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klaus and caroline relationship fanfic

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. The relationship between Niklaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes. Klaus and Caroline first met when he turned her werewolf boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, into a . Bonnie came up from behind Caroline and watched her as she put on . Caroline asked randomly, sitting up and staring contently at Klaus.

Tyler scoffs at Klaus' attempt to underscore how powerless he is compared to him. Tyler relents and begs Klaus to save Caroline. Klaus states that it would be pathetic of him to help since in a previous conversation Tyler revealed that once Klaus was forcibly given the cure, that he would kill him. Tyler responds by offering to be Klaus' slave again in exchange for healing Caroline.

klaus and caroline relationship fanfic

Klaus refuses and Tyler takes Caroline from the room, only to return her later when she states that if she is to die, Klaus will have to watch her.

Caroline asks how Klaus could do something like this to Tyler, to his mom, and to her. He responds dismissively, citing boredom as a reason. Caroline does not believe him.

Klaus then suggests that his actions are motivated by the fact that he's pure evil.

klaus and caroline relationship fanfic

Caroline counters this explanation by concluding that Klaus does what he does, because he's hurt. This garners Klaus' attention. She continues by suggesting that since Klaus is capable of hurting there is a part of him that is human. Surprised by her words given all that he's done, he moves closer to her and wonders how Caroline could think that.

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She confesses that she's seen his humanity; that she's found herself wishing she could forget all of his horrible actions. Klaus concludes presumptuously that she can't, faltering slightly as he seems to ask her if she could forget. Caroline does not answer him directly. Instead, she points out that she knows that he is in love with her and that anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.

Clearly affected by her words, Klaus ignores her claims by reducing her words to the product of a hallucination. With her death not far off, she concedes that she'll never know. At this point, her body appears to be succumbing more rapidly to Klaus' bite.

Panicked, Klaus repeats her name a few times, but she is unresponsive. Conflicted, Klaus weighs his options before ultimately deciding to heal her. He props her up as he moves in behind her on the couch. He bites his wrist and offers it to her. She responds to his blood, holding his forearm and hand as she drinks, during which Klaus strokes her hair, looking upset at how close he let her come to death. However when Caroline goes to tell Tyler, Klaus tells Caroline that the mercy he extends to Tyler is not forever, only that he will give the younger hybrid a head start, disappointing Caroline.

Later, Klaus walks out of Elena's house, informing Caroline that he assumes he is free because something had happened to Bonnie. In 4x17 Because the Night, Klaus asks to Caroline if knows where Tyler is to which she responds by informing Klaus that he's not with her and has surrendered the deed to his house to Matt Donovan.

Klaus steps forward and points out that it was Tyler's intent to kill him and that it's unfair of Caroline to hate him for driving him away in response. Caroline disagrees, suggesting that she does hate him before telling him to go away. While searching for the site of the last massacre, the two have a debate about a statement Klaus had said in the office, about the allure of darkness.

During this debate, Klaus asks her she has ever felt the attraction to someone who is capable of terrible things but cares only about her. Caroline, still upset about Tyler, responds negatively, hurting Klaus. Despite this, after Caroline inadvertently kills 12 witches to save Bonnie, Klaus buries all of the witches for her.

The two have another altercation before Caroline runs off, leaving Klaus there to later be attacked by Silas. In 4x18 American Gothic, after the attack from Silas with the white oak stake, Klaus calls Caroline for help, her being the only one he trusts in his vulnerable state.

At first Caroline refuses, but is reminded that if he dies, Caroline and everyone she knows dies as well. After discussing the freedom of Tyler, Caroline ends up helping him. Later, when Caroline is going to go, Klaus thanked her for her help; she poked his chest when she told him if he needs anything else not to call her because she has a prom to plan.

She leaves then, smiling as she does.


Although he is in a sour mood, her presence quickly breaks through it though she does not like him laughing at her expense. Klaus appears as Tyler is leaving and he asks if it worth it seeing Caroline's smile but Tyler does not answer.

Klaus warns Tyler that he has five seconds to leave before Klaus kills him, which he takes. After Tyler goes, Klaus look at the mansion with a regrettable look, knowing that Caroline is inside. She professes to be scared of him, and what she may feel towards him. In 4x23 Graduation, after Caroline leaves numerous voicemails for Klaus, asking his help to heal Damon, Klaus appears just in time to rescue Caroline, Stefan and Elena from the resurrected witches that Caroline sacrificed.

