Sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

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sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

Sailor Moon: 20 Things Only True Fans Know About Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's Relationship. Mamoru once was paired off with a different Sailor Scout: Sailor Mars (Rei Hino). Here are the 20 Things Only True Fans Know About Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's Relationship. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are destined to be together, despite the relationship between Serena and Darien is so twisted and beautiful, but holds Darien's age changes depending on which source you're consulting. Tuxedo mask form the pretty guardian sailor moon manga As Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask they have a flirtatious relationship but never get close enough to.

A boy-loving, Usagi-fighting, hothead Rei was a bit of a difference.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask's Relationship

Writers attributed a lot of the changes to her voice actor. Rei's voice actor Michie Tomizawa herself did not ask for Rei to change, though. Instead it was the director, Kunuhiko Ikuhara, who changed Rei because of Tomizawa. In several instances, the past relationship causes friction between Rei and Usagi.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

Usagi brings up the relationship as a reason not to trust Rei with Mamoru. Though Rei did a good thing, and was only following her heart, her past relationship with Mamoru causes her more trouble than it did good. Usagi even distrusts Rei enough to sneak into her home dressed as a ninja. All of this is just to ensure that she's not doing anything with Mamoru, her house-guest.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

They are both much, much younger than him. Both Rei and Usagi are about fourteen when they meet Mamoru, while Mamoru himself is seventeen. This means the middle school Rei dated a college-aged man. At the height of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, they are sixteen and nineteen, which is less strange, but still quite a big age difference.

These are the only women Mamoru has shown any interest in, even though they are much younger than him. The show does little to acknowledge the strange age gaps, but does have Usagi hide her relationship from her parents initially.

She's dating a college boy, after all. Usagi is reluctant, but Mamoru goes to stay at the shrine. Mamoru takes a break from a college report to take a bath. Mamoru quickly jumps into the bath to cover himself and Rei runs from the bathroom, but the damage is done. Later, Usagi finds out about the situation.

She's jealously livid, even though Rei insists she didn't want to see Tuxedo Mask like this. It's a strange episode, to say the least. He'd been around the Sailor Scouts because of Usagi's crush on him and their snarky banter, but he hadn't been put in the spotlight. Once Rei starts pursuing him, viewers get an official name for the tall, dreamy college boy: She's the one that integrates him into their circle of friends and marks him as an important cast member.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

Mamoru was clueless, since he never retained his Tuxedo Mask memories, but the other Sailor Scouts also rebuffed her. In spite of the character coursing through much of Sailor Moon and its various sequels and offshoots, Tuxedo Mask still may appear largely as a cipher to audiences.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

Well, the Sailor Moon manga takes many strides to actually flesh out Tuxedo Mask— and Darien, by proxy— as characters. The manga version of the character imbues the masked fighter with psychic powers, including psychometry and even healing.

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These psychic talents continue to grow and evolve through the Sailor Moon manga and even eventually receive their own storyline once the series enters its Black Moon story arc. Not only that, but he can also monitor the status of the Earth, an ability which is a whole lot cooler than tossing roses.

If he wanted, he could basically know how many roses are growing on the Earth at any given time. The protagonist is Kousagi Tsukino, the second child of Usagi and Mamoru. She outranks the other girls the way her mother outranked their parents. As soon as Mamoru saw Sailor Moon, he sensed a connection with her.

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When she's in danger, Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask to defend her. He attacks her enemies with roses studded with razor-sharp thorns. Poor Mamoru actually has no idea this is going on.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship counseling

As we eventually learn, all he knows is that he gets painful headaches and loses track of time for a while. Tuxedo Mask apparently has no idea why he's driven to protect Sailor Moon, he just knows that me must. Eventually Mamoru learned the truth about his past incarnations and gained control over his transformations.

Even given that, dressing in formal clothes and fighting with roses seems an odd choice for defending Sailor Moon. But Tuxedo Mask's creator had her reasons. In the standard pattern of the first season, the scouts engage the monster of the episode.

Tuxedo Mask

Things go badly, then Tuxedo Mask intervenes to save them. The rescue shoe is frequently on the other foot. Tuxedo Mask gets kidnapped more than any of the other characters, ending up helpless and, in a couple of cases, brainwashed.

That leaves it up to Sailor Moon and the Scouts to save the masked man she loves from the latest threat. Sometimes that means saving Tuxedo Mask from himself: In the aftermath Sailor Moon, now accessing her full power, resurrects them all, but erases their memories so they can live normal lives again.

Of course, that doesn't last, and the girls are soon fighting the latest menace.