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NV) 02 // Kilo, Big Dante, & Rydah J Klyde @ Time Out for J Diggs' birthday party (Concord, . And those who are fortunate enough to make it back come back paid. .. built relationships with different DJs and tried to put my best foot forward. [1] Jailing over lyrics C-Bo, notoriously known for his relationship with law . A former defender Hong often played as a centre back but also played at the full back position. The members consist of Husalah, Rydah J. Klyde, and The Jacka from .. I'd say 'Oooh, I was out in the woods with that boy, I better go forward. it wouldn't resemble Mob Wars as closely, but Mob Wars creator David Maestri moved forward with his lawsuit. .. organized crime syndicate based in Chicago, Illinois, which dates back to the s. .. Relationship wit more. The members consist of Husalah, Rydah J. Klyde, and The Jacka from Pittsburg; Fed- X from.

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For more info go to DowntownSpokane. See it all at riverparksquare. Now the owner of an ultra-successful tour company, the producer and star of a public television show and the author of a tall stack of guidebooks, Steves also has become a political force in recent years.

Israelis and Palestinians Today, a documentary that took the host into the contentious region to meet people on both sides of the conflict. I envisioned writing things in a way where if you took me out of context in a little snatch of the show here and there, you might think I was pro-this or pro-that.

There are good people — very good people — on both sides of the divide.

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Steves, who sits on the board of directors of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, has been talking about marijuana for decades and has been able to put an everyman face on the issue.

He was able to reach the people who want to hear from the nebbish public television host and successful businessman in khakis, rather than the tie-dyed dude from the local head shop. Offer excludes credit card loans and mortgage loans. One entry per membership. Odds of winning are dependent on the number of eligible members for the promotion. For example if people qualify for the promotion during the promotion period your chance would be 1 in Member must be in good standing to win.

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See website for details or call Must be 18 years or older to enter. Membership requirments may apply. It touches our friends, family, neighbors, classmates and colleagues. Fixing the cracks in the mental health system will require the efforts of everyone. Not just politicians and police, but teachers, parents, social workers, lawyers, doctors, judges and jailers. We know the problems. Of those, about 19 percent suffer from anxiety disorders the most common mental illnessfollowed by major depression 6.

For most people, a little anxiety is a normal and healthy reaction to stressful situations. For others, severe anxiety is debilitating. Types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder GADobsessive-compulsive disorder OCDpanic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSDsocial anxiety disorder and specific phobias.

Common symptoms are unreasonable and excessive fear, worry and dread; phobic or obsessive compulsive behavior; rapid heartbeat; hyperventilation; nausea; restlessness. Common symptoms are unusual sadness, loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, low energy, suicidal thoughts, difficulty sleeping, loss of interest in or excessive eating.

Bipolar is characterized by severe mood swings. People with bipolar disorder can sometimes experience psychosis — meaning they lose touch with reality — during manic or depressive episodes. Common symptoms during a manic episode include high energy, increased activity, extreme happiness, little sleep, rapid speech and grandiose delusions. There are three types of eating disorders recognized by medical professionals: People with eating disorders can be underweight, normal weight or overweight.

Common symptoms are disordered thoughts revolving around food, excessive vomiting, extreme weakness, low or irregular heartbeat, low body temperature and a body mass index below A chronic, severe and often misunderstood genetic brain disorder, schizophrenia distorts the way people interpret reality and requires lifelong treatment.

Symptoms typically manifest between the ages of 16 and Common symptoms are delusions, hallucinations such as hearing voices, difficulty concentrating, lack of drive, social withdrawal, inappropriate emotional reactions, unclear thinking and psychosis. Jay Inslee has said he wants to better integrate mental health care, primary care and substance abuse.

For those on Medicaid, the state recently began contracting with a national company called Optum to manage that program. Reach them at Whatever you do, pay close attention to all the new rules and fees. If you choose Frontier Airlines, you better be there an hour before the flight or you will not make it!

No ifs, ands, or cigarette butts about it. I like to fly Southwest because I know I can always make that flight, no matter what.

Five minutes before takeoff they even reopened the plane door for me. Did I mention that I have a time management problem? And on Southwest, you can take a carry-on, a purse, or a laptop as a second carry-on. You will never get away with a bag, a purse, or even a coin purse. They will stop you from boarding the plane and charge you for that second item to be checked in! What I cant understand is, why does a more expensive airline charge extra for something a less expensive airline gives away for free?

Like this magazine, we are South West! Every once in a while fans get treated to a fusion of the two, and the results are usually dope.

Here are 15 of the finest moments in South and West collabos. Compiled by Maurice G. I just got it from Highline Jewelry. I got this piece to represent a couple things in my life. First, it represents the hustle. I live this everyday non-stop.

People already want to know what I paid for it. I just tell them it cost me more then a few Slurpees. But recently, the Hip Hop police have formed in one of the most unlikeliest cities: Thomas Harris in an interview with the Colorado Springs Gazette. Racial profiling was an affliction facing our urban communities in the early 90s. It seems that the millennium brought about a change in how law enforcement is choosing to handle business.

Everything must evolve or die, and it seems now, that at least in Colorado Springs, with the introduction of the CIT, racial profiling has evolved into a monster: In order to understand the formation of the task force, one must first understand the dynamic of the city. Quite simply, Colorado Springs is a military town. The city is home to tens of thousands of military troops, almost none of whom are from Colorado. Walking onto any one of the five military institutions scattered throughout the city is like walking down South Beach, or through Bankhead and Houston, or even Birmingham.

