Krishna and shivas relationship

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krishna and shivas relationship

"Krishna, who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. Furthermore, Brahma Samhita describes the relationship between Shiva and Lord Vishnu as. In the Mahabharata sAnti parva, Arjuna asks Krishna the following: . Note how nArAyaNa is described here as the supreme in relation to Rudra and Indra. Durga is Lord Shiva's wife, and in this pastime Lord Krishna's sister, so it can Lord Hari, however, has no connection with the material modes.

Shiva appeared before him and gave him the boon of thousand powerful arms and that he becomes very powerful. Banasur also asked for the boon that Shiva would always protect him whenever he is in trouble and Lord Shiva granted him that too. He then attacked Kailash, an abode of Lord Shiva. Seeing this Lord Shiva got angry and said that his demise was near. He also reminded him that the reason for his demise had already been born and he would notice this when the flag on his kingdom gate would be broken.

krishna and shivas relationship

Banasur had a daughter Usha who saw a handsome prince in her dream and fell in lust with him. One day she told one of her maids, Chitralekha about her dream. Usha confirmed that the portrait was the same person, which she saw in her dream. Chitralekha told that the prince was Anirudda. Usha asked her to bring him to her. Aniruddha was the grandson of Lord Krishna. Chitralekha through her magic reached Dwaraka and made Anirudda unconscious while he was in sleep.

krishna and shivas relationship

Then she took Anirudda in front of Usha. When Anirudda woke up Usha explained about her dream and how she fell in love with him.

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As is widely known, Tripurasundari is no one else but Parvati herself, Mohini was Vishnu converting himself to a form of Tripurasundari Uma herself. The Tripurarahasya, a south Indian Shakta text, retells the story, giving more importance to the Goddess. When Shiva wishes to see Vishnu's Mohini form again, Vishnu fears that he may be burned to ashes like Kamadeva by the ascetic Shiva.

So, Vishnu prays to goddess Tripurawho grants half of her beauty to Vishnu, begetting the Mohini-form. As Shiva touches Mohini, his seed spills, indicating a loss of the merit gained through of all his austerities.

Shiva and his wife Parvati go to Vishnu's home.

krishna and shivas relationship

Shiva asks him to take on the Mohini form again so he can see the actual transformation for himself. Vishnu smiles, again meditates on the Goddess of Shri Lalita Mahatripurasundari a manifestation of his own self and transforms himself into Mohini.

Overcome by desire, Shiva embraces Mohini to discharge his seed which falls on the ground leading to the birth the god Maha- Shasta "The Great Chastiser". Mohini disappears, while Shiva returns home with Parvati. Shasta is identified primarily with two regional deities: Ayyappa from Kerala and the Tamil Aiyanar. He is also identified with the classical Hindu gods Skanda and Hanuman.

Another variant says that instead of a biological origin, Ayyappa sprang from Shiva's semen, which he ejaculated upon embracing Mohini.

The text tells just before the tale that Vishnu is Shiva's Shakti wife and power Parvati in a male form. The legend begins with Shiva's request and Vishnu's agreement to show his illusionary Mohini form, that he assumed for the distribution of amrita.

Shiva falls in love with Mohini and proposes a union with her. Mohini-Vishnu declines saying that union of two same sex women was unfruitful. Shiva informs Mohini-Vishnu that he was just one of forms of his Shakti. Thereafter, their union resulted in the birth of a dark boy with red locks, who was named Hariharaputra.

Krishna or Shiva?

Further, he was also known as Shasta and Aiyannar. The painter suggests her seductive nature by showing her torso peeping through her sari. In the Agni Puranaas the enchanted Shiva follows Mohini, drops of his semen falls on the ground and become lingasShiva's symbols.

His semen also generates the monkey-god Hanumanwho helps Vishnu's avatar Rama in his fight against Ravana in the Ramayana. The seed was collected and poured into the ear of Anjaniwho gave birth to Hanuman, the incarnation of Shiva.

She asks Shiva to get the permission of his wife Umayangana to take her home. Shiva returns with Umayangana's consent to find the female-Vishnu pregnant, who sends him back to get permission to bring a pregnant woman home. When he returns, a child is born and female-Vishnu is pregnant again.

She requests Shiva to seek approval to bring a pregnant woman with a child home. This happens six more times.

krishna and shivas relationship

Finally, Shiva brings Umayangana with him to witness the miraculous woman. Vishnu then returns to his male form. Umayangana embraces the six youngest children merging them into the six-headed Skanda, while the eldest, named Aiyanayaka "eldest brother" remains intact. The rare instance where an "explicit, male homosexual act" is suggested is in a Telugu text where when Shiva is busy lovemaking with Mohini-Vishnu, the latter returns to his original form and still the lovemaking continues.

Mohini is depicted nude, adorned with garlands and ornaments, holding a lotus and a parrot, leaning on a stick. The sages pray to her, as their phalluses point to her. Mohini plays a lesser role in a Shaiva legend in the Skanda Purana. Here, Vishnu as Mohini joins Shiva to teach a lesson to arrogant sages. A group of sages are performing rituals in a forest, and start to consider themselves as gods. To humble them, Shiva takes the form of an attractive young beggar Bhikshatana and Vishnu becomes Mohini, his wife.

While the sages fall for Mohini, their women wildly chase Shiva. When they regain their senses, they perform a black magic sacrifice, which produces a serpent, a lion, an elephant or tiger and a dwarf, all of which are overpowered by Shiva.

The Epic Battle Between Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva - Story of Banasura

Shiva then dances on the dwarf and takes the form of Natarajathe cosmic dancer. At this moment, Mohini became Vishnu again, resulting the composite deity Hariharawhose right side of the body is Shiva and left side is Vishnu in his male form. The deity is depicted similar to the Ardhanarithe composite form of Shiva-Parvati, where right side of the body is the male Shiva and left side is female. This image's female side represents Mohini and it, as a whole, symbolizes the union of Shiva and Mohini.

Aravanis don the role of Mohini-Krishna. While doing so, she says, "A man who refuses to make love to a woman tortured by desire is a eunuch. Whether a man is ascetic or amorous, he must not spurn a woman who approaches him, or he will go to Hell. Come now and make love to me. He argues that he is like her father, and thus, too old for Mohini.

Mohini then reminds him that he had already committed incest with his daughter. Aravan agrees to become the sacrificial victim for the Kalappali "sacrifice to the battlefield" to ensure the victory of the Pandavashis father, and his uncles. Before being sacrificed to goddess KaliAravan asks three boons from Krishna, the guide of the Pandavas. The third boon was that Aravan should be married before the sacrifice so that he could get the right of cremation and funerary offerings bachelors were buried.

This third boon, however, is found only in the folk cults.