Hiei and kurama relationship trust

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hiei and kurama relationship trust

A promise between Kurama and Hiei soon turns into something Will secrets and trust be shared in time to salvage the budding relationship?. Kurama and Yusuke never fight, and Kurama's other relationships with the to Yusuke, and one of three other people who Hiei trusts explicitly. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Because of this, they are able to understand each other on a deep level and were able to help each other find themselves and find peace with themselves and their past to some extent. They have bound together because, in a sense, they are each other. Because of that, by being together they no longer feel like they are a lone, like they are the only one like them in the world.

hiei and kurama relationship trust

Like there is another one of them that exists and that can relate to them because they are, in essence, the same. This is the kind of relationship that goes way beyond romance or even friendship. This is a completely different kind of relationship than that between family, even twins.

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Though the relationship between identical twins is likely the closest comparison that can be made. While they may not look alike physically, in every other way, they see themselves in each other.

And because of that, they are able to accept themselves as they are and push forward and find a purpose together.

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Hiei and Mukuro are able to relate on that level. Which is why they were able to help each other. So the kind of relationship they have goes beyond anything conventional. It goes far beyond love or friendship or even familial care. You need to learn to accept yourself in order to live with yourself.

But not quite, since they are actually different people. But because they are so similar and united in their pasts and have helped each other overcome them, they can lean on each other and learn to accept and live with themselves together. Damn, I guess my spirit energy still hasn't healed!

hiei and kurama relationship trust

A full realization just hit him at that moment that this bubbly headed ferry girl had something special about her, almost sort of a He somehow felt it from the kind of sound wave she emitted. Following this train of thought, he realized that there was something about Botan he had not taken as seriously before. Of course he knew she was a spirit guide, that she was no ordinary girl, but that didn't stop him from putting her in the rank of Keiko, or Yukina.

Strong willed, sure, but physically weak. Ladies that needed protecting.

hiei and kurama relationship trust

He even remembered feeling very apprehensive at the dark tournament when she had joined the rest of the team beside the ring, saying that she was going to be their trainer. He didn't want her to be there and always made sure to keep an eye on her, helping her whenever she needed something, standing in front of her to protect her whenever it became too dangerous. He narrowed his eyes and looked her over. He had been wrong.

In addition to being strong willed, she also had some physical and spiritual strength to boast of. Though somewhat ditzy and clueless, she most definitely was no damsel in distress; she was not just a pretty face.

All this he thought without betraying emotion, remaining just as impassable and serene as he always had been. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye, Kurama saw a black mass fall from a tree not too far from behind Botan and did not miss Kuwabara's question about whether it was a beetle that fell. Botan clasped her hands enthusiastically. I knew you would come! Saving Yusuke took priority over gallantry. The scowl on Hiei's face quickly disappeared and was replaced by a smirk as he read it over.

Slapping the piece of paper in his hand, he drawled maliciously, "Serves him right. That bastard must have gotten cocky after winning the dark tournament. He should have known that there's always a bigger fish to fry. Even though he wanted to believe that Hiei was simply assuming a nonchalant attitude, he could not be sure. He was no psychic after all. But whatever it was that Hiei truly felt towards their spirit detective friend is of no consequence at the moment; Kurama knew that this was a dangerous and sensitive situation for him to be doing alone Kuwabara's spirit energy still hasn't come back, and surely he wasn't about to ask Botan to fight alongside him.

There was no other option. Hiei absolutely must come. He therefore raked his mind for the right words to say that'll bait the little demon. There is actually someone who could take even Yusuke by surprise. Don't you want to know more about these kidnappers?

This is none of my concern. He had hoped Hiei would be a little bit more cooperative tonight, especially after that comment.

He quickly tried to think of another strategy to bait the usually hot tempered and haughty boy, but was quickly cut off when Botan spoke imploringly, trying to reason to Hiei's compassionate side--if he actually had one. Nobody even flinched when Hiei said something along the lines of not caring about the detective.

I believed him to be strong, but I see my mistake. It turns out he's just a fool. To be taken by these amateurs. It's ridiculous and I refuse to babysit him any longer. It is possible our dilemma might be related to it. These kidnappers of Yusuke have proven themselves to be strong and very well organized, making it likely that these are the very same humans I've been hearing of. I merely borrow them for my entertainment and hopefully yours as well.

Lowering his arms his eye landed on the framed picture on his desk. Smiling lightly he picked it up, it was of Hiei and himself at Yusukes and Keikos engagement party at Genkais temple. He was wearing all white while Hiei wore his habitual black the only difference being instead of his customary black cloak he was wearing the long sleeved shirt Kurama had bought for him. Hiei was looking up slightly at him smirking lightly while he Kurama had an arm wrapped around his best friends shoulder and another around his waist with his hands linked on Hieies' chest.

He treasured that picture above all his possessions. It wasn't the only picture of his best friendsnot that he had many, but in this one it captured the rare gift of Hiei allowing public affection, or any kind of physical contact come to that.

He laughed softly when he remembered Hiei running down Kuwabara who unknown to them had taken the picture. The only reason Kuwabara was still breathing was because of his twin sister Yukina intervening. It was amusing how the pint size blue-haired half koorine had the fierce and most feared demon wrapped around her little pinky.

Kurama sighed, he missed Hiei. Oh sure it wasn't the first time they had been apart from Hiei but they had never been apart so long with out some kind of communication. Besides it was different, their relationship was different now, or at least he damn well planned it would be… just as soon as Hiei came back.

Yes, he Kurama was half in love with his best friend, and not just the best friend love, but the kind of love that involved mating and its entire context. If he were totally honest he was past the half mark and into the completely-and hopelessly-in-love category.

He sighed again as he remembered the last time he had spoken to Hiei five months ago. He feared he had scared away his Dragon away before their courtship even began.

hiei and kurama relationship trust

Five Months Ago Hiei was in his usual spot on Kuramas window sill eating his sweet snow while Kurama finished the last of his chemistry homework. Kurama sighed and stood up going over to his bed while striping his shirt. Unbeknown to him Hiei had stopped inhaling his sweet snow in order to admire his best friends while he readid himself for bed. When Kurama bento over to pick up his discarded pants Hiei bit his lip in order to contain the groan threatening to escape after seeing Kuramas green silk boxer pulled taut across the most delectable ass in all three worlds.

He looked out the window quickly before Kurama turned to face him acting as if nothing had interrupted his sweet snow bliss.

Sighing quietly Hiei stood and walked to the trash can disposing of the container knowing full well what a 'neat freak' a word Yusuke taught him that described Kurama his fox was. Removing his cloak, boots, katana and lastly his shirt Hiei leaned against the headboard facing Kurama who was reclining against Kuramas footboard. Kurama watched Hiei patiently while his chest began to tighten from dread as his groin tightened from the sexy image Hiei made half-naked and in his bed.

All thoughts of desire fled with Hieis' softly spoken words. Hiei knew him too well and saw trough it. Jumping up he did something he rarely did and only in the presence of Kurama, he began to pace back and forth across the room. Why should HE care? We're partners nothing more. Ok so he is also one of the few I consider my friend