Kajol mukherjee and rani relationship quiz

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kajol mukherjee and rani relationship quiz

Both the cousin sisters are not on talking terms since a long time. Kajol's father and Rani Mukerji's father were first cousins. Since the day Rani. Take up the quiz below and know for sure. Number of Kajol. E. Sameera Reddy. 4. A. Rahul Khanna. B. Rishi Kapoor. C. Anil Kapoor. D. Rani Mukherjee. E. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship?. Rani Mukerji Marriage - All the extensive details you crave about the Kajol or even Madhuri Dixit tied the knot many years ago, Rani was one.

At the 50th Filmfare Awards inMukerji won both the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards, becoming the only actress to win both awards in the same year. The film narrates the story of three youngsters from different strata of society whose lives intersect by a car accident; Mukerji was cast as Shashi Biswas, a financially deprived Bengali housewife who is abused by her husband, a local goon played by Bachchan. Taran Adarsh wrote, "Amongst the leading ladies, it is Rani Mukerji who is the best of the lot.

The role demanded an actress of substance and Rani more than lives up to the expectations. The film pitted her opposite Saif Ali Khan and proved one of the biggest commercial successes of the year. To act through your eyes and not using dialogue is an art. Rani for one, has perfected this. Bhansali wrote the part of the blind-deaf girl specifically for Mukerji, who was initially hesitant to take on the role due to its "challenging" subject matter.

The film was the second highest-grossing film of and Mukerji's third major success in two consecutive years. The film was a box office flop in India but was given a strong international release; it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and was India's submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards. Director Ketan Mehta initially approached her for a cameo appearance, which was developed into an "important part" after she gave her consent to star in the film.

Mukerji played Maya Talwar, a woman layered with self-doubt and question about the relationship between her husband played by Abhishek Bachchan and herself. Mukerji was excited to play the part of a mother for the first time, and modelled her character after her own mother. Khalid Mohamed hailed Mukerji's performance as "near flawless" but Rajeev Masand thought that neither she nor Khan "are able to make much of an impression because their characters are so unidimensional and boring.

She described the film as a "journey of a girl into womanhood and her sacrifices for her family". Jaya BachchanAbhishek Bachchan, Konkana Sen Sharma and Kunal Kapoor co-starred in the film which released to poor box office returns and little praise from the critics. The woman in Saawariya has no problem with her profession, whereas in the other film it's completely different".

The film was a box office flop and met with polarising reactions from the critics. By the end ofMukerji's popularity had begun to wane. She found the role in Kunal Kohli's Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magica children's film about an angel who comes to Earth to help four troubled kids.

Her costumes, too, are uneasy-on-the-eyes". Mukerji had high expectations from the film in which she played a cricket-obsessed Punjabi village girl masquerading as a man; it was hugely hyped before release and had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship quiz

Also after a point you dislike visualizing the charming actress as the moustached male player. I was getting great roles from Yash Raj at that point, roles that any actor would give an arm to do.

I stand by those films regardless of their fate". She said that appearing on television would make her "more accessible" to the audiences and help her "gain visibility" when she was "not doing too many films". It wasn't a role that was typical of a Hindi film heroine.

Shocking controversies surrounding Rani Mukerji

Meera was more like a hero. It was a character that actually took the story forward. It wasn't something that I had ever done before.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship quiz

I actually had to play a man! It's all about externals. She argues a lot and proudly labels herself a bitch but her hair stays perfectly in place and in the end, she even gets to do a super-hero-like slow motion walk.

Reason Why Mukerji Sisters Kajol and Rani Are Not on Friendly Terms?

She played Meenakshi Deshpande, a woman with a heightened sense of smell who develops a one-sided attraction towards Prithiviraj's character. Critically and commercially unsuccessful. The Answer Lies Within. The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the centenary year celebrations of Indian cinema.

She took on the role "to show all girls what the reality is, what the world has come to, and how they need to protect themselves". Inspired by Brad Cohen 's autobiography Front of the Class, the film tells the story of Naina Mathur, an aspiring teacher suffering from Tourette syndrome who must prove herself by educating underprivileged children.

Vetticad of Firstpost wrote that Mukerji "lifts Hichki every time she is on the scene, bringing empathy and charm to Naina's character without at any moment soliciting the audience's pity.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship quiz

But this has posed a problem for actors like me because if I don't do that, then I end up being called reclusive. So now I have changed myself and am easily approachable.

Cousins Rani and Kajol to be neighbours soon | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Tuesday, May 06, Their relationship was always shrouded by secrecy as neither of them ever spoke about it openly. Their relationship was also not an easy one. From waiting for Aditya's divorce from his first wife Payal to his mother Pamela accepting Rani as her daughter-in-law, there were many hurdles in their path of blissful matrimony.

Though they have been reportedly living together at Aditya's Vikas Park residence, her relationship with Aditya has always been questioned. However, now that the actress is legally married to Aditya, we walk down memory lane to look at other controversies that the pretty actress has faced reports The Times of India. When Rani lashed out at Simi Garewal: Rani Mukerji might be a Bong beauty with a sweet smile. However, the actress has a fiery temper and can be very rude.

When she came as a guest at Simi's India's Most Desirable, Rani showed her rude side to the audience. When she was persistently prodded to talk about her relationship with Aditya Chopra, she lost her cool and threatened the host to spill the beans about her secret life.

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She reportedly said, "There's a lot I know about you too, which of course you wouldn't want me to bring up. However, later things got heated up between the two and it all happened in front of the studio audience. Later the actress asked the production house to delete that part of the episode.