Holmes and watson relationship essay

Friendship of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John H Watson

holmes and watson relationship essay

Free Essay: This paper will explore the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and his companion and friend Dr. John Watson. What is the relationship between . For my coursework, I will find the relation between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Sherlock Holmes is the main character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of The Baskerville. In this Particular story his assistant or sidekick Dr Watson takes his place. Two fans have written essays on this: Sherlock Cares: "Holmes and Watson: The Adventure of the Iconic Relationship"; Friendship In Sherlock Holmes: Essay.

If the benefit to us ends, so does the relationship. You proposed this arrangement, so you must not hold me responsible.

holmes and watson relationship essay

Each needs a roommate so they can afford to continue living in London, an expensive city to live in then as now. And things grow worse on closer acquaintance. I felt rather indignant having two characters whom I had admired treated in this cavalier style.

Relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Essay

I walked over to the window and stood looking out into the busy street. The reader may set me down as a hopeless busybody, when I confess how much this man stimulated my curiosity, and how often I endeavored to break through the reticence which he showed on all that concerned himself. Before pronouncing judgment, however, be it remembered how objectless was my life, and how little there was to engage my attention.

My health forbade me from venturing out unless the weather was exceptionally genial, and I had no friends who would call upon me and break the monotony of my daily existence. Under the circumstances, I eagerly hailed the mystery which hung around my companion, and spent much of my time endeavoring to unravel it.

And I defy even Mr.

Holmes and Watson: The Adventure of the Iconic Relationship | Sherlock Cares

In other words, people find a bit of surprise more enjoyable than routine even with treats. One need only glance through the Kama Sutra to confirm that even the most basic pleasures can become boring when they become routine. Or as research has shown, if you want to help your budget and get more pleasure from your latte, make the latte a treat instead of a daily routine.

John Watson finds the company of Sherlock Holmes fascinating; Holmes is anything but conventional in his interests or behaviours.

Holmes and Watson: The Adventure of the Iconic Relationship

It has no mercenary value — unless you genuinely believe time is money and prescribe to the principles of Happy Money. What each party gets in a pleasure-based friendship is shared entertainment or happiness, which behavioral economics is finding as one of the most valuable commodities in society.

For one thing pleasure is a distinctly personal commodity. He believed this in part because, like utility-based relationships, pleasure-based friendships tend to be of limited duration. They exist only so long as we are enjoying ourselves, and do not become bored or are distracted by something better; better as a relative term for something that proves more enjoyably distracting or rewarding such as a new interest.

If the friendship stops being fun, or becomes not as fun as something else, we move on. This is why long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain; we get less utility, and usually less entertainment, the further the distance. It was that vision which gave me an instant of sanity and of strength. A true friend, however, is not a co-dependent, self-sacrificing enabler. A true friend cares about the other person for his or her own sake, wanting to see him or her flourish, without thought of personal benefit or gain, except in the emotional satisfaction derived from the relationship.

And even Aristotle understood that it is not necessarily a linear process from point A — a utility-based friendship — to point C — a perfect friendship. The road to that complete friendship might have many stops, starts, detours — or even dead end. Aristotle does not deny true friends may also have a sexual attraction, he simply holds that true friendship is different from, and does not require, sexual attraction. And finally in Greek, there is unconditional love agape which is most often associated with, but not limited to, a parent and child.

There are times when the English language is deficient in distinctions.

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Both terms were created in the 20th Century to discuss relationships commonly seen in cultures, including Western society, up until the mid- to lateth Century where people engaged in various forms of emotional and physical closeness — holding hands, walking arm in arm, kissing, hugging, even sharing a bed —that has become rare in contemporary society, particularly Western society. Part of the change came with greater privacy as more people became able to afford private rooms, with their own beds, instead of overcrowded communal living; another part of the change came with growing anxiety as physical intimacy, including even clothed casual touching, came to be seen in Western society as strictly a sexual overture.

Contemporary Western society has reached such a level of anxiety over physical contact, a female friend had a female doctor apologize recently for starting to touch her breast without explicit permission during an examination — a breast examination! Up until the last years or so, references to profound romantic friendships, including homosocial ones, can be found throughout literature and history.

Even the Bible gives us David and Jonathon. It was an era where there were social differences, and a person was usually judged by the way society perceived them.

Holmes himself is a rich and well The Sherlock Holmes stories Essay Essay Sherlock Holmes' nature as a detective is important as at the time it was written London was growing and with it crime was growing too, people didn't feel safe. The Sherlock Holmes stories gave a sense of morality.

holmes and watson relationship essay

Sherlock Holmes showed that there was still some good in the world looking out for the reader and that even in this growing London full of A Game of Shadows is the long anticipated subsequence to the first Sherlock Holmes movie.

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law star in this thrilling action packed movie. Watson Jude Law articulation forces to overreach and convey down the fiercest enemy yet. Professor Moriaty Jared Harris. They face tough challenges to this ill-famed felon. Like in the first Sherlock Holmes movie.

Sherlock Holmes Essay Essay 23 Words 4 Pages Examine The settings which the writers have chosen for their stories in "The Signal man", "The man with the twisted lip" and "the red room. All use mystery but in a variety of settings. Two of the stories involve females as the victims whereas the other doesn't. These two stories also have something to do with loved ones.

All three stories are to do with a murder that has happened and are in the same detective, mystery genre. There are a few similarities between two of these stories, 'The Veiled Lodger' and 'The Speckled Band' as both of these stories are about some sort of a murder that has happened Explore the reasons behind this enduring popularity.

His stories have become known across the globe since they first appeared in with 'A Study in Scarlet which was published in 'Beetons Christmas Annual'. There are many reasons for this enduring popularity; I am going The Speckled Band Essay Essay He is a highly respected detective, so why did he do that?