James roday and dule hill relationship advice

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james roday and dule hill relationship advice

Dule Hill, James Roday "Any relationship, especially an estranged relationship , when you realize that that person may be gone all of a. It is Maggie Lawson talking about her relationship with James Roday. James Roday Maggie Lawson and Dule Hill Shawn And Gus, Shawn Spencer, Maggie. I got the chance the other day to speak to James Roday & Dule Hill, stars of USA's hit show, . On the possibilities for any relationships coming up for Gus: . There's bound to be a way that Shawn and Gus need legal advice.

We have Tony Cox. Oh, yes, Tony Cox came up. And Jacob Vargas, very good actor.

james roday and dule hill relationship advice

And we have Aggie the Polar Bear. Aggie the Polar Bear. On any characteristics of the characters that they each play that they envy and that they wish they possessed? I mean I think from my side I do wish I possessed a little more of the — I guess Gus knows a little bit of — he knows something about everything.

Like he really has the most random trivia information stacked inside of his brain.

Psych’s James Roday on Chemistry with Costar Dulé Hill: 'Not Something You Can Fake'

And I think for myself I would love to be able to have that kind of information stored up inside my brain. You can tell your husband that is a very factual thing. And so I have to tell you a little bit of my favorites. We think they should call him Carlton Lassiter. The reactions from Gus and Juliet and Lassie himself would be hysterical. And then we have Burton Chocolate Silk Guster.

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Oh, Chocolate Silk, okay. And then Henry McFly.

James Roday and Dule Hill reunite for Psych: The Movie

And then Chocolate Thunder. And then, my personal favorite, because I could totally see Shawn doing this is introducing him as Burton Ernie. Anyway so that ties in with my first question. You know, I — because when he first threw that out it kind of caught me off guard first of all because I believe that was one that was just off the top of his head. And it cracked me up. I just thought it was a hilarious thing. Stoney and the Silly-Pants, you know. Do you guys get a say in those or do they come already in the script?

Are you guys having a Christmas-themed episode and if so, can you tell us anything about it?

james roday and dule hill relationship advice

We are returning to holiday Yule entertainment this season. But I think, you know, first on the list is when is the time to do it. About some of the upcoming episodes and storylines James: Shawn and Gus have to save a polar bear that may or may not be being framed for murder.

We have an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park.

james roday and dule hill relationship advice

That will be our finale where everything comes out in the wash. Pretty packed, pretty solid winter. Hearing Dule say this was brilliant and hysterical. We can probably work that in there. Baseball has been on the board for awhile. Somebody has a little thing for Larisa Oleynik, huh? That was a lot of fun. She had a fun character. She got to wear a nose ring.

Not that many people who come on site can say that.

James Roday & Dulé Hill - Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

On what they think makes Shawn and Gus relationship work so well since they are such polar opposites: I think you just answered it right there. I think they fill each other out.

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They both bring each other to the center. You know, one is extremely to the right and one is extremely to the left and they balance each other out. I think without their relationship they would both be too far in either direction. I think Shawn would be doing something — I mean Shawn his life would be a long time ago spin out of control and Gus would be a hermit going to work, going home.

On what reality show Shawn and Gus would go on together or separately: I think Gus is definitely kind of backed up. He could use a little bit of tender care, you know what I mean? But we'll see what happens going into Season 6. On which reality show Shawn and Gus could win: And they would win. If a character ever deserved to go and be The Bachelor, I think it's Gus though. On the best part of working together: The challenge of working outside the box. He's such a talented actor that his mind will go anywhere and sometimes keeping up and staying on the train is a challenge for me, but I enjoy it.

You know, it's a muscle that I haven't really used in previous parts of my careers. He also says everything that we're both thinking We're always thinking the same thing, but then he always says it out loud and then I don't have to, which is awesome. On dream guest stars: I would say I'd love to have Chris Tucker come and do a quick spot.

I don't know if he ever would but I mean, you know, he's just hilarious to me.