Riku and sora relationship memes

24 Hilarious Kingdom Hearts Memes That Will Leave You Laughing

riku and sora relationship memes

The relationship between Sora and Riku has always been a kind of rivalry, none moreso than when Riku Miljenko Šuflaj, I smuggle memes and like to code. 24 Hilarious Kingdom Hearts Memes That Will Leave You Laughing . Their passion for this fan relationship seemed over the top so much so that I The night before Sora, Riku, and Kairi are going to set sail on their raft; you. If Sora and Riku were in a romantic relationship with one another, it would prove to many that homosexuality need not define the entirety of a.

Stay away from this nightmare Scary Terry. Now truthfully you could easily replace the writing on there for anything. Both have had their ups and downs and honestly, Kingdom Hearts has had more downs overall. Why make your title into an equation unless you want it to get made fun of? It made the camera situation almost virtually unplayable at times.

The idea was solid. It was clunky, but a neat idea at least. As sort of a course correction five years later they changed it back to Aerith when Kingdom Hearts was released. While it is nice to correct an error, a name seems a little too late to swap for an entire region. A famous bad translation was in Metal Gear Solid.

Now on paper that may not seem that weird. After all putting a fighting coliseum in an RPG is pretty standard and for that, I applaud the inclusions.


That is when the content remains a fighting coliseum, but it has devastated from this structure multiple times. What else do you have to say about Hercules, Nomura? There was a short-lived cartoon show, the movie, and that was it.

Are you trying to create God of War, or something?


Do you have a constant need for Phil? It always threw me off, but it might just be my hearing.

riku and sora relationship memes

His string of spears look real too unlike the Fisher Price stuff everyone else has. Coincidentally that happened once. That may be too inside-baseball, but whatever. I could probably do it. Anyway, every fan knows the narrative is convoluted. However, things take a drastic turn on the night before their journey.

Because Riku had opened the door in the Secret Place at an unspecified time, the Heartlessbeings of darkness, invade the islands, seeking out the world's heart. Both afraid that a storm would destroy the raft, Kairi and Sora set out for the island. Sora finds Riku first. However, while Sora is concerned for his friend's safety, Riku is only obsessed with finally escaping the islands.

Darkness surrounds the two, and Riku disappears into it, while Sora gains the Keyblade. Riku eventually ends up in Hollow Bastion via the Corridor of Darknessseparated from his friends. There, he is found by Maleficent who offers him shelter and protection. However, seeing the potential in him, Maleficent begins to corrupt Riku's mind by convincing him that Sora had replaced him and Kairi with Donald Duck and Goofy. She claims that the only way to save Kairi, who has lost her heart to the darkness, is to ally himself with her and her band of villains, while abandoning Sora.

After his reunion with Sora in Traverse Town, Riku begins to agree with Maleficent and officially starts his stay with her. However, he is still highly suspicious of her motives. After Xehanort's Heartless's death, Riku regains his body as he helps Sora from the other side of the Door to Darkness.

However, Mickey fends the Heartless off so Riku and Sora can proceed to close the door. Before the door is completely closed and sealed by Sora and Mickey, Riku tells the former to take care of Kairi. Chain of Memories ""Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road". It's the road to dawn". A dark card and a disembodied voice present themselves. The Voice offers Riku the chance to sleep and forget his troubles as well as the light, or take the card and take the first steps toward the truth.

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Zexion and Vexen have great roles in Riku's story. Vexen independently appears before Riku and the latter wonders if Vexen is with "Ansem" Xehanort's Heartless. Vexen cryptically responds that he is with " another Ansem ". Still, Riku fights against Vexen, seeing him as an enemy. However, the battle only helps Vexen, who uses the data he gathered from the battle to create a replica of Riku.

The replica soon comes to battle Riku, mocking Riku's fear of the darkness while the replica embraces it. However, the real Riku proves victorious, and the replica runs off. He awakens his dark powers againadmitting that it's a part of him and not evil, defeating Zexion. Riku faces Ansem for one final battle alone. Ansem asks why he still refuses him if he accepts darkness now, and inquires if Riku is still scared of the darkness.

