Karen and lip relationship help

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karen and lip relationship help

Karen became pregnant with many thinking Lip was the father. with Lip and Mandy's relationship, but Lip decided to choose Mandy over Karen, as Mandy had. Lip seems to reject the people who try to help him. . of her but also because it took away from Mandy's relationships with Ian and her brother. They offer insight, support, and love to all of the characters, even Frank There are two main reasons why the Lip and Mandy relationship hurt.

On both of their parts, the quick jump to marriage was just so dumb that we kind of wanted there to be fallout for both of them. Finally, Gus himself was dull. Sure, he was a good guy, but the character himself didn't add the spark of energy that Fiona's other love interests have had. Frank and Bianca Other than Monica, there has really been one other human relationship that Frank's had that endeared him to us. That relationship would be the one he had with the terminally ill doctor, Bianca.

Frank gave Bianca a goal in her last days on earth that allowed her to actually live for once. Sure, she lived incredibly unhealthily during her final days, but she found a spiritual awakening that was only possible because of Frank.

Frank was also allowed to use his skillset for the good of someone else for the first time-- maybe ever. The whole plotline felt fresh and unique and really added another dimension to William H. Ian and Caleb Although Caleb was apart of one of the best scenes in Shameless history-- Fiona's wedding to Sean and the scene that followed that depicted Caleb and the Gallagher clan throwing Frank off a bridge-- he really wasn't all that interesting.

This hunky firefighter was there to indulge a lot of audience members fantasies, as well as Ian's, but other than that, he really didn't add a whole lot to the story. Ian and Caleb didn't seem to have a whole lot of chemistry. When their breakup did happen, it didn't really hit home in a way that the writers had intended.

Carl and Kassidi Sammi Hanratty's Kassidi may just be the most widely disliked love-interest since Karen. That's basically due to the fact that she's downright insane. Pair that with her being obnoxious, needy, and annoying, and you have a character meant to be hated.

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We're supposed to root for Carl in this situation, and Kassidi's personality allows that. In addition to this, Kassidi, who's from the upper class, allows Carl to truly understand the unhealthy environment he grew up in.


In a few episodes, we see her being utterly enamored with the South Side lifestyle as well as the horrible things that the Gallaghers are used to seeing. Therefore, it's quite a good thing indeed to have Kassidi around for the upcoming season. Ian and Trevor The addition of Trevor is a complicated one. For one, he does seem completely determined to achieve his goals even if they're good ones even if that means stomping over Ian's or other character's desires.

Additionally, he seems like a somewhat forced replacement for Mickey, who is certainly the most well written of Ian's romantic partners. Elliot Fletcher, who plays Trevor, has had his work cut out for him since being cast.

On the other hand, Shameless has taken giant steps forward by casting a trans actor in a dynamic trans role. Even the scene where Ian breaks the news of Trevor's past to Lip is handled in a natural way. This not only does good by the trans community but also by the forward-thinking characters on the show.

All in all, Ian and Trevor's relationship is for the good of the show. Here's hoping they can do something even more interesting with it in the upcoming season. In part, why Sean was such a great character had to do with the fact that Dermot Mulroney played him so pitch-perfectly. If they had not cast such a great actor for the role, it may not have worked so well. Having said that, Sean was also an engaging character struggling with addiction. Not only did he play a foil to Fiona after her battle with partying, but he gave her the opportunities to rise up and take command of herself as a businesswoman.

karen and lip relationship help

Debbie and Derek Debbie becoming pregnant and raising her daughter as a single mother was certainly a bold story choice for the writers to make, however, the way it came about was a little polarizing. First of all, the storyline involved Debbie refusing to terminate her pregnancy even though Fiona was adamant about it. He's had this great safety net of Fiona and Ian, and even Karen at times, and that all gets pulled out from underneath him. He's starts looking for a place to stay for a day, and he's not in the house.

And all I could think about was the second episode of the first season where my character is following his dad on a bike, asking his dad to come home, while his dad is running around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and seeing if he can crash on a couch. So Lip definitely seems to be heading in that direction.

karen and lip relationship help

Things get a little self-destructive with him this season, as well as Fiona. I think they're both headed there. I think it's because all three of them have had very similar childhoods. That's where Grammy Gallagher comes in, right? You definitely see more of how Frank was brought up in this season. Louise Fletcher, who plays Frank's mom, comes back for a few episodes this season and stays with us in the house, and we get to see her relationship with Frank, which is really great.

One of my favorite scenes of the second season is this scene with Louise. Macy] and I are in a bathroom, and it's very strange. He's forced to bathe his mother, and I come in to use the toilet. First of all, it's strange because the family is so close in that way, but then Louise kind of makes fun of Lip. She's like, "Wow, that's such a tiny pecker.

Do you have sex with girls with that thing? Then, Bill comes in and says, "Yeah, it's so tiny! I think that's kind of setting in, and Lip and Fiona are coming to terms with the possibility that as much as they're trying to fight it, they're turning into Frank. Well, it's not like the Gallagher children have had any other role model. I think that's something the writers have addressed in Season 2.

Where is Lip's father figure? For a moment, in the first season, you thought that maybe Steve Justin Chatwin could be a really good role model for Lip in a way. But then he turns out to be a car thief and he leaves Fiona and runs away, instead of dealing with the cops, and he gets Lip arrested. That doesn't turn out right, and you never want to mold yourself out of Frank. What's really sweet this season, I think, are these scenes that I have with Steve Howey, who plays Kev, that we have in the ice cream truck.

It's so interesting because while Kev and Lip couldn't be more different intelligence-wise, Lip still goes to Kev and is still very vulnerable and asks him for advice and life lessons, and he's the last person that you think would be teaching Lip anything.

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Kev has a loving relationship with Veronica Shanola Hamptonwhich is more than Frank or Fiona can say for any of their relationships. He also has a job, and while he's not the best at it, he's passionate about it and gets there on time. When you get right down to it, he's really the most legitimate male figure in Lip's life. There was this great scene in this week's upcoming episode between Kev and Lip in the ice cream truck, where Lip comes to Kev asking for a bit of relationship advice, and his response is: Yeah, and Lip really takes that answer to heart because he doesn't know where else to go.

Lip has never really had that fatherly figure in his life, so does he take on the responsibility of being a role model to his younger siblings this season? You definitely see Lip start to help Fiona out with the burden of the family this season.

He's definitely starting to fill out these kind of father shoes, which is great because I think he does a very good job. He loves his family, and he's very loyal to them.

But at the same time, he was deprived of a childhood or any kind of real father figure. I think that there's some animosity there that comes out later in the second season, where he's having trouble and there's no one to go to.

Not even Fiona can help. It's incredibly frustrating for Lip because he's done so much for the family, and the first time that he asks for any help in return, the family comes up somewhat empty-handed. I think that there's a great sense of betrayal that Lip feels halfway through the season.

What kind of trouble is he having? He's just being swallowed up by this idea of leaving the neighborhood. His family are pushing all of these expectations on him, like going to college and getting a job. He starts to feel a bit taken advantage of, like he's supposed to go out there and make money for everyone else. Is that the plan?

I think he's so smart, and has so many great gifts, but he doesn't necessarily want to do anything with them, and that's his choice. He doesn't feel like the family is supporting him, and instead, they're trying to force him into things. He doesn't want to be forced. And it's not even anyone's fault.