Master chief and arbiter relationship goals

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master chief and arbiter relationship goals

The purpose of this assignment was to determine the effects of the Array . The Gravemind tried to convince the Arbiter of the true nature of the Halo Array, and . The relationship between individual Graveminds, and specifically whether the . In particular, the Arbiter missions in Halo 2 were criticized for distracting from the or critical insights as to our relationship with science and technology, and it may not But Halo does reach its narrative goals in terms of pure engagement. Now they live to meet their goal items. Don't read if you don't like Arbiter x Master Chief. They have an established relationship going.

John saw a familiar form move from the side of vision. He turned to greet it the best way he could. John could practically feel her smirking way too smugly.

Arbiter's Halo 2 Anniversary Cutscenes Remastered by Blur Studios [1080p @ 60fps]

Let us hurry" The Arbiter replied. Planet Edge-Rokina "Are we there yet, Erika? The smaller horse looked up to the bird. She snorted and kept moving forward, ignoring the bird. A faint smirk was traced from her lips.

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But kept a small distance between the two. The taller bird danced away without hesitation, she had a wild look in her beautiful eyes meaning only one thing.

She knew the smaller would. Jenna skittered about 7 paces away from the golden filly. He rested one of his massive arms upon her runty shoulder. She glided her black hand to meet his, than twisted his arm like a WWE wrestler and slammed his body to the ground. She straddled him and gave a sweet little retort "Now firstly, I'm 60 years old. Thankfully Hypersleep preserved my beautiful face.

So that way you have something nice to look at when I crush your ugly kisser in. And secondly, I do what I need to survive. And if that means killing someone, and everyone, I won't hesitate. The arbiter, Master Chief, Keys and their squad. The arbiter had a harder time scraping up troops willing to travel to the deadish planet.

Now that they were there, the name suited the planet just fine.

master chief and arbiter relationship goals

The pilot have landed in one of the most flat leveled surface she could, which wasn't saying much. The hills were rough-like and most could be considered cliffs. But in spots lush jungles flourished. Trees rose from the ground like mountains, towering the foreigners like ants. They land in spot between the dead lands and the jungle. She knows were we are. First he forgot to announce his words with a special loudness just for him.

As well for the fact that his voice was a octave deeper. Unlike most frighten beings, instead of his voice raising a pitch, his deepened. His chest was puffed out a bit in pride. But since he is the arbiter, he has only one pride. So he was faking it. The seem to take the advice without a hesitation. The groups march to the nearest jungle area. It was complete silence for about half a mile, save for the clank of footsteps.

They reached the large mass in little time. The massive trees engulfed them. Surrounding them with lush and life-filling green. Animal sounds echoed from the ground and the trees. The warmed was like paradise, not enough to mess with your vision, but enough to make to sweat in heavy clothes. The elites and humans alike marveled at the beautiful secrecy of the jungle. But that didn't explain the white gases floating towards them. I give a normal signal to attack. Just the typical, hypergas, normal bounce fighting, when your markings glow, howl.

But she already knew she revealed something vital. She said when, not if. Erika prayed no one took note of her minor flaw. The four animals gracefully bounded into the treetops and waited to ambush their unsuspecting prey.

And speak of the devil, footsteps approached It silhouette a creature with two ear peaked on its head, thick body frame and a long tail swished at the ground. It pull an item off of its hip. Now you paid the price! It snake though the air, crackling like lightening. It grabbed the arbiter and drag him towards her. A whip, to say the chief got real mad at this.

He pulled his duel guns and lunged at the devil. He made it only half way before he got knock on the side. It flung him a good 20 feet, and left him breathless. A loud sound echo throughout the jungle.

Then it went pitch black. This was it, she knew this moment was happening. She had to show and glow. Jenna flew high into the thick atmosphere and spread her lush green feathers as far as she could.

master chief and arbiter relationship goals

Her shadow cast upon a large area of the jungle. She counted to 10 too make sure when she dove, there would still be darkness to cover her.

She found it a little bit funny when she dove from a certain point in the sky, she'd be moving faster than the light. Erika said that it had something to do with the thickness in the air. Some Whatchamacallit element made it harder to let light through the air. She felt the thicker air push against her, making her feather ruffle.

But she didn't care, she loved the rush of the moment. It was a small joy that she felt she had too few of. She press her body closer, more aerodynamic. She felt odd, like she was drawn to a specif area to started bounce fighting.

Erika called it that. It was bouncing from person to person, not actually killing them but inflect a major wound and go to another enemy. Usually they'd die pretty soon, because one of her pack-mates would bounce to that person eventually and inflect another major wound.

