Kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

'My Kajol and Rani connection didn't help me at all'

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Doting mother, Krishna, reminisces about Rani Mukerji's childhood I remember one such family party where Kajol had literally taken She values her father's advice a lot and if he asks her to do something, Rani will always take it with utmost seriousness. . Aamir Khan's troubled relationship with his dad. Rani Mukerji began her career with Salim's Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat. I don't want to bring personal relationships into this [Ajay Devgan is married to actress Kajol, who is Rani's cousin]. Has this help you mature as a person?. The Mukherjee-Samarth family is a Hindu Bengali-Marathi family that has been involved in the Bollywood film industry since the s, Shobhana Samarth having first acted in a film in The Mukherjee family was connected to the Samarth family by Tanuja's marriage He had two children with his wife Krishna Mukerji, the actress Rani Mukerji.

Why would you do that to yourself? Every adjective that I know, I throw at myself every morning in front of the mirror. Ya, I have taken a break from work. I have not wanted to do three songs and two scenes in a movie in a long time.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Now the bent is more towards my family, my kids. So for me to take time away from them and do a movie, I need to have something that I completely believe is worth it.

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I have a life beyond the movies. So what are you looking for in a script? I believe Son Of Sardaar is an art film. So when you say art film, what do you mean? It has to be a good film. It has to be a great screenplay. I know what a good book reads like. I feel a good script should be as good if not better than a good book. I am in a good financial space.

Kajol’s advice for new mom Rani Mukerji

I have everything that I want in life today. Why did you turn it down? Ya, Karan Johar had offered it to me. So what are the kind of films you enjoy watching? I love regular films. I loved Ironman 3.

I loved it so much. I clapped, I whistled, I enjoyed myself in the film. What a fab screenplay. What an actor Robert Downey Jr is. He was just superb. What are the kind of offers coming your way?

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

That would be limiting myself. I want something meaty. I want something fantastic to do. I said I was waiting for a perfect screenplay. I guess somewhere down the line I expected that. How has your relationship changed with YRF after the recent controversy? How has my relationship changed? You think you were caught in the crossfire between your husband and Yash Raj Films?

He was standing up for what was right and I will stand beside him. And as far as anything else is concerned, you can consider it as a casualty of war. I guess they thought it was more important for them to make it a personal thing rather than what it was. It was a professional stand that we took against a practice.

It was not meant to be a personal war against a man. It was against a practice and therefore it was against the corporation, or against the company. But it did strain relations, right? Ya, probably more than that. And yes he was a friend once.

How relationships just change ya? It was just so petty. From his point of view, maybe he thought he was making the best decision he could. To each his own. The biggest difficulty for a working mother is how to handle the guilt. Even though they are perfectly happy to see you go. And if for some reason, you drop them late to school or are not there for some function of theirs, the guilt is unimaginable. How to work around that guilt is the battle every day.

How do you handle your guilt? One day at a time.

Kajol and Ajay Devgn avoid Rani Mukerji. Another fight?

But you do have help… No amount of help can assuage the guilt. I take almost every decision of their lives. Because J is not here for 20 days of the month. So as far as their day-to-day activities are concerned from what time they wake up, to what food is given to them to what time they go to sleep is all dependent on me. I compartmentalise and put it away for now.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

Maybe, I will have other things to do at that point. Yes I am very strict. And your boundaries have to be flexible. And I let her be. But next day we go back to the rules. Laughs She should be. And it needs to be there till a certain age.

Aditya Chopra was a friend once - Kajol | pdl-inc.info

There are certain things that I will not tolerate. There are so many things you have to teach them. How have your mother and mother-in-law influenced your married life? Do you go to your mom with your marital problems?

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

If I have an issue with someone, I become obsessive compulsive. I have to clear that issue then and there with that person. I will not leave it hanging. I will talk it out especially with people I love or respect. Both J and I are not the sort who will nurse grudges and bring them out like ammunition when the fight starts.

Chortles Everyone runs for cover when J and I start fighting. Everyone is like let's get out of the room now.

Dilwale's Kajol has the most epic advice to cousin Rani Mukerji on parenting!

How do both the grannies influence the kids? They influence the kids a lot. I live with my in-laws. I meet my mother every week. Either she comes to meet us or I take them to meet her.

kajol mukherjee and rani relationship help

While I come from a family deeply rooted in the film industry and my grandfather was a very big figure, in my father's generation, with the exception of my uncle Joy Mukherjee of 'Shagird' famethey were not that successful.

It wasn't like being Rishi Kapoor's son," Ayan told in an interview. His other uncle was Rono Mukherjee. Recounting his struggles, Ayan, 29, said he didn't have any access to key people in the industry.

My memories of being a film industry child was a longing to actually be a part of the industry. To have access to the people who were making and shaking things," said the director, who hit bull's eye with his debut film "Wake up Sid", produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. There was never a time when the "Mukherjee" surname helped him, he says candidly. The way our industry works, they don't bank on success which was years back.

It is a very brutal space. While growing up, this was my complex," he said. Did the tag of being successful actresses Kajol's and Rani Mukerji's cousin help him? When I wanted to work with Karan Johar as an assistant, neither of them called him for me.