Relationship questions and answers india

20 Public Relations Interview Questions and Answers, Public relations

relationship questions and answers india

View the questions and their answers from our sexpert on. You can also ask your My boyfriend and I share a healthy relationship. Recently, we decided to. Verbal Reasoning questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer. Raksha Bharadia studies couple relationships in the modern Indian answer questions and provide advice on a range of relationship issues.

relationship questions and answers india

In researching her upcoming title Chaos, a book on couple relationships in urban India, the author travelled across the country hoping to make sense of the nonsense of romantic relationships. She approached experts, therapists, sexologists, historians, divorce lawyers and, of course, couples themselves. Couples post one happy picture after another on Facebook but no one discusses what goes on between two happy pictures.

I wanted to understand the life of a couple between their Facebook posts. According to Raksha, the modern Indian couple faces challenges unbeknownst to previous generations.

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We grow up with a strong, Asian, community-based family culture but find ourselves juxtaposed with Western influences not just through TV shows but also through social media. The counselling section of the site connects users with professionals who answer questions and provide advice on a range of relationship issues. In conversation with Raksha, The Better India delves into the mysteries of couple dynamics and the challenges faced by modern Indian relationships.

What are Indian couples today facing problems with? Infidelity is by far the most common issue, followed by problems with in-laws. Money issues are not as big as one would have expected but cultural differences, the way both partners were raised, do cause trouble in relationships. Likewise, opinions on things like working from home or alcohol consumption are results of upbringing. How do Indian couples typically deal with infidelity?

When I visited relationship experts they all said that a decade ago, one or two out of ten couples came to them because of an extra-marital issue.

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Today, it is six or seven out of ten. The funny thing about married couples is that no one wants to get out of marriage. Even where there have been instances of adultery, most couples want to deal with it, get over it and move on even though it is painful.

The one thing I see in a lot of these cases, is that the partner who was cheated on wants to know the details. There is an obsession to know every detail. What good will it do? How does cheating begin? People who have affairs typically go through four stages. Then they justify their affair by declaring something is wrong with their partner.

At the third stage, they decide that the problem is neither with themselves, nor their partner, but that incompatibility is the issue. And finally, even incompatibility is not an excuse; the problem lies with the whole idea of lifetime commitment.

They begin to believe that there is something wrong with the system of making vows for a lifetime. I find that when people are aware of these stages beforehand, they have a different perspective on cheating. How does one discuss past relationships with their current partner?

This seems to be a typical girl issue. Public relations is more about building your client's reputation but at the same time you need to be honest at some places as you cannot cheat your audience. A customer does not require each and every information of your organization but he should be given what is in his interest.

10 Common Questions on Relationships in India, Answered by an Expert

Advocacy is more about presenting information in a transparent manner. So, being a public relations specialist, you need to be transparent wherever it is important to be, but you need to remain objective at times too, as it is stated earlier that your audience does not require every detail of the company.

relationship questions and answers india

It is all about balancing the reputation without compromising on the facts. How would you put together a pitch? Being a public relations personnel you must know the techniques of making an effective pitch. Here are some common ideas to put a pitch together.

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You can make your first pitch through an email and then, you can call. And at that point there is no sense in buttering them as they must know your interests are sincere. What kind of media outlets do you follow on a day to day basis? The kind of media outlets you follow reflect your interests and your character. If you are appearing for a job interview in a company that deals with technology, you must follow outlets like Wired, Gizmodo, or TechCrunch.

It is not just about following media outlets, make sure that you did a serious research since interviewers are usually smart enough to know who is genuine and who is not.

If you are following any social media website, you must have reasons to follow it like you get updated on technology through Wired or TechCrunch.

20 Public Relations Interview Questions and Answers, Public relations

Here are some skills that you must have as a public relations specialist when you are responding to client's message. Finding relevant contacts and sources is quiet easy now-a-days with the help of social media and Internet. What is a PR Crisis? How would you deal with one? PR crisis is the situation that arises when an organization or individual is facing a challenge to its reputation. It can happen because of an unpredictable event threatens can seriously impact an organization's performance and generate negative outcomes.

If I would be in any of such crisis I would follow the steps that are mentioned below. I will be finding out what exactly the crisis is and will note down every detail of it.