It made if harder for the enemy to catch them because they don't know which angle the attack is coming from. Plus it gave the humanoid-animals exercise and entertained them longer.

Once she landed her surgery improved eyes saw a panicked human. Karmon, her mate, was looking at her, rather weirdly too. She looked back at the human, she had soft green eyes like her own had once been. Dark brown hair, darker than hair when she was a child. And she was tall for a human. But the bird towered her greatly. She was far to small to be a spartan.

A Halo 5 Primer: The Story So Far

Just by looking at the female Jenna guessed she was a good But her height didn't explain the most important fact about her, she had a pinkish glow reflecting off her face and eyes.

Kamron was amazed and jealous and the same time. Jenna, his mate, was the lucky fucking duck. But he couldn't dwell on it. A fire of a medium size weapon was he need to hear before he duck. He felt the air of bullets rush past his ears. Some idiot was a damn good shot and was going to die now. He turn to the direction he felt the air. A bright light was pointed towards him.

An umber man stared him down. He was honestly tiny compare the to jag. His head would easily fit inside the feline's mouth. Kamron wouldn't mind a small snack, but he just didn't want to kill him.

He almost respected the dark-skinned for standing his ground as the jaguar walked up to him. Dodging incoming bullets of course, but the man didn't seem to panic when his ran out of lead.

He cursed a little, but didn't panic. Kamron was a good feet away. He looked at Kamron differently, at first he expected this. How many times in your life do you meet a handsome beauty like him self, that and a mutant jaguar-human thing. But he wasn't looking at Kamron's face. That was what the rest of the fleets he murdered did, they looked at his face before the feline ripped their throats' out and such.

But the umber man was now staring at his body. That concerned the cat. He was a male who prided himself on his looks, no matter what Erika said, he made sure he was the best looking in the pack. He looked down and his bloody red zigzags glowed right back at him.

James fiercely stood over the man who dared attack his alpha. The metal of the man left a small stinging on his left shoulder. Okay, a large stinging, but he'd never admit it.

Kinda like he'd never admit how he was smittened with the alpha of their little pack. He didn't know why but for the past couple of months his crush turned to a burning desire to openly love her. But he'd never admit that. The wolf loomed closer to the man, he paused. He twitched his grey ear. The metal man was concision, in fact he was playing dead. James could guess that much when he heard the tiniest squeaks of metal when he moved closer to the human. This was a fairly intelligent human, trained well.

But not as well as the wolf. He lunged sideways as the man was up in a fraction of millisecond. Shooting loads of lead at him. He had accuracy, James would give him that, but the human had never fought against a SPP like himself. James bobbed and weaved, letting the bullets bounce of trees and rocks. Only making the metal human angrier as he seem to fired more rapidly and with more carelessness. That was a howl, that was a howl James tried to conceive himself. But the cry sounded once more.

His alpha was in trouble, his looked back at the metal man. He saw the silhouette of his alpha. She was standing next to a larger form. An elite if he was correct. He'd killed many before, before for some reason a while back, when Erika always wore her cloak, she let the elite live. But with a promise to never come back.

He remember watching her from the trees. She swore to kill him with a second thought if he did. He felt a blow from behind, knocking himself to the ground. He looking back, the metal thing was back for round two. The metal human straddled James and pulled it's arm back for a punch. James reached up to break the human's neck but paused when his hands were on the other helmet.

His black tattoos were glowing like stars. Dark purple blood began leaking out the moment the leather was remove. She heard the hiss of pain die in his throat. He hadn't had a move since in contact with her, much less speak. This will heal your leg in a few moment. With humans and us it numbs the pain as the wound heals, it will heal you, but I'm unsure about the numbing.

It glowed very brightly, like water in the moonlight. She remembered when it glowed like that the first time. Past, but not flashback She was younger and liked to kill more. But when she ambushed the troop of elites that held Thel Vadam, she paused. Unsure of the new feeling inside her. Her pack killed the rest but she wanted the single elite to herself.

She backed him against a dead tree and watched her tattoos flash under her cloak. It puzzled her a bit, then a future memory came to her. That what she liked to call them. Visions sounded a bit cheesy for her taste. It was odd, she saw her and her pack on the nights the UNSC was coming. She even saw them debate about visiting the planet.

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Where they would land and how they would meet. But the end of the memory was her removing the whip from the alien. So she guessed she'd just have to wing it and guess what was right. End "Are you gonna say something? This was her destined partner. The she could feel and give emotions too. Like her other half.

