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"Helping Hand" is the third episode of the first season of the American medical drama Body of Proof. It was originally broadcast in the United States on ABC on April 5, The episode was directed by John Terlesky and written by Corey Miller. In this episode, Megan (Dana Delany) is shocked after the victim in a When Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) looks through her autopsy scan, she. Dana Delany as Megan Hunt in Body of Proof Megan and her closest co- worker, medicolegal investigator Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop). Megan goes to a scene wherein a couple were killed. She meets Detectives Peter Dunlop: You know, the last time that your hands bothered you, you were calling Lacey about lunch. Megan Hunt: Uh, you wanna give me more advice?.

They find out that it is Jeremy, but he says that Elena ended their relationship hours before she died. Megan finds out that the shooter was in fact outside the room.

They find Sean Wilcox's Tobias Segal skin on the bullet, a recently released criminal. Sean denies killing Elena, but states that he was one of Elena's patients, and that she had rented the motel room for him, to give him a place to stay. After falling asleep in the room, he awoke after hearing a shot.

After seeing Elena dead on the floor, and himself injured, he ran after thinking no one would believe his account of what happened.

Megan Hunt & Peter Dunlop

After persuasion by Peter Dunlop Nicholas BishopSean helps the police, which allows them to get an arrest warrant for Vincent, however Megan finds rice flour on the bullet, which concludes that Vincent did not kill Elena. The rice flour leads them back to Holly, as she has a baby, and rice flour is commonly used for babies. They arrest Holly, who reveals that Elena visited her and discovers Holly was back on drugs, and was going to take Holly's baby.

Holly followed Elena, and shot her to prevent this from happening. After the confession, social services arrive, and take Holly's baby away. This episode achieved a much higher number of viewers than the previous episode, " Letting Go ".

It's a smooth, unchallenging watch. Delany is effortlessly likeable as Hunt and, while her cohorts are sketchily drawn, they do show promise. The condition caused Megan to kill a patient during an operation, thus ending her career. She then became a medical examiner under the supervision of Kate Murphy Jeri Ryan.

Megan, Bud and Samantha speak with Angela's parents Mr. Swanson Bruce MacVittie and Nancy Villone who tell them that they thought she was having a relationship with someone she was working with.

Pilot (Body of Proof)

He was wrongly convicted of pushing Angela down a flight of stairs during a fight, leaving her in a coma, when it is quickly revealed by Hanson that Angela tripped all by herself, but due to post coma memory loss, she was later unable to back Hanson's story. Megan questions Tom, much to Bud and Samantha's annoyance, where he states she fell down the stairs. Tom is arrested, but later dropped as a suspect. Megan's questions anger Bradford and Bud forces her to leave.

Megan discovers that Angela gave a client some evidence, which meant that they would win their court case. Megan suspects that Bradford may have found out about this and could have been angry. Megan runs tests on Angela's stomach contents and learns that she had amoxicillin in her system, despite being allergic to it. Jill found out that Bradford and Angela were having an affair and she put some amoxicillin in her drinks bottle.

Peter Dunlop

While jogging in the park, Angela suffered an allergic reaction and fell into the river, hitting her head on a piece of debris. Bud and Samantha arrest Jill for Angela's murder. Throughout the day, Megan struggles to buy something for her daughter, Lacey 's Mary Mouser birthday.

After advice from Peter, Megan gets Lacey a key to her apartment, saying that she can visit any time she wants. When Megan arrives back home, she finds Lacey has been there to leave her a piece of birthday cake.

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Although he had worked in television for a number of years, Body of Proof was his first television production to be given a full series. Finding and supporting writers, directors, producers and actors who share that passion is critical to our success. Our shows are the product of these collaborations, and we are thrilled to add 10 new series to our schedule". Filming "Pilot" was directed by Nelson McCormick.