Peyton and lucas relationship

peyton and lucas relationship

The following are the details of the relationships that Lucas Scott has been a part of throughout and before the series. Nicki Peyton Sawyer Scott Start Up. Honestly, Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill are the definition of relationship goals. Sure, they had their ups and downs, and at. Even Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton for six years on the show, still wishes Compare that with the start of Peyton's relationship with Lucas.

With prompting from Lucas, she agrees to meet with him. Unaware of all this, and in an attempt to be more trusting, Peyton accepts him. Lucas, on the other hand, soon grows suspicious of 'Derek' when he catches him sniffing Peyton's hair during a hug and finds Peyton's jacket, which had gone missing, on the beaten prostitute still dressed as Peyton.

Peyton soon realizes the truth, and, in a terrifying encounter, is manhandled and nearly raped by Psycho Derek. Lucas and the real Derek come to her rescue, pushing him out a window; by the time the police show up, he has disappeared.

This series of events causes Peyton to withdraw from society, becoming scared and even skipping school and getting four locks on her bedroom door. Derek, who is in the Marine Corps and is unwilling to care too deeply due to having watched too many loved ones die, avoids Peyton until Lucas comes and talks to him about her.

He and Peyton develop a healthy sibling relationship and he helps her come to terms with her fear, not only of Derek but of confessing her feelings to Lucas. Peyton is unwilling to ruin the friendship that she and Lucas have, especially until she is sure that he and Brooke are over. At Derek's encouragement, she asks Lucas to a banquet to honor Whitey, only to find out he is going with Brooke.

Disappointed, she takes Derek instead. Derek tells her that he is being deployed to Iraq. That night, Lucas comes over to Peyton's to tell her that it is finally over between him and Brooke. She immediately confesses that she is in love with him, to which Lucas just says "Oh. Lucas declares Peyton his girlfriend, but their happiness is short-lived when Lucas has a heart attack that same night and almost dies. Peyton fears she will lose him like she has lost everyone else.

However, Lucas "comes back to the living" for Peyton, and to tell her he loves her. She and Lucas soon decide to just be happy. They decide to make love, for the first time, during a party in the room where Peyton first rejected him, but they are interrupted when Peyton hears everyone cat-calling at what she thinks is a sex tape of her and Nathan. When Lucas and Peyton rush out to put an end to the tape, they, and everyone else, discover that it is in fact, of Nathan and Brooke. Peyton is enraged at Brooke and punches her, giving her a black eye.

Later, while at home, Peyton yells at Brooke that she did not ruin their friendship; Brooke ruined it a long time ago. Following this, Peyton decides to skip prom, but gets convinced not to do so by Lucas.

peyton and lucas relationship

As she walks to her door to answer it thinking it is Lucasthe man behind the door turns around and it is actually her stalker, Psycho Derek. He ties her up and gags her in her basement and proceeds to make a mock prom for them; he takes pictures of the bound and gagged Peyton, dancing with her and telling her they are gonna "go upstairs and have the perfect prom night". Brooke arrives, knowing that Peyton would never skip prom.

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Psycho Derek tries to kill Brooke, but Peyton and Brooke eventually overpower him and he ends up in jail. This experience repairs Peyton's and Brooke's friendship. Peyton learns that Psycho Derek's real name is Ian Banks. She forgives him after discovering disturbing facts about his past, and tells him that she hopes he finds peace. Lucas and Peyton eventually have sex together for the first time.

peyton and lucas relationship

After making sure with Lucas, Peyton decides to take an internship in L. Missing years[ edit ] One year after season 4, Peyton is surprised by Lucas when he comes to LA to propose to her. Feeling it is too soon, she says "someday", unknowingly setting their breakup in motion.

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Having missed her, he calls her and invites her to come to the signing. Peyton comes, but witnesses Lindsey Strauss giving Lucas a congratulatory kiss, assumes that Lindsey and Lucas are in a relationship, and leaves thinking there is no hope for her and Lucas to be together. Lucas thinks Peyton did not bother to come to the book signing, and consequently goes on his first date with Lindsey the same night and begins dating her, despite his feelings for Peyton.

They talk and he invites her to a work party he has to attend that night. She and Julian date for a while afterwards, to the point where she moves in with him and they profess their love for each other, but he ends it after realizing that she will never get over Lucas.

Final seasons[ edit ] In season 5, it has been four years later since high school graduation. Peyton, now 22, works as the assistant to the assistant, as her boss likes to remind her. Unable to make it in the music business and fearing to lose her integrity, she decides to quit and goes back to Tree Hill with her old best friend, Brooke Davis, [21] and soon moves in with her.

Her reunion with Lucas turns out to not be what she wished for, as he has a new girlfriend, Lindsey. She still loves Lucas, but temporarily puts those feelings aside to force Nathan to come to terms with what he has become.

peyton and lucas relationship

Finally feeling at home, and with the moral help from Lucas and the financial wealth of Brooke, she starts her own label at TRIC. She recruits her first band, led by a man named Jason.

peyton and lucas relationship

Peyton also struggles with her feelings toward Lucas, especially since his girlfriend tries to be nice to her. After visiting her old house and remembering how she thought she would always be with Lucas, she becomes bitter.

This then escalates into a fight with him as he confronts her about not being the same Peyton he used to know; she retorts that he gave up on the two of them. She kisses him, and he kisses back but when she goes by his house, she finds out he has just proposed marriage to Lindsey. She regrets her hostile remarks toward Lindsey when she discovers Lindsey's dad died from cancer, which prompts the two to start from a clean slate regarding their interaction.

Although the wedding ends up falling apart, she is still hurt because Lucas went through with his wedding vows. She gets him home, where he utters that he hates her. Having seen this, he apologizes for saying that he hates her. During this time, Peyton gets word from Mia about a man who claims to have known Peyton's biological mother, Ellie.

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From the information given, this man could possibly be her biological father. In the season 6 premiere, it is discovered that the person whom Lucas called is Peyton.

She goes to the airport and they hop on a plane to Vegas to get married. Once they get there, the chapel is too trashy, and so they do not get married. Instead, they drive to L. After Brooke calls Peyton and sounds weird, Lucas and Peyton decide to head back to Tree Hill and have the wedding there instead.

Peyton sees that Brooke is beaten up, but Brooke lies and says she fell down the stairs, and Peyton believes her, not knowing that Brooke was attacked.

He is the one who asked Mia about Peyton during the tour.

peyton and lucas relationship

He keeps dodging around the subject of Peyton's real father, but says a little more about him each time Peyton brings him up. When she asks him why her parents gave her up and, he replies, "We I mean they, had a tough decision.

She invites him over for a nice dinner together, he instead goes and gets drunk at a bar after being sober for a year as shown by a sobriety chip in his pocket.

She and Lucas have also set a date for their wedding, which causes conflict between Lucas and Lindsey with regards to the book tour for his second book. She tells him to leave. Not long afterward, during a visit to Brooke's, Brooke tells Peyton the truth about how she got all the bruises on her body.

Peyton is later seen on the phone with Larry, her adoptive father. She tells him how much she loves him. Later, she goes to TRIC to meet up with Lucas and a man named Julian, who is interested in making a movie based on Lucas's first novel. Julian was asking Lucas a lot of questions about Peyton before she got there. He was, of course, a great musician, so Miranda was intent on getting him to make a record. Grubbs was intent on getting her to fall for him.

Thankfully, this plot was abandoned when Miranda was deported back to England. It was later revealed that Grubbs went after her and that was the last fans heard of either of these forgettable characters. Brooke and Julian OTH may not have done the best job of laying the groundwork for this relationship. Regardless of their romantic beginnings, Brooke and Julian made a great couple.

After watching her kiss so many frogs over the years, it was gratifying to finally see Brooke with someone who actually deserved her. It was also nice that no one made a big deal out of the fact that Julian and Peyton had a romantic history with one another. Brooke and Peyton had already fractured their friendship once over a guy, so it was a relief that the writers chose not to revisit the subject. Instead, Brooke finally got everything that she ever wanted.

After the loss of Keith, it seemed that she would never find it. The season 5 reveal that she and her daughter Lily were living with her former sweetie, Andy Hargrove, was a welcome one. Despite their age difference, it was always easy to root for Andy and Karen. His exit from the show was rather sudden and likely just a result of the writers wanting to pair Keith and Karen. It was nice to watch their relationship unfold the first time around. He finds a stash of cash and an incriminating ledger in the attic at Dan's dealership and plans to expose Dan's illegal dealings, but ultimately fails as Dan has also incriminated Deb.

