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The View” co-host said she had a case of “avocado hand”. Nov 14, But Kourtney Kardashian dressed with flair this Tuesday, stepping out in Los stays at her enviable 98lbs as she sipped on her avocado smoothie before . who is on tour with her baby-daddy Travis Scott back east, wrote on her .. poses with new boyfriend as he makes their relationship Instagram official. Jan 26, Breakfast consists of her signature creamy avocado pudding, which is made . Now you know that she married and divorced Robert Kardashian, and then . Kourtney and Scott never tied the knot and don't share a last name.

It's too soon to say whether or not the Disick kids will have ever have their own show Doing Things With the Disicks?

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But based on my afternoon spent at Chez Kardashian Disick, it seems inevitable. Until then, their mom will do all the talking.

What's the story with Rob unfollowing Blac Chyna? We were in San Diego for my grandma's birthday and I actually asked her, "Did Rob unfollow you or something? He'll delete every post, unfollow everybody, then follow everybody.

Kourtney Kardashian reveals family’s gluten- and dairy-free diet

How often do you see Scott? We try to do as much with the kids together as possible. He pretty much comes here every day. Last night, he came over and watched a movie with Mason. North was here, Kim was here. But, like, this house, everyone's in and out. I'll come home and Kim will be hanging out at the kitchen table having lunch with North, Penelope, and all the kids.

I'm like, "Oh, I didn't know you were even here! He doesn't have a mom and dad anymore - or siblings. He's an only child. So they're his family too. They're in the loop if I am annoyed at him but if he needs to talk to them, I think it's only beneficial to us keeping a good relationship.

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A lot of how a person's doing is the company you keep. If they could be influences on him instead of some of the people he chooses to hang out with, it's only a positive thing. Everyone's pretty respectful about telling me, "Oh, I'm gonna go to dinner with Scott tonight," just so I know what's going on. What's your take on nude selfies?

Kourtney and Khloe FINALLY Take The Hamptons

It's just not my thing. I'm confident to a degree but I don't like to post too much where it's like trying to be too sexy. I mean, I've posted ones in my lingerie - or Snapchatted them - because that's what I wear when I'm getting ready. Like a bra, underwear, robe. I definitely do that but I'm never really taking photos of myself fully naked. It's out of my comfort zone. Maybe because I have three kids. Do you consider yourself a super-sexual person?

Yeah, I think I am but I don't just want to have sex with any random person. My friends are always like, "You're the most picky person we know.

I wish I could just be like, Whatever, who cares? Do your friends try to set you up? It's not my priority right now. And I have so many single friends that they would probably take the guys for themselves if they had anyone good.

How strict are you with the kids and eating all natural? It's our biggest thing. Scott thinks it's such a joke. I'm the one that's like, "No, they need to do it. I'm so annoying, for parties I buy gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes so they can eat that. I'll make exceptions once in awhile.

And I want them to make their own decisions. I'll remind them, "Well, the last time you had ice cream or whatever, your tummy hurt.

Are you sure you want it? You have to live a little bit. Do you cook a lot? I have my things that I'm good at making, like waffles, pancakes, or scrambled eggs. I have my avocado shake pretty much every day.

Well, other than Khloe, who left to shoot said French Montana music video. We also learned that Kourtney is expecting a baby boy! However, the way in which this was revealed was beyond anti-climactic. And then they reveal it offhandedly before the opening credits?

And via a Kim Kardashian-made home video flashback? To be honest, I was expecting more. Then the producers decided to bore us with the whole "Kourtney is a sailor captain extraordinaire" plot line. The story goes that for years Kourtney has claimed that she is a skilled professional at everything she sets her mind to. Khloe and Scott decide to finally call her out on her bluff. To do this, they purchase a sailboat and insist that Kourtney steer them at sea kind of an expensive way to prove someone wrong, but I guess this is the Hamptons, sailboats are used to win arguments all the time.

Scott then falls out of the boat due to Kourtney's inability to sail and yawn, yawn, yawn. This storyline was very Hamptons-esque, so I will allow it Then there was radio show-gate. If you recall earlier in the season, Khloe attempted to get a radio show, but momager Kris Jenner said that the radio people were not interested in Scott because he is a loose cannon.

Honestly, it is hard to believe that a radio station would reject Scott, especially if Khloe refused to do it without him. Yes, he is a loose cannon, but that's why people love him!