After which Caroline and Klaus share a knowing smile. Later that evening, Klaus returns with Caroline and shows the invitation that she had sent for him, while stating he has a gift for her.

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He thought of giving a first-class ticket to New Orleans, but he decided that he would give her something he knows she will accept, Tyler's safe return to Mystic Falls.

He tells her, "He's your first love, I intend to be your last, however long it takes" before kissing her on the cheek, leaving her stunned. Klaus returned for one episode, 5x11 Years of Solitude. He tells her that he will never return to Mystic Falls again if she will give him her confession. Eventually Caroline admits that she covers their connection with hostility, implying that she does have feelings for him. Something that is validated when she initiates the first kiss between the two, which quickly becomes heated and the two become intimate.

The growing fandom is quite large, and well organized.

klaus and caroline relationship fanfic

They continue to trend often on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, have Klaroweeksand won have numerous polls despite their ship being on two different shows. They also have a fan run maga zine where Klaroliners can go to enjoy many facets of their ship such as articles, fanfiction and videos.

Fans shipping Klaroline have a reputation of being quite passionate, due to their very vocal support for their ship including several online journalists such as Evaline Horng, Kayti Burt, and Crystal Bell.

While not all, a small few of the fandom have had a tendency to express highly negative comments regarding characters and people they perceive to be obstacles standing in the way of Klaroline becoming canon again. That negativity of the vocal few has been the reason that a few fans have stated to be embarrassed to ship the pairing; some leaving the Klaroline fandom entirely Or alternately leaving The Originals fandom due to hostility they are given for still shipping this pair ; even if they still ship the pairing but the vast majority are very proud shippers of their favorite couple and their fandom as a whole.

Klaroline fans seem to be divided in two camps; one camp is not watching 'The Originals' until the creators create better story lines with the possibility of a Caroline crossover like they were promised by the shows' creators many times, and the other camp that is content to keep watching with hope to still see their favorite pairing together while enjoying the show as it is.

Established Relationship - fics where they are already a couple.

Before We Had The Chance, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction

Fairytale fusions - a play on a fairytale Klaroline style most popular one is, obviously Little Red Riding Hood Historical AU - sometimes mixed with timetravel trope. Fics set in a different decade or century. Just being in the same room with the most dangerous man she'd ever encounter was chilling.

He didn't look up at her until the door made a loud noise when she closed it shut. A gasp escaped the blonde doctor's pink lips as their eyes finally met, his gaze as intense as his presence. Caroline discreetly cleared her throat, the black heels she was wearing clicking loudly on the floor as she made her way over to the table. She fought off a blush feeling his eyes follow her every move until she sat in the chair across from him. She sat up confidently, placing his file in front of her on the metal table.

Crossing her legs and avoiding eye contact as she flipped to the first page of the folder, putting on an unbothered facade. He couldn't help but smirk. Their eyes intensely met again and Caroline was taken aback, finally setting in on his appearance. He had flawlessly pale skin, wide blue green eyes with dark bags under them as if he hadn't slept in months. You would never guess anything was wrong with him based on his relaxed demeanor and calm tone, he seemed 'normal'. Caroline bit her inner cheek, shifting her attention from his face to his short dark blonde curls and his naturally seductive red lips.

klaus and caroline relationship fanfic

He was attractive, very attractive actually to the point where Caroline caught herself staring a second too long. Caroline playfully rolled her eyes. You think too highly of us. My finest moments have been on every billboard, magazine rack and newsstand. I want you to tell me. He tilted his head staring at her blankly as if he was studying her. Caroline felt red creep up her face in flattery, his stare set her skin on fire. She tucked a strand of her blonde hair, that escaped her bun, behind her ear.

Shifting in her seat slightly as she waited for his response. The man defiently had a way of intimidating you without even having to say a word. He sat back in his chair, letting out a heavy sigh before nodding his head for her to continue.

Caroline nervously cleared her throat. She nodded, slightly frustrated how short he was being with her. About 10 minutes flew by with them sitting in silence just staring at each other. This session was equivalent to pulling teeth, Caroline thought she was stubborn until now. Until this irritatingly fascinating man proved her otherwise and frustrated every bone in her body as much as he thrilled them.

There's always a reason behind everything; a story. Everyone has a story even you. I'm not going to judge you or punish you, that's not why I'm here.

Klaus and Caroline

A barely visible grin appeared on his lips, so small Caroline would've missed it if she looked away. She wanted to understand him. She wanted to sympathize with him. She wanted to comfort him.

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Klaus devilishly thought to himself.