Seven of nine and chakotay relationship advice

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seven of nine and chakotay relationship advice

P/T. A friendship scene for Tom, Seven and Chakotay set in S05xE09 'Thirty Days '. . Janeway thinks about her relationships with Chakotay and Seven of Nine. This list examines couples that got together and had a relationship over Chakotay wasn't a fan of Seven of Nine when she first came aboard. My problem with that relationship was that it came out of the blue. And what did you think of the whole Seven and Chakotay rushed romance.

We have a terrific crew. But at the same time, I'm looking forward to what's next.

Seven breaks up with Chakotay (fanmade voiceover scene)

It's exciting to know that something unknown is next. Ryan found this confusing for the characters, as although it had been suggested in the episode " Human Error ", the producers told the pair to forget about the relationship in the in-between episodes until the finale.

He was born in on a Federation colony near Cardassian space in the demilitarized zone. He was resistant to this, [32] and instead dreamed of going into space and had heroes such as John Kelly, a pioneering astronaut in the early 21st century.

One of his earliest away missions resulted in a diplomatic incident on Ktaria VII, [35] and he was also on the team that made first contact with the Tarkannans. Following the death of his father in while defending his colony from the Cardassians, Chakotay resigned his Starfleet commission and joined the Maquis.

Voyager The Kazon and Seska In the pilot episode of Voyager, while the crew on the Val Jean seek to evade a Cardassian vessel captained by Gul Evek Richard Poe in the Badlandsthe vessel is transported some 70, light years across the galaxy into the Delta Quadrant by the creature known as the Caretaker. Chakotay was given a provisional rank of commander and named executive officer, the second-in-command of the vessel and the crew seeks to return home to the Alpha Quadrant.

She escapes Voyager and sides with the Kazon-Nistrim, one of the factions within that species. The incident occurs while Tuvok and he were investigating a dark matter nebulaand he sought to prevent the ship from returning there, as an alien species wants to feed on the crew's neural energy.

After Voyager enters the nebula, Chakotay possesses Neelix Ethan Phillips and guides the ship out using a medicine wheel as a map. They perceived Voyager as a threat because they had thought his people had been wiped out. He was able to resolve the problem using the teachings of his father. Chakotay took it upon himself to retrieve the device, recognising that Seska was behind it. He managed to destroy it, but was captured and tortured by the Kazon in the process.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship advice

He was rescued by Voyager, and shortly afterwards, he was contacted by Seska, who informed him that she had impregnated herself with his DNA. The two began to show signs of affection for each other, but their stay is short-lived after Voyager under the captaincy of Tuvok agrees a deal with the Vidiians for a cure.

The pair agree to return to the status quo on Voyager, but remain good friends. He saved Kes Jennifer Lien from a local tribe, and built an alliance with them.

The crew retook Voyager, and in the process Seska was killed.

In what episode of Star Trek : Voyager do Seven and Chakotay start dating?

While investigating a Federation distress call in a shuttlecraftChakotay was injured by the natives of a planet.

Another group saves him, and Chakotay discovers that the colonists are former Borg whose access to the main hive-mind was disrupted. He is linked to a local hive-mind to help him to heal, and after being returned to Voyager, he is forced against his will to reactivate the colonists' former Borg Cube.

Chakotay is released from the new "cooperative" after the Cube self-destructs, leaving the planet with a hive-mind separate from the main collective. When Gegen is placed on trial by his people, Chakotay seeks to argue in his defense.

Ultimately, Gegen is forced to back down to save Voyager after the Voth threaten to destroy the vessel. Before they depart, Chakotay gives a model globe of the Earth to Gegen as a present. His experience with the disconnected Borg resulted in Chakotay being against a plan to ally with the Borg against Species in " Scorpion ", causing conflict between Captain Janeway and him. The alliance results in Seven of Nine and a number of other Borg drones being placed on Voyager and Janeway injured.

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Although he was ordered to continue with the alliance, Chakotay seeks to renegotiate the alliance, but Seven refuses any changes. When she opens a rift to Fluidic SpaceChakotay decompresses the cargo baysending all the Borg drones out into space with the exception of Seven. Later, when the Borg attempt to double-cross Voyager, Chakotay activates his localised neural link, confusing Seven and allowing Torres to disable her link to the Collective permanently.

The two first attempt to work together as Annorax agrees to restore the now damaged Voyager if Chakotay complies with his demands. After Annorax wipes out a species, though, he helps to disable the ship, allowing Captain Janeway to destroy it by ramming Voyager into it.

This results in the timeline being reset, and the events of the episode were undone. As such, he is informed that they were previously in love when she was on Voyager a month earlier, and rekindle their relationship despite Chakotay not remembering the earlier encounter.

Seven of Nine

Another member of her race removes Kellin's memories of Chakotay and installs a virus to remove all records of their race. Chakotay takes to writing out his memories of Kellin on paper so that he will not forget them. A Borg implant was preventing her from feeling strong emotions without any physical ill effects, which prevented her from seeking a romantic relationship with the real Chakotay.

The alternative future seen at the start of the episode showed that Seven and Chakotay were eventually married, but she died while Voyager was still travelling home. Chakotay died following Voyager's return, and Admiral Janeway visits his grave marker in that episode. This future was undone by the future Janeway travelling back in time to Voyager to return it to Earth sooner.

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He and Seven of Nine break off their relationship. The question is, is he still interested in her? More pressing, is Tom willing to help Seven win fair Harry's heart? There's Something About Harry Author: PG for later chapters Pairings: My Voyager obsession is back.

I went two months without watching Voyager isn't that horrible? I've heard people say that Seven needed to be with Chakotay before Harry, but alas. Anyway, I'm sure it's a leetle bit farfetched, but just give it a try. I tried to keep the characterization on, so that's And practically as soon as she had gotten into bed, B'Elanna had gone to sleep, leaving Tom alone with his newborn daughter.

And then she started crying. Even after months of preparing to become a father, the noise still made Tom jump.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship advice

Still, he had been trained well, and he checked to see if she was hungry, cold, or dirty. So Tom resorted to the only other thing he could think of - pacing the halls with his yelling daughter.

And it worked fairly well - she was calmer.

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Still, it was a little surreal, carrying a whimpering baby back and forth in front of his quarters, watching various Voyager crewmembers and Starfleet visitors pass by. After seven years on Voyager, anything unusual was the norm, so the Voyager crew tended to just give Tom a smile as they passed by, or if they were off duty, stop and meet the baby, but the Starfleet diplomats were obviously ruffled upon seeing Tom and Miral pacing the halls.

In any other situation, Tom would've laughed at their expressions, but he was still finding his daddy legs as the doctor so aptly put itmaking his primary concern his daughter's only slightly diminished wails.

Alpha shift had been over for a few hours, and only Harry had been down to meet Miral, which Tom found distinctly odd. He supposed Tuvok was getting prepared for the fal'tor'voh, but still, he would've expected Chakotay to come meet Miral, he had been in contention for godfather. And he and B'Elanna had been friends for a long time. And the Captain - well, he had expected her to visit them, but he supposed that was a bit presumptuous of him, considering they had just arrived in the Alpha Quadrant.

That was kind of odd. He had been expecting Seven to come to see Miral, not him.