Rosalie and bella relationship test

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rosalie and bella relationship test

This page discusses the various relationships throughout the Twilight saga, from romantic to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen · This quiz will tell you if you are like the innocent Bella Swan, or the mean Rosalie Cullen. If you're lucky, you'll get Jessica, who's smack dab in the middle. Quiz. In New Moon, Rosalie explains to Bella that, when she was a human, her one wish To find out more about Rosalie and her problematic relationship with Bella.

During their teenage years Right after they have been turned When they are mature vampires After their th year as a vampire 20True or False? Even after the Volturi announce that they will eliminate Bella if the Cullen family does not turn her into one of them, there is still a discussion over how, when, and if to go through with it.

Though the family has a deep and intense loyalty to each other, they have disagreements just like all other families.

Is this decision an exception? True False 21Why was Rosalie so upset about her transition, and why does she resent it? Some of them approved of his choice, and were excited about their new state of existence, while others took a while longer to adjust.

Rosalie was the most reluctant, and actively tried to talk Bella out of becoming a vampire herself. Why was Rosalie so upset about her transition, and why does she resent it? During Twilight Eclipse, an army of newborns attack the clan. The newborns come from Seattle, where they have been rioting, going on sprees eliminating people, and generally bringing awareness to themselves with little thought to the consequences when the word traveled back to the Volturi. What is the reason that the Seattle newborns take the fight to the Cullens instead of waiting for them to come and fight up north?

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Some of the strategy is simple, and other parts are more complex. Some of it has to do with the battle itself, and some of it is more diversion tactics. One of these strategies is employed by Bella. Though it was agreed upon that she would do it, her methods cause Edward to question if she is taking it to far.

What does Bella do to help the fight? She builds traps for the newborns She spreads her scent on the battle field She ties herself to a train She hides herself in a bunker 24Which period of history did Carlisle save Jasper?

Please read and review! I will take ONLY constructive criticism on my story! Relationships My relationship with everyone in my family was starting to disappear gradually within the few weeks that we came home. My relationship with Bella was hanging on by a very thin thread.

The color on her face completely diminished. The beautiful creamy color that I grew to love first went from a dull gray to a pale yellow.

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Her eyes sunk in even more then the last time, developing dark circles under her eyes. The shadows seemed to mimic our own eyes. Her heart was working harder to get blood to her entire body. She began losing weight, causing her frame to display nothing but her blistering torso. The days were hard and when nighttime was upon the family, it was even harder. Bella had her good and bad days, as well as her good nights and bad night.

On a good day, Bella would talk to Rosalie about motherly things. They would spend all day on the web, looking up different things for the 'baby'.

Their bond continued to grow stronger and more unbreakable. A good night she slept without a single winced escaping her lips. On a bad day, Bella constantly vomited. On those bad nights, I played for her whatever her heart deserver. Those were the days and nights that I could barely be in the same room with Bella. It pained me more was when she always insisted on Rosalie to help her in everything.

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I began helpless and was quickly losing my hope that everything was going to be all right. I would have given anything to know what she was thinking during the moment that she grew to love and cradle her swollen bump. The relationship between Rosalie and me became pure hatred. I could hardly tolerate the plan that was running through her head. We hardly spoke nor did we try to make conversation between us. I hated her the most when she never allowed anyone alone with Bella.

rosalie and bella relationship test

She or Esme were always on guard. My hate from Rosalie grew stronger whenever she encouraged Bella that everything would be all right on those bad days. During the nights, when the full moon would glow in the black sky, was when Rosalie and I would become aggressive.

Our arguing grew out of control, causing every family member to take sides. Occasionally Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper and even Alice would throw themselves in the middle, pulling us part. I knew that Rosalie hardly cared if Bella made it through the chaos, which fueled me to want nothing to do with her. My relationship with Emmett was starting to weaken quickly, too. We went from making friendly conversation, wrestling around to never speaking to one another after a while. We both knew how we felt about one another; endless amounts of brotherly love, but it pained me that he helped Rosalie.

I didn't hate him for helping Rosalie, but I couldn't come to grips on the matter. I knew he cared for Bella, more then I thought he even did. But he loved Rosalie unconditionally and having her happy meant the world to him.

rosalie and bella relationship test

Furthermore, when it came to "his Rose" getting what she wanted, he always gave it to her. I grew to think that his betrayal was far worse then I could ever anticipate. I begin to believe that the greater the trust I had with the Emmett, the greater his betrayal was to me.

My relationship with Esme was not a strong as it could have been. It pained Esme that we hardly spoke, but I could never bring myself to look at her. I knew that Esme always had Bella's best interest at heart. It pained her to see Bella become so fragile over time. Nevertheless, Esme knew where I stood on the decision. She didn't understand it nor did she agree with it, but she accepted it. Furthermore, Esme also encouraged Bella to keep going and to pull through it all.

Esme had always been the only mother that I even knew.


I knew she loved me unconditionally and always wished for me to be happy. Esme never wanted Bella to be in pain or hurt, but she felt she needed to help Bella. She always regretted never getting a second chance at be a mother, in her previous life. Although, I felt that she was also living her 'human life' through Bella. My relationship with Carlisle never really faded nor did it grow stronger.

During those hard and long nights with Bella, Carlisle aided me from going mad.