Jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

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jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

And there was the final, sombre sting in the tail: the needless death of Jack's wife, just to the worst casualty of these treading water plotlines was Jack's daughter Kim Bauer. . It becomes a meme about a bear trap and a cougar. she and Jack had slept together, just so the 'tragedy' really sinks in), Audrey Raines is killed. out right after Audrey Raines bit the bullet thanks to Chinese mercenaries. So, when he drops in the ground when learning Audrey is dead and Jack Bauer deserves the trust of his government and its president. Jack also deserves to have real human relationships because these things matter to him. I want someone to love me as much as Jack Bauer loves Audrey Raines.. <3 <3.

In this finale, it's the Russians that take Jack away for another summer camp of torture and imprisonment. I read somewhere that people hope this sets up the return of Tony Almeida, coming from the darkness to save his old friend. He died, but then he didn't. And then Tony became bad. But he was bad for good reasons. And then he went to jail.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Tony, stay in jail, it's safer in there. There will be more 24, and I will watch it. I'll bring my hope that Jack gets to be free again. Does being free constitute being happy?

Not necessarily, I think it means that Jack gets to choose where he goes and what he does again, instead of being handed off from one group of jerks to another. If I'm being overly simplistic, maybe it's because the show has become a blur to me. The side stories over the years promised some intrigue, particularly the idea of some larger cabal being behind some of the greatest acts of evil known throughout the years of Karen suggested that they use torture.

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She was tied up and tortured for a while until the proper evidence was found that proved that she was innocent. Bauer helped to clear Audrey of any suspicion. She was not immediately put back to work, in order to recover from the effects of the torturing chemical. Because of her DOD ties, Audrey was unaffected.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Audrey initially refused, but Jack told her of the White House's connection to Henderson, and that she and Chloe O'Brian were the only ones he could trust. In order to keep Chloe at her position, she agreed to sign the confession. With Chloe's help, Audrey removed a tracking device from her car and escaped satellite detection. She called her father on his private jet and told him that it was urgent she speak to him personally.

Jack contacted her shortly after recovering evidence implicating Logan, and she told him to meet Heller at Van Nuys Airport to hand off the evidence to him. After giving the tape to one of his guards, Secretary Heller had Jack and Audrey detained by his guards while he went off to confront Logan. Jack escaped and managed to recover the tape, but Henderson and his men arrived at the airport, taking Audrey hostage. In an effort to get Jack to hand over the recording, Henderson cut the brachial artery in Audrey's left arm, which would have led to her death in three minutes.

Before she bled to death, Jack handed over the tape. After Henderson escaped, Jack put a tourniquet on her arm, saving her life. When Jack later apprehended Henderson with Audrey at his sideHenderson said that he had his men on standby orders to kill James Heller if he did not contact them every fifteen minutes. Jack informs Heller about the situation, but Heller asks Jack to tell his daughter that he loves her, raising a red flag.

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When Jack asks over the phone with Chloe O'Brian to see if Heller had driven his car off the road from her satellite visual, it is confirmed that he did. Audrey went into a breakdown of grief, insisting that Jack should shoot Henderson if he would not give Jack the incriminating recording.

It is later learned that Henderson had given the recording to another person. Jack claimed he had to stay and wait until Curtis Manning and his team could collect Henderson, but Audrey retorts that if the recording is not recovered, then her father would have died for nothing. Jack left Audrey alone with the recording, and Henderson's men eventually pinpoint their boss' location, pressuring Audrey to flee the scene. She attempted to assassinate Henderson before his men arrived, but her moral sense proved too strong.

Audrey was rescued by Curtis Manning and his tactical team as soon as Henderson ordered his men to close in on her. Audrey later discovers at CTU from Curtis that her father survived going over the cliff, but remains in critical condition.

Hill Place: Please Don't Bring Back Audrey Raines!

At the end of the day, with the crisis seemingly over, she reunites with Jack and the two share a passionate kiss. Jack is notified by a Federal agent that his daughter Kim is calling him. Jack leaves Audrey to take the call. Several minutes later, Audrey goes to check on Jack and is horrified to find him missing. She is unaware that he has been abducted by the Chinese officials who had somehow learned that he was still alive.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Season 6[ edit ] When Jack asked about Audrey upon his return to Los Angeles, Bill Buchanan replied that she did not know he was back yet. Jack requested that he keep it that way.

And all of that happened in one day.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

Teri, Jack's first "24" girl, had it the worst. Currently making sure Milo doesn't start crying. Marilyn married Jack's brother, Graem but at some point before or after or both?! According to information trickling in during Day Six, Jack and Marilyn had an affair 20 years ago, placing that approximately ten years before Day One.

Without getting too bogged down in details, it is reasonable to say that this affair took place while Jack was married to Teri and after Kim was born.

Audrey Raines

Graem knew about the affair and spent the next 20 years not having sex with his wife because of it. Jack and Marilyn- not a healthy relationship. While Graem's body is still warm, Marilyn proceeds to tell Jack she still wants him. Jack is still adjusting to sunlight and political freedoms after his stint in China AND he thinks he just killed your husband-- back off lady and give the guy some space! Lady of interest Status: Day Two's Kate Warner was drawn into a terrorist plot when it was revealed that her kid sister, Marie, was a batshit-crazy petite-sized jihadist that was aiding in the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

Jack and Kate hit it off relatively quickly and the managed to have a relationship that ended sometime prior to Day Three, when Jack was addicted to heroin.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship memes

The smartest of the Bauer Girls- she got out without being permanently harmed. She had to deal with her sister's psychotic breakdown, but without Jack in her life, she has probably fared quite well.

Jack's "Sexi-can" side-action during an undercover sting Status: