Master chief and cortana relationship advice

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master chief and cortana relationship advice

One of the guys, in the video basically refers to their relationship, as a “Love story Yet the Master Chief does not hesitate to leave her behind on High .. somebody who was constantly saving your life, giving you advice etc. Yes and no. They are not in love in a romantic sense, but they do love each other. Halo 4 serves as the best exploration of the relationship. Chief and Cortana always retained totally separate thoughts, experiences, and I personally think there should not be any kind of relationship between Cortana and chief beyond antagonist and .. My advice, read them.

Redundancy bothered her to no end so she couldn't help but snap. John quickly entered the coordinates to their home. Halsey gave him a weird look, like she couldn't even imagine him saying something so mundane.

Halsey nodded and ended the transmission. He knew that when he came out of cryo and was nauseated bland food usually went down better. John went to the kitchen and started a simple pasta. While that prepared itself, he went into the living room and pulled out the bed that was in their couch. It was entirely too small for him, but it would work for Halsey. Cortana had moved their old bedding into a hope chest he had made last spring.

He had purposely used a very fragrant wood, the bedding smelled nice and fresh as he made the bed neatly. Cortana wasn't nearly as neat when it came to making beds or anything really. She wasn't a slob but she didn't keep things military tidy. Cortana had dressed herself comfortably, still wearing her house robe that he knew she found comforting, and came out of their bedroom. She still looked a little sick, but overall better. Surely enough, if John looked, her stomach protruded visibly more than it normally did.

He couldn't believe it. He wasn't sure if he'd even seen a baby before, and now, in a relatively short amount of time, he was going to have one. While they ate dinner, Cortana looked like she was choking down every bite. John couldn't help but feel badly for her. She turned on the fireplace in the living room. She had insisted on a fireplace in the living room and in their bedroom. At first he had thought it was a little excessive, but when he saw how much she thoroughly enjoyed both he didn't mind.

He went outside and dug up some of the ginger roots she requested. The sun had already set, it'd been a few hours since they had spoken with Halsey, she should be here within the hour, depending on the mode of transportation she had chosen. They would have to prepare for Catherine's arrival later into the night. He peeled a good amount of the ginger using his pocket knife. He boiled water and chopped up the peeled root. In a few minutes, a ginger broth had been created and he poured it into Cortana's favorite mug.

As he was carrying the promised mug to Cortana, he heard an urgent rapping on the door. In three strides he opened it to see Dr. Even though John towered over her, he couldn't help but feel a little small in her presence-she was very commanding.

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He automatically reached for the equipment and bags she was carrying and stepped aside, propping the door open for her. Cortana was sitting in an armchair with her eyes closed, listening to some music. She heard his footsteps and looked in his direction. He set down the equipment Halsey brought and pulled up the other living room chair next to where Cortana was sitting.

He gave her the broth she'd asked for. She sat up a little straighter.

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Halsey watched John delicately hand Cortana the mug-he was gentle to her. Both she and Cortana knew what he was capable of, yet he was so relaxed in this small home. She looked at the picture on the wall of John and his medals in the shelf. Halsey sat down in the chair John had moved. A flash of hurt crossed the Doctor's face. Cortana imagined that she was lonely.

She turned on the machine and set a screen on her lap, taking a wand like apparatus in her hand, "why don't you go lay on the bed, this will be easier," she requested politely. Cortana did as she asked and propped herself up on a pillow. John moved without thinking to sit next to her, the bed creaked under his weight.

Halsey started pressing on various points on her abdomen. Cortana shivered at how cold her hands were.

John looked at the screen and could see color images of what he assumed was where the baby was. She turned the wand a little more and John could make out a tiny blob that had tiny fingers, tiny toes and even a tiny little eyelid. Cortana looked at the image and started to weep.

He had never seen her cry this much, Cortana was not what he'd consider a weepy person and he'd seen her collapse into tears multiple times today-she was clearly emotionally exhausted. The more John thought of it, the more he enjoyed the idea.

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A part of him and a part of Cortana, he couldn't help but think it was going to be a pretty interesting kid. It was a weird concept that he'd never dwelled on, the idea of two people creating an individual. Since he and Cortana didn't really have parents, it was never a situation he could've imagined, he didn't really know what parents even did except in the vaguest sense. Halsey numbed a small point on Cortana's abdomen, she winced at the sensation.

Halsey took an extremely thin needle and, using the imaging device, took a sample of amniotic fluid. She took the sample and put it in a sterile container. Halsey stood up, "I'll run a panel comparing these, I brought everything I should need. Do you have anywhere I can work?

master chief and cortana relationship advice

John quietly got up and showed her outside to their outbuilding. He opened the doors and turned on the lights. She examined the stainless steel work tables.

He felt strange about her implication. The turret was firing non-stop, and Flood were falling left and right. John wondered why the Gravemind wasn't throwing anything bigger at them, but Halsey assured him that the memory was powerful enough to resist any changes the Gravemind might try to bring about.

When they got to the end of the path, however, they did not find the Longsword fighter that the Chief was expecting. Instead, they saw Captain Jacob Keyes. And he looked exactly the way Cortana last remembered him — as a proto-Gravemind. Except it was now able to move. And it was angry. John and Halsey spilled out of the vehicle, tumbling end over end. Her feeling of failure over Keyes' death…it was strong enough to overcome this area's chronology because it was associated with the Pillar of Autumn.

We have to get off this ship! They were in the hangar bay, but the Longsowrd fighter that had taken them off of Halo was suspiciously absent from the area.

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Perhaps that was also the Gravemind's doing. He had already accepted this fact. He would not dishonor his late Captain's memory by allowing his likeness to make him hesitate. The proto-Gravemind that Captain Keyes had been transformed into was slow but durable, and soon, Master Chief found himself out of bullets.

He holstered his gun and unclipped a frag grenade, tossing it at the Flood creature, before it exploded. The creature barely flinched. John tossed his second grenade, and retreated back behind the overturned warthog, giving it a mighty heave until it was right side up. He climbed up onto the rear gun, and swiveled it around to see that the second grenade had done about as much damage as the first, and that the shambling hulk that was slowly inching towards him.

The gatling gun whirred as it spat a thousand hunks of hot metal at the beast. While bits and pieces of the Flood's flesh came peeling off, the creature's progress did not seem to be slowing. He didn't hear her respond, but at that moment, an entire squadron of Forerunner sentinel drones came drifting into view. The multitude of flying robots surrounded Captain Keyes, and each let loose with their plasma torch.

It was over in moments. They were a ubiquitous memory, stemming from multiple points in Cortana's experiences. I had to route the memories from several of these points so the Gravemind couldn't get another bead on our location.

John reached for her just as a familiar buzzing noise sent off alarm bells in his head. He leapt forward, grabbing Halsey and tumbling to the ground just in time to avoid a deadly laser beam that burrowed into the solid steel deck where they had been standing. Halsey and Chief both rolled out of the way, before scrambling to their feet and making a mad dash for the warthog, as the roof above them began to collapse.

He used their connection to the Monitor to bring him here! The reality of this memory is falling apart! They weren't in the hangar bay of the Autumn anymore, but driving across the incomplete infrastructure of the last Halo.

Bits and pieces of the very foundation of the ring were breaking apart and disintegrating beneath them. Spark wasn't helping either. It belongs to me! The laser impacted Guilty Spark's optical screen, causing the little drone to fly back. Do you seek to blind me?! The Forward Unto Dawn came into view. If the Master Chief was a betting man, he would bet on Cortana being inside, seeing as how that was where they had been at the conclusion of the fight.

That was where it all ended. John raised an eyebrow at her. That was exactly what Cortana had said in this situation. The warthog careened down the ramp towards the Dawn's hangar bay, before launching into the air.

Just as they did, they got an extra boost as Halsey's Spartan Laser went off, blasting Guity Spark square in the face. The kickback from the laser sent the warthog tumbling at an angle, spinning and toppling over into the Dawn's hangar, depositing its passengers into the ship's confines.

But they did not land on the hard steel of the UNSC frigate, but the soft, sticky and putrid growth of the Gravemind's flesh.

This was not the Forward Unto Dawn.

master chief and cortana relationship advice

This was High Charity. John got to his feet, and was about to help Halsey up when his whole suit shook and his head suddenly spun from vertigo. That voice had the Gravemind's weight to it…but it also sounded like Cortana. He reached down a picked up the nearest weapon he could find: The High Charity was littered with discarded weapons, which John and Halsey were only too happy to make use of. Each passage they went through seemed to bring more Flood rushing towards them.

