Sansa and petyr relationship trust

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sansa and petyr relationship trust

While the other odd-couples I mentioned are often played for laughs, the Littlefinger/Sansa relationship can be downright squirm-inducing. Petyr was basically projecting Catelyn Tully onto Sansa, whom he tried to mould Sansa does trust him to a point, he was her mothers friend. The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale left Sansa at an interesting place. power , but also kind of figuring out who she really wants to trust and where her Meanwhile her relationship with Baelish is "questionable," but she's.

Did you know that I loved your estranged and forbidding step-mother?

sansa and petyr relationship trust

Or did you know nothing about this? I say, little plucky serving girl, did you know that I once loved Lady Catelyn Stark?

We always had a certain undeniable chemistry. A certain Je ne sais quoi. I have my third name for you! A man is in the privy!

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Bother a man with names later! Which would have gone something like this… Joffrey: Why do I have to wait any amount of time to be king? Thank the Old Gods! I have some housecleaning to do. You can trust me on that.

sansa and petyr relationship trust

An action that Baelish would have dismissed and mocked. Someone not necessarily known for his honor and fidelity. It was touch and go a bit there, but he did. As she was reluctant to marry him, he sold her to the Boltons for Ramsay to marry. Can we seriously believe that he didn't know what Ramsay's pleasures were? Littlefinger knew that information about everyone.

sansa and petyr relationship trust

That also betrayed the Lannisters, but that's much easier to excuse. The Lannisters aren't exactly the type to draw loyalty to themselves. Littlefinger later betrayed Ramsay, but not soon enough to avoid Ramsay practicing his cruelty on Sansa. Causing a split between Sansa and Arya is actually rather mild on his list of betrayals.

So why he is always called an untrustworthy person by everyone? He promises Catelyn to help protect Ned Stark. Then he immediately gives Ned information that will get him killed, setting him on the path to Joffrey's true parentage.

sansa and petyr relationship trust

It's also worth noting that this ultimately gets Catelyn killed as well. But even before Sansa knew Arya had faceless abilities, she knew that Arya was dangerous.

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Sansa watched Arya and Brienne tie in a swordfight. More likely, Sansa is trying to stay one step ahead of Littlefinger. But the pack survives. More likely, the lone wolf refers to patriarch Ned Stark or perhaps Robb Stark both of whom died when separated from the family.

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What Sansa must have learned — and what Ned imparted to the children in the books — is that the Stark children need to stick together.

Bran has been conspicuously absent from this ongoing Stark sibling drama. So far Littlefinger and perhaps we as an audience have discounted him as a player in the Stark drama.

sansa and petyr relationship trust

But remember, his sisters can consult with him at any time about what Littlefinger is doing or has done. Yes, Bran is weird now. But he also might be able to provide the intel Sansa needs to sentence Littlefinger to his death. Helen Sloan—HBO Sansa wants revenge There would be a certain poetic justice to Sansa killing Littlefinger for betraying both her and her family again and again. Littlefinger got Ned killed, sided with the Lannisters against Robb and stuck Sansa with the Boltons.

She needs to be careful though: She must dispatch of Littlefinger in a way that allows her and Jon to retain the loyalty of the Vale.