Hernia and helena relationship poems

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hernia and helena relationship poems

Of the other characters, Helena, the lovesick young woman desperately in love with Demetrius, is perhaps the most fully drawn. Among the quartet of Athenian. In the play, even when Demetrius and Lysander both fall for Helena, she can't believe them. It seems Helena has spent so much time rationalizing why she isn't . Lysander persuades Hermia to defy her dad and run away with him. When a love spell makes him fall in love with Helena, he treats Hermia very badly. This is .

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Since she cannot marry Lysander in Athens, she decides to run away and elope. Before she leaves, she tells her friend Helena of her plans. Helena, as it turns out, has a history with Demetrius. He'd originally before Egeus chose him for Hermia, anyhow been with Helena, but changed his sights to Hermia. And Helena wants him back, so she tells him of Hermia and Lysander's plan, and Demetrius sets out for the forest, determined to stop the elopement, with Helena on his heels.

He finds her wandering, looking for Lysander.

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Lysander has been spelled into loving Hermia at that time, but Hermia and Demetrius do not yet know that. The interchange between the two of them shows the inequity of their feelings for each other.

When Hermia first sees Demetrius, she accuses him of hurting Lysander so he will be out of the way. When Puck mistakenly enchants a sleeping Lysander instead, Lysander wakes and falls instantly in love with Helena.

He pursues a shocked and hurt Helena, deserting a sleeping Hermia. Oberon, trying to correct Puck's error, then puts the potion on Demetrius.

Confused by the two men's change in behaviour, Helena concludes that the other three lovers have banded together to ridicule her. Helena is left confused and hurt by how cruel and unkind her closest friend and her two suitors have become.


In the scene's climax, she and Hermia nearly come to blows while the two men set out to kill one another to prove who is more worthy of Helena's affections. Oberon commands Puck to correct the enchantment placed on Lysander. Separated by Oberon's command and Puck's magic, and with dawn approaching, the lovers each go sleep again.

hernia and helena relationship poems

Puck crushes another herb into Lysander's eyes, negating the effect of the first one. When Hermia is given the choice of marriage to Demetrius, life without men, or death, she picks none of the above.

hernia and helena relationship poems

Instead, she and Lysander hatch a plan to elope and be free of Athenian law and free to be with each other. Lysander and Hermia in the Forest The trouble comes when Hermia tells her plan to her friend, Helena. Helena loves Demetrius, so she tells him of Hermia and Lysander's idea to run away, and Demetrius follows them. Then, Helena follows Demetrius into the woods outside Athens, which is the realm of the trickster Puck and his master, the King of the fairies, Oberon.

Observing a scene between Helena and Demetrius where she professes her love and he scorns it, Oberon tells Puck that they should fix the problem. So he orders Puck to put the drops of a magical flower into Demetrius's eyes so he will love Helena.