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As a result, he loses Dan's college fund for him which Dan had been saving since Lucas was a baby and even his heart medication. Nathan also ends his friendship with Lucas after discovering that Lucas had planned to bring Dan down and visited Haley behind his back in an attempt to patch up her and Nathan's marriage.

Lucas does, however, kiss Brooke in the season finale and confesses that he wants to be with her, but she still leaves for California to spend the summer with her parents. Ultimately, it is just Lucas and a broken-hearted Peyton after boyfriend Jake left her for the summer and the last shot is of the two of them sharing a meaningful hug on the beach. Dan tries to strangle Lucas on the basketball court, but Peyton, having learned the truth from Lucas, tells Dan that Lucas actually saved him from the fire.

Lucas also protects the true arsonist: Lucas and Nathan continue to argue over Nathan's treatment of the returned Haley and have a public fight after Lucas accuses Nathan of being just like Dan. Lucas struggles to pay for his heart medication and steals money from his mother, which Haley sees, forcing Lucas to tell her about his condition. He begins a non-exclusive relationship with Brooke and uses Rachel Gatina to make her jealous, but a series of events leads Brooke to sleep with Chris Kellertearing them apart.

He and Nathan gradually become friends again. Keith returns, and he and Karen finally get together and become engaged. Keith also plans to adopt Lucas. Lucas saves Peyton and is devastated by Jimmy and Keith's eventual deaths.

After seeing the effect of Keith's death on his mother, Lucas decides to finally tell Whitey, Nathan, and Karen about his heart condition and quits basketball. He goes on a university tour with his mother and realizes that he wants to become a writer. He is also Nathan's best man for his second wedding to Haley.

He and Brooke break up for good during the wedding when Brooke learns that Lucas kissed Peyton back during the school shooting. In Season 4, Lucas tries to get Brooke back, but she rejects him, feeling that the passion is no longer there. One day, he hurries to save Peyton from Internet stalker " Psycho Derek ", and becomes considerably closer to her afterward. He also helps Karen, who is pregnant with Keith's baby, and plans on going to the University of North Carolina when he graduates so that he can be close to home in case she needs him.

Dan also helps Karen with her pregnancy, wanting to make amends for Keith's death. After talking with Dan, Karen persuades Whitey to let Lucas play 15 minutes a game, so as not to let him miss out on something he loves.

Brooke and Lucas try dating each other again, but realize that it is not what they truly want and is not what is meant to be, prompting Peyton to confess her feelings for Lucas.

Lucas then discovers that Nathan is planning to throw the state championship game because of his debts. Lucas plans to prevent this and deliberately fails to take his heart medication in order to play better, but Nathan is inspired by learning that he is going to have a son and they win, with Lucas making the winning shot.

During the celebration, Lucas, after receiving Brooke's blessing, sees Peyton and tells her that she is the girl he has been meant for. The two then share a long-awaited kiss. They become a couple at the after-party, but their happiness is short-lived when Haley gets hit by a car and Lucas tries to tell the paramedics what happened, only to suffer a heart attack.

As he is in the hospital, Lucas dreams that he is visited by Keith, who shows Lucas what life would have been like if he had been a lesser person. In the end, Lucas realizes that he has to go back to his life because he never told Peyton that he loves her. Lucas wakes up and begins a relationship with Peyton.

After the failed attempt of prom in Tree Hill High, the group go on a rescue mission to save Mouth who has become stranded in Honeygrove. They all then crash the local Prom, where he and Peyton have sex with each other for the first time. He begins to investigate Keith's death, as the Keith in his dream suggested that Jimmy did not kill him, but he also starts getting closer to Dan, who tells Karen he wants a bigger part in Lucas's life. Lucas discovers the truth about Dan thanks to witness Abby Brown.

He attacks Dan after walking in on him and Karen kissing and tells Karen that Dan killed Keith, but Dan convinces Karen that Lucas is delusional and needs help. Lucas then steals Deb's gun and confronts Dan in front of Karen, having set him up by sending him a message from "Abby".

Karen collapses and Lucas fires a warning shot at Dan, telling him not to touch her. Karen is rushed to hospital with eclampsia and has an emergency c-section. Lucas is given a half-sister, who is named Lily Roe Scott when Karen regains consciousness.

Later, Dan turns himself in for Keith's murder. Lucas graduates and gets, as a reward, his book An Unkindness of Ravens from his mother.