Peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

Roy Dupuis and Peta Wilson - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

IT'S ALMOST AS IF PETA WILSON HAS been preparing since age 12 for her Adding to her problems was a nine-month case of malaria, caught in Nervous about carrying the lead in a series, Wilson asked costar Roy Dupuis, who Of course other goals, like marriage (“I'd love to live in a villa and. Relationship it can match the emotional depth and understatement of Peta Wilson's Nikita and Roy Dupuis' Michael. Do not start thinking he might be a government agent whose issues derive from the fact that his wife. Peta Wilson news, gossip, photos of Peta Wilson, biography, Peta Wilson boyfriend list Relationship history. Peta Wilson relationship list. Peta Wilson dating history, , , list of Peta Wilson relationships. Peta Wilson Roy Dupuis.

We're very silly together. What can we look forward to in upcoming projects with your career? They all cared about making a great show. I've never seen it actually.

If La Femme Nikita ever was to make a reunion movie of the week, would you consider coming back as Madeline? Alberta, have you ever been to Australia, if so, where did you go, if not, will you be coming? Never been and unless a job took me there I can't see me going as I hate long plane rides.

If you could teleport me I'd love it. Theatre is great for every actor. Did you have a say in developing Madeline's character, or were those decisions made for you?

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

It was a team effort. In the first season of La Femme Nikita, Madeline was almost a girlfriend to Nikita, and a bit warmer in the end, what did you like most?

You played her almost too real. I liked being warmer, it gave me more to play. Did you find difficulty in sustaining the arch and controlling character that created a devious puzzle palace at Section during the five years of the series, finding it far from who you really are? Yes, it was hard because the parameters were so small. What stage screen performances and by whom were they performed, that were the model of inspiration for Madeline's character, and did you influence the writers regarding her lines and actions?

I didn't use anyone else's performance. The scripts in the first year laid her out very clearly for me. Had Madeline's character not been written out though a suicide, we could have seen some powerful conflict scenes between her and Nikita in the fifth season, was the possibility of survival into the fifth season discussed at all in the writing department and then scrapped, opting for her suicide, and what were your feelings at the time and now for about Madeline's hasty exit from the program?

Did you propose to keep Madeline's character alive? I proposed not to.

A Day With Roy Dupuis

Did you ever find yourself when portraying new roles years after the end of La Femme Nikita, drawing upon your experience with the role of Madeline? What did the playing the role of Madeline teach you personally? No, once I was finished with the show so was she.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

Fifteen years later, the aspiring actor who impersonated you and deftly took advantage of the empty slot is one of the hottest actors in television. He seems not to pursue fame or celebrity; they seem to be chasing him.

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Not many actors have it that easy. There is an indescribable quality to Dupuis that explains this natural evolution towards celebrity.

I like to meet people but fame breaks that—the truth of people. A day with Roy Dupuis is like a chess match: During the ride to La Maison du lac Sacacomie approximately two hours north of Montrealtruth—the search for it, ways to protect it—emerges as a crucial theme for Dupuis.

An onerous ideal in an art and an industry based on illusion.

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Dupuis recognizes that dishonesty can become inextricable from success: I used to like to watch people. It would give me ideas and feelings.

The burning question for fans is what he will do now that Nikita has ended.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

Some have commented that Dupuis is poised on the verge of superstardom. Roy is an unusual blend of machismo and vulnerable romantic—a combination of Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt.

I will stay in Quebec. When I read [a script], it needs to say something, something about the times we live in. Someone who kills so many people cannot easily smile.

He can but not like regular people. He is someone who carries death with him all the time. He had to be a little off reality.

Roy Dupuis – Plain Steamed Rice

Is he real or not? This is hard to carry all the time. This is why there is an economy of movement in his gestures. I decided to strip them all away to portray this weight of perfection. Dupuis attributes his ability to decipher a character to instinct.