would rip out my heart in a bloody pulp. Lassiter can be a border-line militarist, but what you did was rather insensitive. It's us, we'll manage: Carlton Lassiter was standing next to his desk, some reports in his hands; with the pale face and the long lashes curving over stormy blue eyes, he resembled even more some exiled warrior prince.

The fake psychic smiled, feeling the gulp swelling and melting at the same time. Now Carlton would make a living hell for the next two-three days, he would leave a donut on his desk for a week, and before they knew it Lassie would be yelling at him and searching his hand under the desk.

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Because after all, that was how it worked. In that exact moment the precinct doors opened, and every pair of eyes glued to the entrance. And a tingle run down Shawn's spine. At the end, Juliet breaks down sobbing as Lassiter hugs her.

Abigail tells Shawn she cannot handle the danger and breaks up with him. Season five "Romeo and Juliet and Juliet" 5. Yin to deal with the stress from it. Shawn seeks her help on a case from which his father has barred him, involving a kidnapping within two rival Chinese gangs. Juliet gives him information, but does not return to the SBPD. Shawn calls her for back up before confronting kidnapper, Teno Tan. He is easily outmatched, but Teno surrenders when Juliet arrives before Shawn is killed.

They thank each other and agree to hug, but Lassiter interrupts. Shawn calls for a rain check. Their partnership does not hold up, as Shawn realizes he works best with Gus, as does Juliet with Lassiter. Shawn and Juliet attend a tap recital together to support their respective partners. Juliet offers to reschedule, but Shawn plays it off not wanting her to be forced.

Shawn becomes increasingly jealous of Declan, whom Gus dubs "Shawn 2. Like Shawn, Declan is a fraud who acquired his profiling expertise from his father.

Both threaten to expose each other if either one of them does not come clean himself. Like he has the entire episode, Declan beats Shawn, making his confession to Juliet first. She forgives Declan and they go for coffee, leaving Shawn unable to say anything.

Declan is even planning a vacation for Juliet and himself. After Shawn and Gus cause Nadia's capture, Juliet overhears Shawn telling Gus that he cannot be happy without her, though he knows he should be glad that she is happily in a relationship. Juliet is visibly affected by his words. After Nadia is freed and Fong is taken into custody, Shawn and Gus again arrive at Declan's residence. Declan tells them to make their visit quick, as he is bidding 30 million euros on an item over the phone.

Gus, intrigued by this, follows Declan upstairs. Shawn is left alone in the foyer, at which point Juliet enters the room, surprised to see him. Shawn wishes her a great four days off, but she corrects that it is two weeks, visibly upsetting him. He makes Juliet promise to enjoy her vacation, and tells her to take many mental photographs. As Shawn starts going off on a tangent, Juliet abruptly kisses him. She then pulls back, and both Shawn and she are left speechless from the kiss.

Declan and Gus return, and Shawn, too stunned to make any witty remarks, simply wishes them a good vacation. Declan goes to pack as Shawn and Gus leave, and Shawn takes one more look at Juliet before he closes the door. Juliet is left standing in the foyer, alone.

The Actual Extradition Part" 5. Before Shawn leaves, his father advises him to speak with Juliet, as he overheard Shawn talk about her via butt dialing. Shawn asks after her at the station, but Buzz tells him she already has her passport. Juliet and Lassiter arrive to take Despereaux to the United States, to Shawn's visible shock, and he asks Juliet to talk. Later, Juliet comes to his hotel room and tells him that she had broken up with Declan, but Shawn cannot talk with her as Gus and Despereaux are inside, resulting in Jules walking away upset.

At the end of the episode, Shawn asks Lassiter where Juliet is, with the answer "Grabbin' a muffin". He finds her at a platform overlooking the ocean, but she is still upset, claiming they missed their moment. Shawn does not give up and explains to Juliet that since they met, he has thought about replacing his motorcycle, a beloved symbol of freedom, with a car.