And each wave wore them down, little by little. I can feel it! He was in full battle mode, his mind working through the chaos, his own memories competing to fight back against the Gravemind's. I watched you disappear! Please…don't make me watch this again! I think…I think she's losing the battle!

He flung it forward, knocking back one last spore-pod, which exploded into a shower of wandering spores. I'm not me anymore! Just…let me die…" John forced the door open, as Halsey covered him, letting a hail of bullets fly back at their pursuers. The two of them moved down the final corridor, until they reached the end of the passage.

But the last door wouldn't open. With a mighty kick, the door split apart, splaying into its two halves, broken and sparking. Halsey blinked in surprise. That's the way it's going to be. No matter what he thinks. Without hesitation, the Chief rushed over to it and shattered the casing with a light tap. When the plasma shield broke away, his heart nearly stopped. Her brilliant blue skin was an opaque brown, her very image infected by the Flood.

She was no longer a hologram, but a putrid, fleshy doll. Her eyes were glowing red orbs shining out of black holes in her skull, as a series of tentacles slid in and out from various points across her small body, her entire being rotted and curdling. I am an answer. An answer to the question you asked of this galaxy thousands of years ago. Despite everything you've done, life will thrive. Life will continue to thrive. The Reclaimers shall inherit this galaxy, Gravemind. You're just dust and echoes.

Now let this child go. Plasma erupted from the terminal, flying upward, nearly kicking John off of his feet, as a plume of white-hot fire shot upward into the ceiling, tearing the roof and everything around them apart, engulfing them all in the eye of a maelstrom of reality, nightmare and rare fear breaking down.

When the fire receded and the storm died down, there was nothing left around them but rubble. He still manages to book it when he needs to, but how fast can he run in that armor? Turns out, Master Chief can run at 60 miles per hour when wearing the suit.

When you're playing the games, especially the earlier ones without a sprint toggle, it can feel as if Master Chief is slowly ambling his way across the battlefield. But this year-old man can run. This doesn't even take into account how fast a singular motion can become. With Cortana plugged into his neural interface, one of her functions is to speed up connections between his motor cortex and his actual muscles.

Adding that to the fact the Mjolnir is meant to move at the speed of thought makes Master Chief one lean, mean, speeding machine. Last we had seen of him, he had been in a room steadily filling with Flood. How did he not get overrun and infected? Due to special circumstances, Sergeant Avery Johnson became immune to Flood infection.

When the Chief and Halsey found out about this, she presented the Chief with a difficult choice. He could either inform the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI about everything, which would mean Johnson would die from dissection following the necessary pursuit of a cure for the Flood infection, or he could give ONI a shortened report that omitted Johnson's involvement. We always think that Master Chief will choose the greater good at the expense of all else because that's what his whole life has been about.

However, his loyalty to Johnson exceeds his desire to preserve the human race. Flash clones, as their name implies, develop rapidly, but with numerous issues arising from their rushed growth. Their metabolism degenerate and they die within a couple of months. All the children of the Spartan II Program, while unaware of the flash clones, knew that they had been taken from their parents. This can't have been easy to process. And if they processed it well, is that a testament to the child's resilience or resignation?

Forgoing the fact that you can stay in cryosleep more or less indefinitely, in the Halo universe, you are supposed to enter the cryo-pods with no clothes on because if you do, intra-cellular ice crystals form between tissues causing a "freezer burn.

Every time he emerges from a cryo-pod in full armor, he is in excruciating pain from the blisters that have formed during his time in there. Due to training and that tough demeanor we love, Master Chief can ignore that burning sensation and do his job like a professional.

However, especially considering his most recent stint in a cryo-pod lasted four years, he has got to be covered in the remains of blisters old and new. This brings us to our next item on the list. That doesn't take into account the numerous scars he may have received while training or fighting the Covenant forces. These scars would stand out in stark contrast to the pale skin Master Chief is sure to have.

After spending years in his Mjolnir armor, his skin received no direct contact with the sun. His skin should be the color of pasty white glue. Bet the fanfictions don't mention that Master Chief is an albino when he's getting it on.