Nine out of ten soldiers are deployed to Iraq for at least six months, often more than once during their assignment in the city. And those who are fortunate enough to make it back come back paid. So, when they return to the states the soldiers spend. They spend on rims, VIP, clothes, jewelry, cars; all the material possessions associated with Hip Hop culture.

The CIT has chosen to target the entire culture, rather than the individual. And of ten homicides committed between May and July, the police positively linked one to Hip Hop. However, it seems to be the only one. In a press release to the media CSPD cited other reasons for creating the task force, but have only produced circumstantial evidence and opinions to offer as fact in an effort to justify it. In all fairness the police are justified in their concern for the safety of those at any large gathering.

However, when that concern is targeted at only one group, simply because of one common thread, because of the music the members listen to, then it becomes a bigger issue, making it appear that the CSPD has taken a step back in time, and in equality. Hip Hop is not clean cut. It never has been, and that is one of the reasons it is so popular, yet so controversial.

Hip Hop does not partake in fanciful storytelling, or offer fairy tale endings. Rather than convolute the truth to be accepted by mainstream society, Hip Hop artists tell it how it is, no matter how gritty, no matter how disturbing, no matter how real.

If all one knows is the struggle for everyday life, that is the story that needs to be told and heard, and Hip Hop allows the message to be expressed. Hip Hop must address the truths that so many people live through and triumph over. This is not an attack on CSPD, or any other police department that has similar practices. Instead, it is a wake up call for all the members of our society, and our culture, and to the powers that be that have approved the formations in the first place.

The days of segregation and clear cut inequality between the races and sexes are essentially over, so why has our society made it acceptable to target, and in turn segregate, a large portion of the community based on their musical preference?

A year after its formation, the CIT is still operating in full force. Night clubs have been shut down and concerts have been cancelled. For some concerts that did happen, the artists were banned from performing any songs that in any way painted law enforcement in a negative light.

So on top of cultural profiling, some individuals are having their first amendment right violated as well.

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Born in San Francisco and raised in Vallejo, Deltrice practically came up in a household of performers. I get it from my momma. For years she was too shy to share her gift anywhere besides the mirror.

But when she finally mustered the courage to go in front of the congregation and sing, she became convinced that this was what she was born to do. Disappointed but not discouraged by her second place finish, she trekked to Las Vegas and begin working on her first mixtape, Deltrice: Taking a week to record non-stop, the mixtape sold over 10, copies independently thanks to her relentless promotional schedule that included performances everywhere from birthday parties to nightclubs.

Blige and Tim and Bob Bobby Valentino. But keeping true to his street roots, Kutt redelivers with the same edge that made his first album so popular.

During his teen years, Kutt fell into the common trap of selling drugs to support himself. Facing death after a gunshot wound to his back, he luckily walked away from the drug game and found a new home in the studio, where his gift for storytelling manifested. As a hype man and solo artist, Kutt has found a unique niche in the Strange Music family. You got Skatterman and Snug Brim; we signed to the label at the same time.

You got Krizz Kaliko. You can find the Parker Brothaz online at www. The paper license plate indicates the car is a new purchase from one of only six Range Rover dealerships in northern California. He exits the vehicle with a car around his neck the diamond cross pendant and chain and a house on his wrist the iced out Jacob face in his watcheliminating any doubts about his current status.

That single carried weight for the group until Rich was convicted on drug charges, which led to their disbanding. Looking ahead, Rich is ready to get active with a new album and a solid plan to sell units.

We need support from radio for one, and we need support from our communities, too. This has been going on since the late 80s. A, so that was right around the era of the gangsta shit. But in Oakland back then people was getting killed for reasons—money, turf wars, shit like that. Ghettos everywhere are on the same shit, and I think what it goes back to is no parenting.

A lot of these kids--I sold dope to their parents. We used to call this the crack baby era, because they parents were in that last to year span.

The reason I think that is because the shit happens everywhere—in other states, different cities. The only logic to me is that the cocaine era left a lot of kids to just raise themselves. Tell us about the dope case you caught that eventually led to the break-up of I did days in county. They offered me a day option in the pen or a county year, which is days. I took the county year and everybody thought I was crazy.

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I wanted probation over parole. What did you take away from your experiences upon your release from prison? Shit became like camp. Niggas burnt up good radio play. Are you ready to come back? I got so many songs; I got about 50 or 60 good songs done. A surprisingly sharp shooter, Hussle is ready to be a contender. In this interview, he reveals his one-man band talents of rapping, Is that program that you participated in still around?

And it How long have you been making music? There was a community outreach [program] that had a free little studio setup and I used to go there once a week every Saturday at the Watts Towers. They taught me how to use all the equipment. They taught me how to produce, how to engineer and everything, so besides rapping and all that I can be an engineer in the studio. That had a major influence because at that age, the early teens, it could go either way. And I was already in the streets but that was kind of like my deterrent.

When shit got too hot in the streets, a lot of people could fall back into nothing. I fell back into the studio.

And then I could vent, speak on what was happening and get that shit off my chest. Every now and again I would relapse and be back in the streets but I always had the studio to step back into. But since I had access to different studios and I could be creative and all that, I started to see a different lane.

Would you say that older people or OGs in the neighborhood noticed your talent and helped keep you out of trouble? He came home from the pen [after doing] 13 years.