They kiss passionately, but are disrupted by the tourists at the overlook. Then, they move to a gift shop, where they are interrupted by a customer who calls Juliet a "slut". They then go to a car, and are once more interrupted by a cop.

Shawn realizes that he has a room before the camera pans to the sky. When Juliet shows up unexpectedly. Shawn distracts Gus by saying, "Dude, labradoodle! When Shawn and Gus are trapped inside Yin's house, she is the first to get Yang out of confinement, and when Yang tries to make a deal with the police, Jules agrees.

Yang gets to take an updated picture with Shawn, and Juliet is the only person to accompany her into the house. Juliet does not hesitate to agree to the conditions and the two enter the house. Shawn is saved, and after Yang gets her picture, she says to Shawn, "Catch up with you later, Mr. She says she cannot finish her statement because it is like "marking the time 'til the next crazy rolls in. He then tells her he will see her that night later on and kisses her on the lips. The camera pans to reveal that Lassiter has seen and heard their entire conversation and now knows about their secret romantic relationship.

Season six " Shawn Rescues Darth Vader " 6. She later confesses to Lassiter outright that she is dating Shawnbut he feels their trust has been broken. Lassiter puts Shawn in the same lie detector when the latter seemingly was at the crime scene. Shawn declares this has to do with Juliet and his romantic involvement, and he blurts out that he loves her, shocking everyone in the room and himself.

He also admits while under the lie detector that he is a psychic, which further deepens Juliet's trust in Shawn. Later, Lassiter warns Shawn if he hurts Juliet, he will discharge his weapon She reveals that he had asked her to move in and is surprised he does not remember.

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They agree that it is probably too soon. Though reluctant, she departs. I'm making you a wallet. Juliet is furious with Shawn and has no intention of reconciling with her father. She changes her mind when Frank tells her he attended all her recitals and talent shows. At her birthday party, Juliet has made peace with her dad and forgiven Shawn, since his heart was in the right place. While tracking down the thieves, they come across a murder, effectively spoiling their plans. Shawn apologizes, since Juliet had "definite expectations" for their vacation, including the "M word", causing Juliet to explain that she had not been expecting a marriage proposal, since it is too soon and she was in no way ready to get married.

Shawn agrees seemingly relieved. The clerk returns Shawn's stolen Nintendo DS, which Shawn had been having a fit about throughout the episode when discovering it had been stolen, much to Juliet's annoyance and confusion. Gus hears a rattle from inside it; he opens the battery case and finds an engagement ring, revealing that Shawn had actually planned to propose to Juliet during their vacation. Shawn apologizes, telling Gus that he "had to be ready for a Shamu moment.

Gus suggests putting it back in Henry's drawer if he is not going to propose. Juliet's dad Frank arrives from Tanzania, stating he got Shawn's voicemail saying he had something important to discuss.

Shawn left the voicemail when he was considering proposing and wanted to ask Frank for his blessing. He asks for permission to marry Juliet in case he needs it in the future. Frank explains to Shawn he wants his daughter to marry someone honest and asks if Shawn has ever lied to Juliet, which Shawn hesitates before answering. Gus answers in the affirmative and Frank leaves without offering or denying his blessing, leaving Shawn confused about whether or not he had Juliet's father's blessing to one day propose to Juliet.

Later, Shawn admits to considering himself lucky to have her in his life. Heartbroken, Juliet splashes her drink in Shawn's face, tearfully exiting the scene. At the end of the episode, he helps Juliet repair a window and they are seen to still have chemistry. However, Juliet is not ready to forgive him for lying. As they dance, Juliet learns that Shawn went back to take dancing lessons that he had previously lied about going to when he learned what it meant to her.

Juliet asks where "this Shawn" was when they were dating, to which he says that he's "right here". After dancing with him, she admits to Shawn that she still has feelings for him, but tells him that he has to tell Chief Vick about his lie about being a psychic.

He refuses to, as he would not be able to do good or help people's lives like he always has. Juliet tells him that what he does is not good for everyone.