Riku denies this and merely says, "I just can't stand your foul stench". They fight and the last of Ansem is destroyed, but not before he says a part of him is still in Riku, and that he shall return. As a defeated Xion lies on the ground, Riku pulls off her hood and pulls up his blindfold to get a good look at her. He is shocked by her appearance and begins questioning her how she is able to use the Keybladecalling it a sham and worthless. Angered, Xion demands what right he had to say such a thing and attacks him, only to be knocked down singlehandedly.

After Xion wakes upon Destiny Islands, she expresses her curiosity about "Sora and that girl he's always with", in which Riku tells her that Kairi is someone very special to Sora. He tells her that she is the reason Sora is unable to wake up because part of his memories are inside of her.

Even though Xion is unsure of where she truly belongs and what the right choice is, Riku gives her some time to think about it. He is also seen conversing with DiZ next to the pod Sora sleeps in.

Riku and Roxas passing each other on the Skyscraper.

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Riku is the final boss of the game, as the game ends with the battle between him and Roxas depicted in several scenes in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, including the secret endings of Another Side, Another Story DiZ asks Riku to kidnap Roxas, the Nobody of Sora, who has been having trouble regaining his memories.

If he and Roxas join, Sora should be able to reawaken. Xemnas also arrives, and he and Ansem the Wise trade bitter words. The machine then explodes, unable to handle Kingdom Hearts, sending Ansem the Wise to the Realm of Darkness while causing countless hearts Xemnas had collected into Kingdom Hearts to rain down on the world, creating a slew of Heartless. The explosion also cleanses Riku's heart and restores Riku to his original form, though he is still remorseful. Riku and King Mickey at Destiny Islands.

Towards the end after the final attack used by Xemnas, Sora is left open and Riku takes a blow intended to finish off his friend, which allows Sora to finish Xemnas off with both Riku and Sora firing a beam of light from Sora's keyblade. After the fall of Xemnas, Sora and the injured Riku face an onslaught of Dusks ready to fulfill their master's final order: However, the Dusks disintegrate back into nothingness, and Sora and Riku escape the realm, entering the Dark Meridian.

Sora then manages to open the Door to Light, as King Mickey predicted while he read Kairi's Letterand the two return home, reuniting with their friends. When we look at it, we can reflect on the fact that water almost seemed vital to bring life to Kairi's character When we look at Kairi's name in Japanese, It actually means "nautical mile". However, her individual kanjis means "sea" and "village". After linking her name with these events, It's only fair to say that Square-Enix and Disney did a great job at keeping Kairi's concept theme.

riku and sora relationship memes

They both ranked 3rd in the Famitsu character poll of the series and both have very interesting stories in their own way. They also both share a twisted relationship in which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back. Shortly after his death, Axel reverts back to his human form, Lea and becomes a valued ally for the main cast. The twisted part is that Lea is also Kairi's sparring Keyblade partner. Although Kairi seemed uncomfortable training with her former captor-turned-ally, a canon story reading, performed at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra suggested that Kairi quickly overcame her fear of Lea and became friends with him.

We sure do hope to see these two Keyblade users in action. Initially, the Birth By Sleep main characters' name follows the same concept in which the trio are being named after elements.

As discussed in a previous entry, Aqua is ultimately responsible for Kairi's journey. The series is usually rated E for Everyone in the ESRB ratings and even Kingdom Hearts producer claims he had to edit some features in order not to depict too much negativity in the game.

However, this state of mind is less prevalent in the manga series. In an attempt to lure Sora, Saix summons two Berserker Nobodies and orders them to attack Kairi's cell in order for her to yell for help to lure Sora. Though Kairi is visibly injured she even bleeds a bitshe remains stoic throughout the short scene. Further proof of her social skill is demonstrated in Kingdom Hearts II manga. When Kairi lands on Twilight Town. She is greeted by Hayner and his crew. While she casually engages with them, Organisation XIII member Vexen secretly stalks her and praises her ability to easily be friends with people she just met and even compares himself to her, saying he would have taken "5 years to get their trust.