Jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

Jim & I - Friends Until Death

jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

Pamela Morrison, companion of the much mourned rock star Jim Morrison, died on Jim began his relationship with Pamela in when they met during one of the first . Instead, after Pam's death everything went to her parents – Mr Columbus B. Courson and Mrs Jim and Pam at the Flea market (near Paris) in Comments & replies; Public profile · Account details · Emails & marketing He didn't suffer fools, and this was early on in our relationship. He and his girlfriend Pam Courson moved into a place next door to I photographed Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison – and I wish I had taken more shots. I am writing to ask that Jim Morrison's Wikipedia be reopened as far as editing is Since Jim Morrison's relationship with Pamela Courson-Morrison has been . trying to cash in by using sensationalism as their marketing tool.

Wikipedia has protections in place for "living persons" but I cannot believe that Wikipedia does not wish to protect deceased individuals who can no longer speak for themselves.

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The first is a reference made to a memoir written by a woman by the name of Judy Huddleston. This particular memoir was, for some reason, written about in more detail and, again, the book and it's title is referenced on this page when it's content and statements made in it were under the complete control of Kennealy herself.

Much in the same way that no matter how many eyewitnesses - eyewitnesses with nothing to gain either professionally or financially - there are who have publicly gone on record to clarify what actually happened the night Jim Morrison died, Wikipedia is bound to stick the "official" cause of death.

Is Wikipedia not bound to verify statements from people regarding claims of "marriage" and other serious issues? I noticed that the references made about Mary Werbelow, someone who has publicly acknowledged that she and Jim Morrison were in love with each other and that they had an intense personal relationship received maybe a couple of sentences. References made to Pamela Courson-Morrison received a "just the facts" tone and that the individual responsible for creating Jim Morrison's page took care to state that Morrison and Courson-Morrison were in an "open" relationship, that certain Doors' songs "may" have been written about Courson-Morrison and the editor or creator of the page gave very vague reasons as to why Pamela is referred to as "Pamela Courson-Morrison".

And yet the statement, "First written about in No One Here Gets Out Alive, and later in her own memoir, Strange Days - My Life with and without Jim Morrison, Morrison participated in a Celtic Pagan handfasting ceremony with the rock and jazz critic Patricia Kennealy," is simply presented as a fact when this "marriage" and this "ceremony" is a claim that has been made only by Kennealy without having provided any legally verified or authenticated proof. I also noticed that an article, "Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby" written by a former friend and associate of Patricia Kennealy's, Janet Erwin, is referenced and Erwin's account of having an intimate relationship with Jim Morrison is referred to only as a claim.

The reference to this article also failed to point out that Erwin's account completely refutes Kennealy's version of events that Kennealy offered in her memoir 'Strange Days' or that Kennealy has never directly denied Erwin's claims publicly or that Kennealy never took any legal action against Erwin after the article was published.

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Since Jim Morrison's relationship with Pamela Courson-Morrison has been acknowledged and verified - even by Huddleston and Kennealy themselves - and that Courson-Morrison is acknowledged by those who knew both she and Morrison personally and professionally as being one of the few common threads in Jim Morrison's life I feel that in the interest of fairness and accuracy, and going by Wikipedia's own guidelines, that Huddleston's and Kennealy's unproven claims of having had a significant relationship with Jim Morrison could be better summed up in a couple of sentences and it could be made clear to the reader that both women have simply made claims, nothing more.

Based on the fact that all encyclopedic information must be verified references to Huddleston and Kennealy's statements and claims really should not be included at all. An Administrator was willing to edit Kennealy's for the reasons I have outlined here in order for the tone to sound more neutral and I think it is only fair to make similar changes to Jim Morrison's page, for the reasons I have outlined.

Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison had previous obtained marriage licenses in Colorado in and in Los Angeles inbut never legalized it.

jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

This info was sourced and taken off Jim Morrison's page by User: CorbieVreccan as were other credible lovers of Jim while they greatly expanded the paragraph on Patricia Kennealy-Morrison's claims which are highly contested. The page should be neutral and not favor a living person.

pamela courson/ jim morrison interview

Nico stated in"I like my relations to be physical and of the psyche. We hit each other because we were drunk and we enjoyed the sensation.

We made love in a gentle way, do you know? Of this I am sure especially after Jim has named me his sole beneficiary in his Will; he has always taken care of me and I of him, just like a married couple. Pamela and Jim at "Themis".

jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

She went all over the world buying articles for the shop and Jim footed the bill. Friends say that her mental state ranged from frustration to pain to complete delirium. Pamela ans Jim with their friends at "Themis".

jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

Pamela however continued to use drugs of various degrees and danger. When the police arrived they found needle marks on her left arm and a syringe near the body.

The Police remembered however that in the past Pamela had tried to commit suicide; but even taking this into consideration they were the first not to believe in the suicide version. Probably things went back to about a year before when Pam had been stopped in the company of a man, who not long afterwards was arrested for living off prostitution. She felt very frustrated at not being taken seriously by the lawyers and the other members of the Doors. Jim and Pam in the Hollywood's hills.

Jim and Pam with their dog Sage. Manzarek later met Pam and they got together against the sale of the copyrights. All I can say is that she was an extremely beautiful person and for this she was admired by everybody. Men fell at her feet, fascinated by her need of protection.

Pamela Courson - Wikipedia

Pamela and the lawyer Max Fink who helped draw up the Will were nominated co-executors. Pam changed lawyers four times even if she decided in the end to pay what was due. She managed to get this just about a year before she died and the first things she bought were a Volkswagen and a mink coat. The only thing was that she had to survive Jim for at least three months to inherit everything.

Courson and Mrs Pearl Marie Courson". Jim and Pam in Chantilly near Parigi in When Ray Manzarek was asked about this he exploded: The documents speak for themselves!

Pamela Courson

In fact Pam rests in the Fairhaven memorial Park of S. Ana in California not far from L. Pam's grave at "Fairhaven Memorial Park" cemetery of S.

Pam buried in the "Garden Courts". Jim never bought a house for himself but bought a little bungalow for Pam in L. This is because Pam often wanted a quiet spot far from the confusion of Hollywood.

jim morrison and pamela courson relationship marketing

The new house in Topanga Canyon was, instead, preferable because it was nearer to Malibu beach and the Pacific Coast Highway. Very different from what was to be seen in chaotic L.