Not romantically of course. He stared as her, then kicked as hard as he could. With any normal being it would of snapped the bone instantly, but she wasn't normal. She let a high nicker escape from her lips.

master chief and arbiter relationship goals

Erika fought the sting of the attack and kept it well out of her voice. It was frightening, meeting this beast, the one that held his life twice in her hands and both times gave it back to him.

I changed some of the words, But I bet you can't guess which movie that line comes from. She could hear how shallow his breathes were. It will be a very long story.

master chief and arbiter relationship goals

And on the other side was the four animal-humans, standing slightly awkwardly. The light of the early morning seeped through the heavy clouds, that for some reason only was over the jungle areas.

The Chief and Arbiter stood in the middle of the large circle and began questioning the pack of humanoids. He obviously wasn't beating around the brush. Here I thought you'd be asking what are we. Not that they were much cleared to the alien-human group they notice how big the small group was. The smallest one was standing at at least 6'5''. The big ass wolf one was at roughly 9 foot-ish.

But he seemed to hunch over enough where appeared to be around 8 foot. They were all heavily muscled, and wearing belt of some sort or another. The 'small' horse sighed. Master Chief Petty Officer.

You've grown since the last time I saw you, but that is to be expect. That didn't settle well with the Chief. He lunge forward and grabbed her by her throat and he shoved her up against the nearest tree, leaving her feet about a foot from the solid ground. The filly's face turned into a sadden expression. She pushed a presser point on the Chief's metal hand and he dropped her instantly. Does that ring anything? Whatever that SOB did, it fucking hurt.

It was called Spartan 2 Pairing Project. It was a program much similar to yours, except far more brutal. When they first meet, Chief tries to be on his 'best behavior', but still makes subtle jabs towards him and his wedding.

Trent hates Chief whilst Chief says in 'Cheaters', "hey he's pretty cool actually'. He doesn't kill him in 'Collapse' and allows Arbiter to kill him. He does hate him however, as during 'The Reunion', he wants to go after Trent; despite Arbiter telling him to go kill Justin.

He chases him from server to server; where he ends up accidentally crushing Trent with a tank; he gets out and laughs at his dead body. Leonard Edit Chief never insults Leonard directly; possibly due to the power he has over Chief. He often goes into little rants and argues with Leonard over something he has done.

The two have little interaction and they have only been seen talking to each other when he has done something wrong or if he is being briefed on something. Craig makes fun of Chief which makes him very sad, and makes him hate Craig.

Chief seems to like him and compliments his map. However, later in the episode, he abandons Cody, which results in Brent killing Cody. It is unknown whether the two are still friends or not. Clyde Edit Chief doesn't really seem to feel anything for Clyde. However, in Remission, Chief thanked Clyde for saying that him and Chief weren't bad players. Clyde believes that Chief is the most retarded player on the Online Multiplayer Network, to the point that he severed his ties with Kylie after she was fragged by Chief in Severance.

Adam Edit Adam is referred to as 'the human version of Chief' by Arbiter and said that they would get along 'like a house on fire'. They have only spoken to each other on rare occurrences; mostly with Chief insulting Adam's mom and Adam telling Chief to 'fuck off' and calling him a 'retard'.

He teabags Adam when he is killed by Arbiter. He doesn't act sexist towards her in anyway during the season; which is amazing as Chief usually acts in a very sexist way when around women. He constantly asks Arbiter if they can go and frag her; just because he wants to hit on her. During 'Remission', Chief asks her for her "asl" Age, Sex and Locationshe goes to frag him but is stopped by Clyde.

She tries to manipulate him and get him to betray Arbiter; she promises Chief nude photos of her in return for this. Chief does as he is told and attempts to kill Arbiter; but Arbiter had turned the hacks off to stop this. He has a fight with Arbiter over his feelings for Kylie, and he is beaten up. He runs off but returns to help Arbiter defeat Kylie; claiming that "no bodies will take away my halos arbitur.

He tricks Kylie with a hologram and assassinates her, much to her shock. Her teabags her violently; calling her a "bitch" and meleeing her dead body repeatedly. As he gets up to leave, he looks back at her dead body; maybe regretting fragging someone that actually took an interest in him in Chief's mind ; showing that he actually did have feelings for her. Kylie doesn't feel the same way about Chief and sees him as sexist and mentally deficient.

Chief doesn't seem to care about Duncan at all, but thinks that his gamertag is funny. Emma Edit Chief met Emma during a match of Halo: Reach online, and was immediately infatuated by her, and attempted to send her a friend request.

While Emma didn't accept due to having a full friends list and not knowing Chief personally, she though Chief seemed like a nice person and invited him to her clan, but she was oblivious to his affection for her. When Chief started behaving in a crude manner as usual in the clan's server, Emma unwillingly kicked him from the server.